Why Skout Banned The Exchange Of Bathroom Photos

Every teenager parent should learn about social apps and the sites that teens use. In short, every parent should be tech savvy because the more they know, the more they are better placed to protect their children. Every parent should ensure that they communicate effectively with their teens and research on the web more often. A parent should also ensure that he/she encourages their children to speak to them. It is imperative that every parent keeps the lines of communication open with their children so as to encourage the teens to approach them when a problem arises.

A parent should also allow the teenager to use his/her store account or an account that is linked to an e-mail so that every time a new app is downloaded, he/she is notified. It is also imperative to inquire from the kids which apps are most popular with their friends to avoid being left out in the dark. Teenagers are most likely to open up about other people and not themselves.

There are numerous text messaging apps that are readily available for any mobile phone user to download. Provided there is a good internet connection, most of them do not have chat limits. There are also very many video messaging apps that teenagers can freely use provided they have internet connection. Many video messaging apps allow users to have a group chat that can at times accommodate up to a dozen users at once.

If a parent does not carefully scrutinize the way his/her teenager uses the smartphone or computer, it can easily be a recipe for disaster. This is because there is a lot of negative things that they can learn by simply using the internet. Teenagers need a lot of guidance when matters related to proper and mature usage of the internet and apps are concerned.

Not very many mobile apps have an age limit. The few that have also have a rather hard time knowing who is of adult age because users cheat about their birthdays when they register. However, one app has set the bar high when matters related to the content users can exchange is concerned. Skout is a travel dating app that in the recent past banned users from exchanging bathroom photos and nude photos as well.

The move came as a result of the app discovering that it has a lot of users who are not adults and who might be lured to the world of immorality by older ones. The move by Skout was highly welcomed by parents and teenagers because it laid a very deep emphasis when matters related to security and morality are concerned. If all mobile apps emulated Skout, all parents would not be worried about their teenagers doing weird stuff or interacting with the wrong people online.

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