The Startling New Generation of Home, Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a company whose main contribution is not making profits only but giving busy moms an opportunity where they can earn during their free time. Since being a mom full time does not pay bills, it is necessary to seek other opportunities that can enable the mothers to work from home. Traveling Vineyard offers moms and other people interested an opportunity where they can earn while working with flexible hours. Moreover, it provides its workers support and extensive training to ensure that they can work during their free time. One of the benefits associated with working for this company is that the independent sales consultants can spend time with old friends or make new friends while sampling wines from the enterprise.

Being a worker in Traveling Vineyard is easy since it needs only the purchase of a kit that gets the part time worker started. The success kit that needs everything required for this job cost only $99. Some of the materials in this kit include marketing materials, order forms, and brochures. In addition to this, the package possesses, beautiful bags for carrying wine, decanters and beautiful wine glasses. To get started, one needs to buy two tasting sets for the first two parties. These sets cost $75 each, but upon selling of $150 and receiving three new orders, the worker is given a $75 credit to be used while making the next purchase of tasting set. In essence, the initial investment is the only capital that one needs.

Traveling Vineyard operates by paying the workers 15-35 percent commission based on the monthly sales. The prices of the wines sold by the company range between $14-$25 for each bottle. Workers of the company can also earn money through recruiting of friends to be workers of Traveling Vineyard as wine guides. Moreover, if the hired people reach $750, the one who recruited them earns a bonus of $100. Traveling Vineyard started in 2001 based on an idea of home tasting wine concept. Since its establishment, the company has managed to launch thousands of Wine Guides who work at home to learn more about us: click here.

The company also offers a unique experience to the guests and hosts in events where fun, education and entertainment are offered. The relevance of the Traveling Vineyard Guides is to ensure that connections are established between food, fun, and wine at the comfort of home. The purpose of Director and Cheerleader of the Traveling Vineyard team is to ensure that the Wine Guides are cheered on. The Traveling Vineyard Company guarantees a transformation of the peoples’ experience with wine while at the same time changing the lives of the wine guides. The company is well positioned in the social media as depicted by the different sites that it engages its customers including Twitter under the name TravelinVinyard.