Stem Cell Therapy Offers COPD Hope

COPD has been plaguing millions of Americans for decades. No new treatments have been available for years. Until the Lung Institute starting working with stem cells, it seemed like the standard of care would not change. Stem cells offer more than a regenerative treatment, it offers regeneration of damaged lung tissue, which could go a long way for COPD patients. The autologous stem cell therapy that the Lung Institute of Tampa offers will derive stem cells from the patients own blood or bone marrow. This treatment can then help the patient’s body heal itself.

According to, since opening three years ago, The Lung Institute has successfully treated 3,000 patients. COPD has long been stigmatized, because the public views it as a result of smoking. However, it afflicts both smokers and non-smokers alike. Awareness and education is key to gaining support for the COPD sufferers and the alternative treatments provided. The numbers of people that die each day from COPD are staggering. These new treatments offer hope to reduce the death rates, because they alleviate more than just the symptoms. Regeneration of the damaged tissue offers hope to COPD sufferers, so they have a better chance at a healthier life. This new treatment could offer relief from the disease and hope for recovery.

The Lung Institute offers regenerative treatments for multiple diseases that have afflicted Americans. COPD and pulmonary fibrosis are two diseases that have seen improvement in their therapies. 84.5% of patients have improved their lives through the treatments offered at the Lung Institute.