Construcap Is Set To Construct A Regional Hospital In Sorocaba

Construcap has won a tender to construct a company building in the new regional hospital in Sorocaba. According to the tender documents released by the Government of Sao Paulo, Construcap will begin working on the project immediately. It is expected that the project will be completed within a span of three years.

The state government has invested over R$248.4 million on the project. The money will be used to fund every on aspect of the project on, including civil works, furniture, medical equipment, surgical instrumentation, transportation, and information technology. The facility will be the second regional hospital in the area. It will be located along Raposo Tavares Highway. The City Hall donated The 37,000 square meters of land where the hospital will be built.

The regional hospital will boost the healthcare sector in the region as it comes equipped with 250 beds. Of these, 96 beds will be used in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The hospital will also have 10 operating rooms. Moreover, the regional hospital will have a helipad, teaching and research center, and a full diagnostic imaging service. These features will make the hospital one of the best in the region.

According to the tender documents, Construcap will administer affairs of the hospital for the next twenty years. Within this period, the corporation will be charged with the duty of hiring administrative and operational staff at the hospital. However, the state government will be in charge of appointing medical and health professionals. These professionals will be appointed based on their qualifications and experience.

The companies that will be responsible for the construction of the Pearl Byington and the Sao Jose dos Campos were also announced. Construcap also won one of the tenders. This brought the total amount of the contract to R $772.2 million

About Construcap
Engineers Henrique Pegado and Ciao Luiz Pereira de Souza founded Construcap in 1944. Since then, Construcap has continued to enjoy enhanced productivity and profitability margins. With the success of its projects, the company has risen to become one of the leading construction companies in Brazil. Construcap focuses on delivering sustainable projects, which have minimal environment footprints.

Construcap has won several awards. Empresas Mais ranked the company highly in terms of having the best financial performance in the South American nation. The company has complied with international standards on It has been certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. Over the years, Construcap has been providing its employees with favorable working conditions. This way, the employees have been able to grow both personally and professionally.

Town Residential Is Equipped And Ready To Explain The Changing Retial Landscape For New York Renters And Buyers

New reports as recent as November 2015 in an article by The Real Deal analyzing market reports have much to say about the state of real estate in residential and commercial New York City apartments for sale, especially Manhattan and Brooklyn. To briefly summarize before trying to sort out the confusing statistics, rent is going up for residents in Manhattan, its Midtown and its Midtown East. Brooklyn is also seeing increases in rent as well, Both of these burrows are full of some of the safest places in New York City, and Manhattan is considered the ritziest and most affluent of all the burrows in New York City. Is the increase in rent a bad thing?

According to reports it does not necessarily mean anything bad at all. Most real estate experts will concur the price increase in rent may be a good a thing, and they would likely agree the analysis does not point out anything. The analysis in the article for the residential and commercial analysis of the burrows can be viewed by clicking here, but upon closer inspection, it is easy to the increases are due to healthy growth and demand, which property values have gone up, and residents are now considered to be living in improved areas. There are many trained and experienced personal equipped to handle the needs of prospective New York residents, and they’re also well reversed in helped existing citizens of New York City from Manhattan, Brooklyn and many other wonderful, historic burrows relocate. They are also well trained in aiding in the purchase of commercial property too.

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