Jason Hope Props up Biotechnology With Donation to SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is probably one of the more well-known futurists currently operating within the field of technology. Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University and he has been focused on unique technological opportunities throughout his career. As the founder of JAWA, a mobile communications company, Hope found early success in his career. Now, he is shifting gears and focusing on another transformative industry that he believes to be the future of the world: biotechnology. Biotechnology is a field that is hard to understand or get into but Hope has made it his passion and now he is making it a sort of investment, choosing to partner up with the SENS Foundation and help boost their life-saving and life-changing work.

As a futurist, Jason Hope has to always be looking to technological trends in order to get ahead of the rest of the pack. His very work counts on his ability to see beyond the curve. As a futurist and a believer in the value of modern medicine, Hope began to research developments within the field of biotechnology. Betting on medicine to be constantly looking for more advancements to keep us young and healthy was a pretty safe idea. Hope’s studying eventually led his focus to swivel to the SENS Foundation, a non-profit located in California that has been focused on ways to develop and promote medicine aimed at age-related illness.

Hope’s research would eventually lead him to connect directly with Dr. Aubrey de Grey, the CSO at the SENS Foundation. Dr. De Grey and Hope himself would connect immediately and they’d find it easy to work and believe in one another. Hope cites his chemistry with Dr. De Grey as the inciting factor in his decision to donate an incredible $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. Hope went on to explain that he fully believed the work of the SENS Foundation to be vital to the future of human medicine.

At the SENS Foundation, Hope’s donation will be used to fund research on treating something known as Arteriosclerosis. This disease is prominent in people as they age and it essentially causes your blood pressure to rise while hardening your arteries. Paying close attention to age-related illness and finding cures can be pivotal in reducing the amount of late-life problems that people have.

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