Using Securus Technologies in Crime Solving and Prevention

Securus Technologies provides law enforcement with high quality technology that is essential in gathering evidence for solving crimes. Many officers who use this technology have made statements about the high quality and beneficial uses of the equipment provided by Securus Technologies. These statements include information about being able to use phone calls for a search warrant to arrest a corrupt staff member. In another instance law enforcement were able to listen to a conversation in the background of an inmate phone call home to gather evidence for a recent shooting that had occurred. Using this technology in incarceration facilities has allowed law enforcement to monitor and limit any contraband an inmate may obtain. It is clear that the technology provided has innovated the way law enforment conducts investigations, not only in the field but in incarceration facilities as well. Keeping the peace among imates is just as important as keeping the peace on our streets. As of October 2016 Securus Technologies served more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies across North America. The company invites potential customers and investors alike to visit their Technology Center in Dallas, Texas for more information and a presentation on what they can provide to help solve and prevent crimes. This is an amazing opportuntity to see the benefits of using Securus Technologies in your investigative process!


Securus Technologies Is A Fantastic Leader

When businesses need an expert in the safety field, they call in the help of Securus Technologies. They know that this company is the leader in the public safety field. Securus Technologies is well known and respected worldwide for the safety technologies that they have created. Their clients are in the states, and they consist of correction facilities, as well as other businesses. The US government contracts with them on a regular basis.


The company has heard from many of its clients. They write to them and let them know how much they love their technologies. Securus Technologies wanted the public to know this so they published an article so they could read all the positive comments about what their company does.


Securus Technologies also made an event in TX where the people could come and see what technologies they were working on at the time. This was a huge success. The people were taken on a tour and presentation. They were also encouraged to participate in a question and answer session. Everyone that attended learned a lot and had a great time.


The company is clear on what it wants to do. They want to create more technologies on a weekly basis so that they can make the world a safer place for everyone to live and work in. The abilities of their workers will enable them to do this, and they look forward to the future where they can make an even greater impact than ever before.


BBB Accredited Securus Technologies Has Made Communications Much Easier

Securus Technologies is a state-of-the-art form of video conferencing that enables friends and family members to communicate from one location to another in safe and secure methods. Unfortunately, one may find themselves in a situation that puts them in jail for some time. In such cases, they may come to discover that it can be quite difficult to communicate with their loved ones due to there being no available visitation appointment times that are convenient for the one that they wanted to visit them. In such cases, Securus Technologies offers both parties to utilize its program to make visitation possible via video conferencing.


Securus Technologies has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau, also referred to as BBB, as being a company that is reliable and high in quality in regards to the services that they provide. It is important for those who may wish to utilize this brilliant program to know that some correctional facilities may not authorize the utilization of it. Due to that circumstance, the Securus Technologies website has a list of approved correctional facilities so that one may know whether utilizing the video conferencing program is a viable option or not.


Video conferencing has enabled people to connect from one part of the world to another. However, it hasn’t necessarily been an option for inmates until recently. Securus Technologies has capitalized on the opportunity that existed to make such a form of communication possible, one that has made life easier for the inmate and their friends and family members. If you are interested in utilizing the program but are unsure of whether it is pricey or not, please take a look at the website as they offer their services at low prices for anyone who may wish to utilize it. An opportunity exists for you to stay in touch with your loved ones regardless of the situation.


Securus Technologies’ Video Visitation Is A Gift For The Holidays

Securus Technologies is always trying to boost the uses for its incredible communications programs. Securus Technologies is a major name in the correctional industry and has made pioneering inroads with video visitation services. The new, brilliant app created by the company has allowed inmates to better communicate with those who are unable to always visit in person.


The holiday season is among the most important times of the year to keep families connected. Securus Technologies recently released a wonderful video entitled “Securus Family Communication During Xmas“. The video shows how a father is able to stay in touch with his son when the young one is opening presents.


The “video” aspect is stressed significantly in the video. A phone call is nice, but the age-old device provides no visual memories of the event. Modern technology allows for audio and video. Someone who watches his or her children opening presents is always going to keep that memory forever. The video visitation program developed by Securus Technologies aids with attaining those desirable visual images.


The quality of the video program is incredible. The clarity of the images are quite sharp, which is sure to be appreciated by those who want the images to be as perfect as possible.


Securus Technologies’ Video Visitation now works with the top Apple mobile devices. Various other mobile devices and computers can use the program quite effectively. Inmates who want to improve long-distance communications would benefit from checking out this high-tech visitation program. The company really has developed an amazing program, a program capable of bringing much joy to families.



Securus Rides Ethical Business Model To BBB Accreditation

The news is fairly well dominated by bad news. It seems that the mainstream media only covers things like car wrecks, train accidents, robberies and corruption. They never seem to have a positive story and you always turn the TV off in a bad mood. Well, it’s high time that we focus on the good in the world no matter how small it is. Take a company like Securus, for example.


Securus is a phone company that only deals with prisons. They get these exclusive contracts to service each of their facilities. These contracts ensure that there is no competition. Other companies take advantage of this situation by driving prices through the roof, effectively cutting off communication between an inmate and his or her loved ones. This just isn’t right. But Securus plays ball so ethically that they have recently received some pretty big accolades.


The first accolade has been there for quite some time — an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is much higher than most other telephone companies, even the ones serving the general population. They operate a 220-seat customer service center that takes over 2.5 million phone calls per month. These calls are answered within 11 seconds on average and each concern is addressed on the first call 99.9% of the time. Even though their customer base is literally held captive by a contract, they go above and beyond to accommodate everyone.


But Securus has recently taken the next step in their commitment to customer service. They have paid the BBB for an inquiry into their business model. The BBB has inspected Securus on eight different platforms concerning honesty, transparency, privacy and integrity. The BBB then accredited Securus with its highest honor as the company met all the demands of accreditation.


Inmate Calling Improved Through Securus Technology

I know how important it is to keep communication lines open between family members and inmates. But communication has always been very hard. Phone calls have always been a little to pricey for some families, and taking the long trip to a facility is no picnic. Some families have to request days off or plan the trip perfectly just to make sure that everyone made it to see the inmate.
But someone saw the plight of both inmates and family members; this someone is actually a company called Securus Technology. This company has been in the forefront of new technologies that seek to improve civic services, criminal justice systems, public protection, investigations, and a host of other agencies that deal with the government. In my perspective, Securus Technology has always tried to find a balance between people and technology. Needless to say, I was excited to see how they were attempting to improve communications between inmates and family members. Watch this video on Youtube.

I was surprised to find out from that they were introducing internet-based communication. At first I thought it was just going to include a few emails from time to time. But no, Securus Technologies is attempting to give inmates a much broader experience with the internet. They are to be given a chance to do video to video chat sessions, emails, and texts. This means that an inmate will be able to see his or her son or daughter enjoy a birthday. Or the inmate might be able to see a video of his or her child performing some school-related event like a dance or even a speech. All the family members has to do is record the event, and email to the inmate.

The price for all of these tools are much more affordable and would end up saving family members and inmates money. Family members will no longer have to worry about wasting money on gasoline to go see their loved ones. All they have to do is chat through a video session.

Correctional facilities are loving this idea because it comes integrated with the most sophisticated algorithm and Big Data system available. This means that correctional officers will be able to monitor all communications for suspicious communications without being invasive. The Big Data technology will do the monitoring and will only sound the alarm when there is a possible issue. The system is easily integrable and does not require too much training to use. It is really a win-win situation for everyone.

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