Sheldon Lavin: How to Lead a Successful Food Business Empire

Sheldon Lavin is a man who commands a lot of success in the complex markets. The businessman is currently holding the prestigious position of chief executive officer of a company called OSI Group. OSI Group is a leader when it comes to the processing and supply of protein products in the market. The institution has also been offering consumers a wide range of products that have managed to meet the standards of the customers. As the chairman and also the chief executive officer of the large corporation, the businessman has come a very long way. His story of success shows that people can become successful.

When growing up in the United States many years ago, Sheldon Lavin did not have an idea that he was going to venture into the food industry. His parents thought that their son was only good in numbers, and this is why they took him to study in one of the leading colleges in town. Sheldon Lavin acquired skills and expertise in finance and economics. When graduating, the young man was equipped with a lot of skills to change the finance department. His career in finance was short lived, but it was equally successful. The businessman made a lot of wealth, and he served so many companies in the nation. The individuals and organizations that were fortunate to acquire the services provided by the businessman said that they only got the best.

After working in the tight corporate world for a short time, Sheldon Lavin chose to look for a partner so that he could start a consultation firm. This company was very successful under his leadership, and it helped him to acquire the respect of many people living in the United States. Many companies came to him looking for financial expertise, and they got the assistance they were looking for. While working for his firm, the businessman was hired by OSI Industries to work as the financial consultant for the organization. The founders of the company were looking for someone to lead the financial department of the organization, and they felt that Lavin was the best candidate for the job. This marked the start of his great career in the food department. In a short duration, the finance executive was promoted to various positions, and this saw him acquire the leadership positions. His contribution in this organization has assisted it to become an internationally recognized figure. The large food company has done well while under his leadership.

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Sheldon Lavin Globalizes OSI Group Through His Leadership Skills

Sheldon Lavin is the current CEO and chairman of the OSI Group. OSI Group is a privately owned firm that deals with, meat processing distribution, its headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin has been involved in the meat processing industry for 47 years after making a career change from being an investment banker and starting his own financial consolation business .Under his leadership OSI Group has overcome challenges over the years to become the largest meat distribution and processing company in the food industry across Europe and North America.

The journey of Lavin’s career

His career in OSI started in 1970 when he was approached to head over the new era for the company. Otto and Sons the previous predecessors of the company were in need of fresh management and funding to see the growth of the company and Sheldon Lavin was the man tasked with that job. In his quest for a bigger slice of the meat processing pie, Sheldon Lavin went oversees to find investment.OSI Group saw a huge turn around in profits over the years and in 1975 McDonalds asked Lavin to join in full -time so that his vision of the company would be achieved.

His contribution

Sheldon Lavin is current head of the company board, a helm he took over after the remaining partner decided to sell out his shares to him, making Lavin the sole owner. Presently the company has seen its presence grow in North America, Europe, South Africa and Taiwan, 17 outlets in 70 countries; Lavin still maintains that he still sees an expansion of the company in Australia, India, China and Japan. OSI and the McDonalds business have received global recognition are largest protein suppliers in the world .Lavin is involved in various charities and a well present participant at Ronald McDonald House Charities.A trademark charity organization for McDonalds.

The conclusion

In February 20, 2016, Lavin was a receiver of the honorary award for Global Visionary in India a ceremony attended by global heads of companies in Europe. The Award was founded to recognize instrumental individuals in different sectors. Usually, these individuals have achieved their dreams through resilience and perseverance. The award was bestowed on him for his tremendous effort in the growth of the OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin’s leadership is at its peak and the OSI Group in partnership with McDonalds is still on course to accomplish more achievements

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Some Information on the Expansion of OSI Group

This past year, 2017, has seen the expansion of food processing industry giant, OSI Group. In what ways, you might be asking? Read the following brief article recap and be in the know on this subject. Since the food processing industry touches all of mankind, everyone on Earth should read this article.

When you are in an industry that affects virtually every person in the world, it is important for your corporation to have high values and goals for itself. When you expand that corporation, it is equally critical that the objects of your expansions share those values and goals. That is exactly what happened this year when OSI Group purchased food companies. OSI Group now has plans to open seven new facilities around the world, each with an emphasis on high standards and excellent quality. What this means is, when you buy foods or beverages that were delivered in some fashion by OSI, you are getting the epitome of quality. Isn’t that what you want for your family?

One main focus of OSI industries and both, its President and CEO, is that the food they produce not only tastes great, but is healthy. They aim to offer scores of food choices that are nutritious as well as appetizing. When OSI purchased the company formerly known as Tyson Foods, they were able to live up to these standards. Tyson is known for their burgers and meatballs in addition to other meat and vegetable products. The OSI acquisition of Tyson Foods is part of their overall promise of continued business growth. Not only is this news fantastic for the food industry, but it means many more jobs in the United States and abroad. That is good for everybody, regardless of where they live.

The OSI Group, aka OSI Group North America and OSI Industries, was founded all the way back in 1908. It has an unmatched reputation for quality and service in their niche of the food processing industry. Its home base is in Aurora, Illinois in the United States. However, their empire extends across the country, in addition to other regions of the world. Each OSI facility must live up to the standards of the corporation. There is NO room for compromise on this.

Other food industry icons consider OSI Group to be “their premier global food provider.” These businesses know for a fact that OSI will always deliver quality goods and superb customer service. To read more about this food industry giant, go to their website. We think you will be very impressed!

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