Life Line Screening – What You Need Prior To Your Screening

Preparing for your Life Line Screening doesn’t haven’t to be scary or overwhelming when you have medically trained professionals working for your best benefit. Life Line Screening is an advanced medical screening company that is committed to providing a variety of screenings that are beneficial in the prevention and detection of certain diseases. Medical technology is constantly evolving and there are always changes happening. Life Line provides the most advanced technological machines and procedures that are essential to providing the best possible results for each patient. They believe that their screenings can help detect and prevent certain issues so that each patient can live a healthier life, and they are dedicated to ensuring that each screening is thoroughly processed. They understand that each patient is different and will have different needs. Each screening is intended for individuals with relevant risk factors and they will make sure that each one is assessed appropriately. What they will be looking for is family history, medical history, personal preference and any other risks that may evolve or be present.


They offer a large variety of screenings and each one has very little preparation. However, there is still preparation that should be followed prior to your procedure. Cardiovascular screenings are very important if you’re at risk for a stroke or heart attack. For these tests, you will want to make sure you wear very loose clothing in a two-piece form. They do not allow any electronics or oils during these procedures. They also do screenings for abdominal aortic aneurysm which requires very little fasting. It’s recommended that you fast for at least four hours and ensure that your last meal before fasting is quite small. They recommend not eating gassy food either, so they can get a clear picture of your abdomen. Each screening allows you to take all of your medication as prescribed. The screening for peripheral arterial diseases requires loose clothing, short sleeve shirt, and no pantyhose. They do a wide variety of testings for diabetes, bone density, high cholesterol and elevated liver enzyme testing. The package screening, which involves a multitude of different screenings, will require up to 12 hours of fasting also.

They fully believe that early detection and the identification of risk factors can increase the overall health of each patient. The data that is compiled through their screenings are given to each patient so they can further assess their needs if preferred.

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Yeonmi Park Voice of Hope

The world is waking every day to a problem which threatens the survival of human kind. However, one among many is not just watching the evil happen but is tossing a solution. The world icon Yeonmi Park is becoming a voice for the voiceless. She advocates with passion against trafficking human beings and also works to ensure human rights are promoted. This includes to the global village and even in North Korea. Park has a bitter sweet story which may prompt many to shed tears but the end of it has seen her rise to the top to help others overcome challenges.
The making of Park
As a young lady, she has faced the trouble of economic crisis and family collapse. In 2007 she fled China and finally settling in South Korea. Although she came from a well up family in terms of political connection and education, the family was affected in 1990s by the economic crash in North Korea. Later, her father was taken away from the family for illegal trade and the family started staring at starvation. At her young age, they were affected by the human trafficking business with her mother and this forced them to find refuge in Mongolia.
Speaking for the voiceless
The life of Park has been marked with great contributions in the life of activists who speak for the oppressed. She has also encouraged other people to speak out and fight vices like human trafficking. This has been possible through her membership in different programs and organizations. This includes Casey & Yeonmi which stands for Liberty in North Korea. The organization deals with resettling refugees in South Korea and United States. The life of Park has also been marked with a need to create a revolution. This has seen her speak boldly against the demands in North Korea that that hinders tourism due to the ‘bow to statues’ order. She continues to retell her story in global events like the One Young World summit, the Oslo Freedom Forum and TEDx. She has also worked alongside Casey Lartigue in the North Korea Today talk show. Park is a strong believer in change and of better days ahead thus keeping her motivated in her quest to end social evils. For more on this, click here.