The Impact George Soros Has Had On Progress

Creating A Billion Dollar Fortune
The finance industry has created plenty of billionaires, but George Soros still manages to stand out from the bunch. He is known as the worlds most successful hedge fund manager. With more than 425 billion dollars attached to his name his personal hedge fund is the world’s most successful in the world. There simply aren’t many people who can claim that they have generated the same amount over their career.

Using A Billion Dollar Fortune
George Soros uses his billion dollar fortune to help out others who are less fortunate than him. Particular, he uses his wealth to contribute to the political campaigns of politicians he believes share his values and to progressive movements around the world such as Black lives Matter on While there are many out there who attack George Soros, it is impossible to deny the improvements his work has produced. Many formerly communist countries of eastern Europe according to Forbes are now operating with free markets thanks to his work. He understands what it takes to make people successful and he makes it happen.

Fighting Against Oppression Worldwide
The center of his philanthropy is the fight to create open societies on Politico. Traditionally, in most parts of the world your position in life was fixed and there was little you could to actually change your lot in life. This situation changes in an open society. People are able to succeed based upon merit rather than by their family name. George Soros understands this better than anyone else and does everything he can to make it possible for others to share the chances for prosperity that he has experienced for himself.

A Major Disappointment For George Soros
2016 in general was a year full of surprises. There was the Brexit campaign of the summer and its success, the presidential campaign of Donald Trump and his success, among other surprises of the year. George Soros had invested heavily in left leaning politicians and was deeply disappointed in the results of these elections. He wanted to see the continued shift towards progressive policies and politics.

Finding A Way To Bounce Back
Soros isn’t allowing the failures of last to keep him from trying to make a difference in politics. More than ever he is now prepared to fight against Donald Trump and to take on the European Right. He believes these movements represent a serious shift towards authoritarianism and may spell disaster for the rights of minorities reported on Biography. To take on this rising wave of nationalism he is enlisting the help of just about every progressive donor and top left wing politician that he can. There is much at stake and he is determined to protect the progressive legacy.

Why George Soros is Working Tirelessly to Defend the Principle of Open Society


John Kasich, the Ohio Governor, is regarded by many as the voice of reason among all the GOP presidential candidates. He has impressed George Soros, who is known to donate generously towards political causes, and his allies. His Republican nomination was boosted after he received a huge donation to facilitate his campaign for nomination. The donation came from Soros through his fund managers, Stanley Druckenmiller and Scott Bessent. The donation according to was to a tune of $488,375 and was directed what people call the “soft fund” of the Governor. Bessent served as the chief investment officer for Soros while Druckenmiller is the manager of the tycoon’s investment money amounting to $2 billion at a hedge fund.

This is not strange as Forbes’ George Soros is known have pumped several billions of dollars which have seen the formation of far-left organizations. Some of these organizations include ACORN,, and many more others which are all pro-amnesty. He has donated huge sums of money to Democrats vying for the Congress and has also donated $8 million to a PAC supporting Hillary Clinton.

George Soros has been very vocal on Fox News in his opposition to the suggestions of more border security from some GOP candidates such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. In his opinion, he said that the United States must reaffirm her commitment and dedication to promote the principle of open society and should not be carried away by what Trump and Cruz say. He is clearly against some statements and proposals by the two that could devalue the principle of open society that should be cherished by the Americans.

Kasich is expected to perform strongly in the Ohio State. Senator Marco Rubio through his campaign has called upon his supporters to support Kasich in a bid to make sure that Trump does not win more delegates.

Originally Reported in The Political Advisor

About George Soros

George Soros is an American Hungarian-born investor, philanthropist and hedge fund manager based in New York City. He was born in Budapest in 1930 and he holds both the American and Hungarian citizenship. He is the chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC. He is also the chairman of Open Society which he also founded. The society consists of a many foundations, projects and partners and has its presence in over 100 countries. The society reflects his opinions which support the respect of human rights, accountability of governments, and the diversification of truth rather than monopolizing it. The society is dedicated to create democracies that are both vibrant and tolerant and whose leadership reflects the expectations of the citizens. This is what makes the society unique as compared to other organizations. He has successfully used the society to exert his influence in restructuring political systems in several countries. As a result, he is very influential in the American politics.

Soros started his work as a philanthropist in 1979 where he gave blacks in South Africa scholarships at the time when apartheid was prevalent. He worked tirelessly to combat the spread of communism in the Eastern Bloc in the 1980s. He did this by providing Xerox machines that could copy the texts that were banned.