Securus Rides Ethical Business Model To BBB Accreditation

The news is fairly well dominated by bad news. It seems that the mainstream media only covers things like car wrecks, train accidents, robberies and corruption. They never seem to have a positive story and you always turn the TV off in a bad mood. Well, it’s high time that we focus on the good in the world no matter how small it is. Take a company like Securus, for example.


Securus is a phone company that only deals with prisons. They get these exclusive contracts to service each of their facilities. These contracts ensure that there is no competition. Other companies take advantage of this situation by driving prices through the roof, effectively cutting off communication between an inmate and his or her loved ones. This just isn’t right. But Securus plays ball so ethically that they have recently received some pretty big accolades.


The first accolade has been there for quite some time — an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is much higher than most other telephone companies, even the ones serving the general population. They operate a 220-seat customer service center that takes over 2.5 million phone calls per month. These calls are answered within 11 seconds on average and each concern is addressed on the first call 99.9% of the time. Even though their customer base is literally held captive by a contract, they go above and beyond to accommodate everyone.


But Securus has recently taken the next step in their commitment to customer service. They have paid the BBB for an inquiry into their business model. The BBB has inspected Securus on eight different platforms concerning honesty, transparency, privacy and integrity. The BBB then accredited Securus with its highest honor as the company met all the demands of accreditation.


Securus Has The Best Way For Everyone To Benefit From Calling Technology

There are a lot of us who are calling jails every day, and we believe that we can help people because of the calls we make with Securus. We make a lot of calls without nonprofit because we know that it is the only way for us to call the jails and get the help we need. We know that we have to speak to them, and they know that we are calling. The video calls we make help us check in pretty easily, and then we can share information with our advocacy clients.


We know that Securus has set up the video calling in a way that is simple for us to use, and we know that the inmates are happy to see us. It helps them have a connection with the outside, and we also think that we can help people in a way that others cannot. We know that we want to help people make sure that their cases are handled the right way, and that is why we use Securus over all other options.


We also heard about their Investigator Pro because we know that it is the best thing for someone like the police to use. They might uncover evidence that helps our clients, and we are very pleased that they are willing to help everyone with the technology they need. It is something that we are very pleased with, but it is something that we really appreciate.


Securus has been helping us a lot with all our phone calls, and we like that they are helping the police. There are many people who will benefit, and we are helping families and inmates get their advocacy done. We want to be sure that we can see our clients, and we are so ready to continue our work with their help.


Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Making Sense with Securus

Inmates have a lot of complaints on a daily basis and they have a lot that they could complain about. Jail is not exactly a fun experience and, in the past, they had to bother the correctional officers with the complaints that they had for the jail, the employees and the other inmates. This took valuable time away from the correctional officers and prevented them from keeping track of the jail in the way that they should. The inmate complaints often became a distraction and prevented officers from doing their job of keeping the jail secure. It was becoming a big problem for the prisons.

With an estimated average of 13.8 complaints per inmate per day, Securus has made the process easier and better for inmates. They do not have to have a correctional officer present to make a complaint. They can now use a kiosk that has automated forms for them to complete complaints. They do not even need the attention of the officer to be able to do it because it is done on a machine that sends it directly where it needs to go. Whether it be sent to a medical portion of the jail or even the warden, inmates can do it without correctional officers.

The program is designed for inmates who are able to read and write, but there are some tools that they can use if they are struggling with the way to send a complaint. The program is available in many different languages to suit the needs of nearly every inmate who wants to use the program. Things that are also available on the kiosk include phone calls, emails and even the opportunity to purchase commissary. The kiosks are intended to streamline the jail process for inmates, correctional officers, administration and loved ones on the outside.