Entrepreneur George Soros and Book Burning in Russia


George Soros is a prominent businessman who is based in the United States. Although he’s a businessman, he also has other roles in his career. Soros has been everything from a writer to a philanthropist and beyond. He was born Schwartz Gy├Ârgy in Budapest, Hungary on August 12th, 1930. Soros relocated to New York, New York in 1956 after having spent some time in London in the United Kingdom. Soros has been an enthusiastic philanthropist for quite a while. His passion for philanthropy began in full force back in the 1970s.

One of Soros’ charitable organizations recently had an unusual experience. A Northern Russia institution of higher learning burned more than 50 books that were affiliated with one of Soros’ charities. This book burning occurred merely weeks after the charity was named as being a hazard to Russia’s security.

The books that were burned involved a program known as “Renewal of Humanitarian Education.” They were spotted at the Vorkuta Mining and Economic College. They were taken soon after and then promptly burned.

The office for the General Prosecutor in Russia made two parts of Soros’ charity world off-limits in November of 2015. The office placed the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Foundations on a specific “stop list.” This list indicates non-governmental entities located abroad that participate in things that the Russian government believes to be problematic. Soros serves as Open Society Foundations’ chairman.

Issues with Open Society Foundations began in the summer of 2015. The government in Russia suggested that they might make the organization off-limits due to its “pro-democracy” classification. The government implied that they believed that this organization (along with numerous others out there) stirs up aggression within the nation.

The primary goal of Soros’ Open Society Foundations at the start was to assist nations that needed guidance in moving forward from the world of communism. The priority of Open Society Foundations at the moment, however, is a little bit different. The organization now works hard to raise funds to encourage democracy in locations all around the planet.

Soros is considered to be among the 30 wealthiest individuals on the entire planet at this moment in time. Although Soros originally hails from the Central European country of Hungary, he became a citizen of the United States soon after moving there. His naturalization took place in December of 1961 when he was just 31 years of age.