An Insight of Zika Virus According to Dr. Sergio Cortes

According to an article published on NPR, there were about 3,500 babies born with a birth defect, microcephaly, which is related to zika virus in Brazil. The virus was first identified in May 2015 and medical experts from Brazil and abroad believed there is a connection between the virus and the defect. One of the affected kids is Arthur, two and a half months old, who caught the virus from her mother Lima, who was bitten by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. The doctors detected the defect on the fetus during Lima’s visits to the clinic, and when time arrived for delivery, the infant has a small head.

Lima is among other parents who are faced with similar plight, and she believes the Brazilian government has forgotten them (both parents and their babies). Most of the affected families blames the government for neglecting another virus caused by the same mosquito, dengue, because it has failed to eradicate it, hence the spread of zika. The first case of this virus reported in May last year in Latin America, and since then the virus has spread to over half a million patients in Brazil. According to noticias, the government has neglected them because they are not getting enough support from the public medical facilities which majority of Brazilian relies on. For more info about the situation in Brazil,

About zika virus

The first case of zika virus was diagnosed in some African nations like Sierra Leone, Uganda and Tanzania around 1940s. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, a Brazilian medical practitioner, the virus spread in other parts of Asia like Thailand and India. In 2015, the disease spread to nine Latin American countries including Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. This prompted World Health Organization to issue a warning relating to the dangers, consequences and possible impact the disease can cause to those affected. For additional information, click and read all relevant details from Sergio Cortes Oficial.

Difference between the symptoms of dengue and zika viruses according to Dr. Sergio Cortes

Today, Aedes aegypti is responsible for transmitting three viruses namely dengue, zika and chikungunya. Medical experts have established that the three diseases share similar symptoms like high fever, pains in the eyes and muscles as well as reddish spots on the skin, explains Dr. Sergio. According to him, pains in the eyes and muscle are very common symptoms in dengue. Although there are major similarities between zika and chikungunya, medical experts have established that redness of the eyes and itching in the cap are dominant in zika virus as Dr. Cortes reported.

The doctor says that medical experts are conducting further study and analysis to find out the level of severity of zika among the infants. He says that more studies are still underway to establish if a patient can host be affected by more than one virus at a time. Link on Noticias R7. Follow Dr. Sergio Cortes on LinkedIn and on Twitter