Anthony Petrello’s Resume

Anthony Petrello is the CEO, president and chairman of the board of Nabors and its subsidiary. He also serves as a director for Hilcorp Energy Company. He was employed by Nabors in the year 1991. This was after leaving Baker & McKenzie. He began working at Baker & McKenzie in the year 1979 and was appointed as a managing partner for the New York branch of this multinational law firm in the year 1986. He continued working here until the year 1991.

When Tony first joined Nabors, he was given the responsibilities of Chief Operations Officer. With over a decade of experience in the law industry along with his decorated education resume, Tony was truly destined for success. Anthony Petrello worked so hard, proving to the executives at Nabors that he was worthy of a promotion.

The year 2003 saw Tony appointed by the board of directors to serve as their deputy chairman. This was just the beginning of more great things to come. Eight years later he was promoted to lead the company as its president and CEO, roles that he diligently carried out and saw him get promoted again. In the year 2012, after the then chairman, Eugene Iseberg, resigned, it was Tony who was appointed to replace him. This added to the long list of responsibilities that he held in the company. So far, under his leadership, everything seems to be going on great. He has led the company to be an industrial leader within and beyond the US borders.

Tony ensures that Nabors steal the largest market share wherever the company goes. Today, Nabors owns nearly 900 offshore rigs, for various purposes. They also employ over 27,000 employees who feel more than privileged working for this industrial giant. Under the leadership of Tony, Nabors has been able to adequately cater for the oil and gas needs of the US. They have also expanded to serve an international market.


To most people, life is all about amassing wealth and living a good life. But to individuals like Tony, it is not enough if they are not contributing positively to a charitable course. Tony seats on the Trustees board of Texas’ Children Hospital. They contribute to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute and they hope that the money raised can help in research and awareness programs for neurological disorders in children.

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How Don Ressler has Made a Name for Himself in the Corporate World

Don Ressler has distinguished himself as a brilliant entrepreneur during his illustrious career. He has founded successful businesses in the fields of fashion, media, and e-commerce. After his first startup, was acquired by intermix Media, Ressler’s eyes were opened to the numerous opportunities available in business. He teamed up with Adam Goldenberg, who was Intermix’ COO, to start Alena Media in 2001. Since then the duo has gone on to form one of the most fruitful executive partnerships.

For a long time,  Ressler was intrigued with the idea of running an online business. He therefore sought ought to sharpen his skills in online advertising. This saw him partner with Goldenberg to form an autonomous brand building enterprise. The two entrepreneurs brought on board former Alena employees to form Intelligent Beauty. This was a direct selling firm, whose first product was Dermstore, an Internet-based cosmetics and skincare marketplace. Two years later, Ressler led the launch of SENSA, a groundbreaking online weigh loss program.


Most people recognize Don Ressler for the role that he played in the formation of JustFab in 2010. This is an online fashion retailer, which has taken the industry by storm. The firm’s remarkable growth has mainly been attributed to Ressler’s impeccable networking and fundraising skills. In 2011 for instance, he sought venture funding amounting to 33 million dollars from Matrix Partners. One year later, the firm raised an additional 76 million dollars from Matrix Partners, Crossover Ventures and Rho Ventures.

Ressler has played a significant role in helping JustFab expand operations to new frontiers. He has led several acquisitions, which include FabKids, The Fab Shoes, and Shoe Dazzle. These acquisitions have enabled JustFab to grow its customer base to over 6 million active subscribers as reported on Forbes. It has also diversified its services and now has several physical stores in different locations. Ressler oversees JustFab’s day to day operations. To attract a wider audience, the firm has roped in celebrated actress, Kimora Lee Simmons, who serves as the president. JustFab recently made inroads into the gym wear industry when it launched Fabletics.

Don Ressler has created a niche for himself in the corporate world by being a strategic leader, who is always ready to offer pragmatic advice whenever he is called upon. He has successfully spearheaded the operations of numerous ventures, which has made him a renowned brand-building guru. Companies that he has founded during his career have generated revenues in excess of 1 billion dollars.


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George Soros Tackles Trump’s Rhetoric

George Soros was the central subject in an article recently published by Forbes. The article focuses on Soros’ perspective on the current U.S. presidential election and his response to what Soros calls hateful rhetoric of Republican party front runner, Donald Trump. The article explains that Soros was recently interviewed by Bloomberg TV’s Francine Lacquaat the World Economic Forum. In the extensive interview, Soros was not shy about detailing his position on each of the current U.S. presidential candidates on and their prospects of winning the election. More importantly, according to Soros, is the impact that he projects each candidate will have on the country’s interests as a whole. In short, Soros issued a dire warning about the policies promoted by Trump on Bloomberg, as well as the next candidate in line for the GOP nomination, Senator Ted Cruz. Soros has always been clear that he is personally and financially supporting Hillary Clinton for president, whom Soros predicts will defeat the eventual Republican party nominee and win the general presidential election in a landslide victory.

Many of Soros’ criticisms about Trump focus on Trump’s blatantly anti-immigrant rhetoric. Given that Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 and experienced the Nazi occupation of Hungary firsthand on, he has a special place in his heart for the plight of the immigrant. Soros himself was forced to flee Hungary and settled in England to escape Nazi rule. While living in England, Soros studied at the London School of Economics, where he learned the foundation of what would eventually become an incredibly successful career in finance and investing. After graduating, George Soros moved to New York City to launch his career in finance. Now, it is no secret that Soros is one of the world’s most wealthy individuals. Indeed, he is ranked as number 16 on the Forbes 400 list with an estimated individual net worth of $24.5 billion.

In light of George Soros’ humble beginnings and later ground breaking success as an investment banker and hedge fund manager, his support of human rights, and particularly protecting the rights of immigrants, should come as no surprise. Soros has literally been putting his money where his mouth is on progressive political issues by being a major donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and super PAC. More than simply throwing money at the problem, George Soros has recently been making his position very clear that should the country embrace the type of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant policies espoused by Trump, then we are all headed towards disaster, at least according to Soros. In fact, Soros went so far in the recent interview as to say that the types of policies promoted by Trump are the sort of things that embolden terrorist organizations, such as ISIS. Soros explained that as Muslims hear the type of backwards and hateful policies adopted by Trump, then they will think they have no alternative but to turn to terrorism, which is exactly what ISIS is hoping for. Soros also explained his views on the current financial situation and warned that the global economy is not quite healed from the last crisis.

The Amazing Success of Sanjay Shah

In the world of investing, there are individuals who really stand out above the rest. These individuals have learned the ins and outs of the markets and understand what it really takes to have great success in the international markets. Sanjay Shah is the CEO of Solo Capital and an individual who has been able to master the art of investing over the time that he has been in the financial field. He has learned how to create great gains for himself personally and for clients as well. This has given him a reputation as one of the most successful and intelligent financial masterminds in the world. It will be amazing to see the future investments of Shah in the future with the volatile global markets.

Sanjay Shah has also become very influential in the world of philanthropy as well. When he met Snoop Dogg he merged his love for music and philanthropy together. With these two loves merged together, Shah was able to create Autism rocks. With one of Shah’s children being autistic it was easy for Shah to start a music festival that would benefit the research of autism. With this music festival being so successful there have been many individuals who have benefited from this money being poured into the world of autism research. It will be amazing to see the future developments in the world of autism due to the help from Shah.

Shah has been very successful in the world of business as well. The way in which he has managed funds in the past has set a precedence for investors all over the world. Shah has the ability to invest in a moments notice, and this is something that has helped Shah to be very successful in the international and developing markets. We can see many different investors worldwide that have started to emulate this type of investing.