Marc Sparks Moves Timber Creek to New Location

According to an article recently published on PR News Wire, Marc Sparks has moved the offices of Timber Creek to a new location in Dallas. From this new office, Marc will help a limited number of new startups on their road to success. After having started several businesses over the last 35 years, he says that the work environment is 25 percent of what it takes to make a new company successful. Therefore, he hopes the new environment will help everyone succeed.

Marc says that most new startups spend the majority of their day at work. If they are working in a warehouse in a low income part of town, then they will eventually feel like no one succeeds.

Alternatively, if the startup entrepreneur is working in a swank office setting where successful people pass by on a regular basis, then the startup team feels that they can succeed. While it may just be psychology, Marc says it can make all the difference in the world.

Marc is the author of “They Can’t Eat You” in which he chronicles his own adventures with starting companies over the years. As he states in his book, it takes collaboration to make a new company succeed. Therefore, those joining him at his new location will have access to shared office equipment, banking, marketing and so many other things.

The new entrepreneur will also have access to a variety of other professionals including venture capitalists, graphic designers and marketers. This will allow the startup to focus on getting their company off the ground.

 When Marc is not busy working with a startup team, he can be found helping many programs in the community. One of those programs is Habitat for Humanity which builds homes for people who otherwise could not afford them. Another program that Marc supports regularly is his own nonprofit that gives used laptop computers to at-risk youth attending the I Can Academy.