Parents Are Highly Important To The Learning Process At Rocketship Education

Earlier this year, in February of 2017, Coyote Creek – a small waterway in San Jose, California – flooded, leaving dozens of nearby residents in serious trouble. Some lost their vehicles, other lost the entirety of their homes, and nearly everyone lost substantial morale to carry on living as usual.

Rocketship Education, a firm believer in involving parents in the learning process, was able to gather up an astounding $60,000-plus dollars in funding for families affected by the storm and resulting flood.

One of the households affected by February’s Coyote Creek flood had a child enrolled in San Jose’s Rocketship Education facility, and reported that they were thankful “for [Rocketship Education] giving [them] nights where [they] could rest, knowing [their] children were safe and sound.”

While Rocketship Education hopes to do great things for its students and their families, the charter school system is much more deeply involved in the lives of parents, and vice-versa, than this good deed suggests.

One such way that Rocketship Education gives back to its community and students’ family members is by providing safe spaces for illegal immigrants. Over the past several decades, countless Mexican nationals have either legally or illicitly entered the United States in hopes of living better lives. Having areas in which illegal immigrants of all races – although there are currently more Mexican nationals that aren’t legally in the United States than any more race, ethnicity, or nationality – can’t be arrested provides their children, cousins, nieces, and nephews of children attending Rocketship Education.

As a matter of fact, the family mentioned in the introduction featured both children’s parents being illegal immigrants from Mexico. Fortunately for these families, children that are born within the United States’ borders are legal residents of the country, rather than being considered illegal like their immigrant parents are.

About Rocketship Education

Charter schools are some of the most successful in the nation, as they typically receive more funding than other institutions. They’re also able to set their own guidelines, rather than following those of school boards. This sentiment has made Rocketship Education, founded in 2006, so successful.