Forex Trading Master Jordan Lindsey Rules A Big Market

Foreign exchange trading is something that many people are not familiar with. While everyone knows that there is a commonly accepted exchange rate between the currencies of different nations, and that these rates indicate the relative health of the economy, that’s as much as the average person knows.

Foreign exchange trading is essentially like gambling. Instead of betting on the outcome of a dice roll or a hand of cards, you are betting on the strength of one national economy against another. The most common pair in this kind of trading is the United States and the European Union. This makes sense, as they represent the two richest markets on earth. So if you bet on the Dollar to beat the Euro, your investment will return money if that prediction proves true. If not, you lose money and you should probably think about placing your investment elsewhere.

It is strange that more people don’t know this, considering that foreign exchange is the single largest market in the world, with daily trading volumes regularly exceeding five trillion dollars. This market dwarfs all other investment markets by a gigantic margin.

Reuters recently reported that trading volumes in the foreign exchange market hit a record high in the first quarter of 2018. This is mainly attributed to a return of investor confidence following market lows in recent years. One very interesting thing about this record high in the forex market is that the somewhat tumultuous political events of the last year and a half do not seem to have affected the market in any noticeably negative way.

When it comes to insight in this market, there is no one better than Jordan Lindsey. If you are interested in giving this market a try, but you don’t really know where to start, this guy has a youtube channel that can be extremely helpful in guiding your decisions. I recommend it highly.

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of loan and credit firm JCL Capital. He is a veteran trader in the areas of foreign exchange and algorithms. He is a self-taught computer programmer and an expert in the area of systems architecture. Born in New York, he has traveled all over the world, studying at Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College along the way.

Many entrepreneurs have a story of the moment that made them who they are, but Jordan Lindsey always knew exactly what he was meant to do. He has stated in interviews that he gained a passion for growing new ideas from a very young age. While most of his work these days seems to be focused on cryptocurrencies (including the creation of his own) he is still a great source for information on the world’s largest market.

Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Talks Strategy With MarTech

Video marketing is becoming an integral part of the modern marketing agenda, and Talk Fusion’s CEO, Bob Reina, knows this. Reina graced MarTech with some solid advice on the latest video marketing trends. Reina stated that he was happy to share his multitude of expertise with MarTech’s people because it would help them to grow as businesses. Reina believes that there is a time for everything, and the time is now to jump on the video marketing bandwagon.

Products such as video email took a long time to catch on fire, but once they did, the bonfire just kept spreading. Businesses all over the nation are now using various video market strategies to ensure that their potential clients can get the information that they need in the least amount of time possible.

Reina can certainly advise any company on the best uses for video marketing seeing that his company rose to the top of the charts in businesses that create video solutions. Reina’s baby, Talk Fusion, easy pulls in over $109 million dollars each year. Reina’s business model definitely does things right.

Talk fusion is a company that pushes the video technology to its full potential. The company works to brand businesses that need a little nudge so that they can tap into their true consumer base. Talk Fusion uses videos to generate results. The consultants who work for the firm know what each business model type needs to draw. They use their expertise to build powerful short videos that get the job done. The company provides products such as video emails, video newsletters, live meetings and video chats. Video emails are successful tools that play inside of an email and grab the viewers quickly.

Talk Fusion’s IT specialists helped the company to receive recognition as the Web RTC World Top Product of the Year. The award proves that the services that the company offers are highly effective for their clients.

Interested persons can try Talk Fusion for the first 30 days without risking a thing. The company provides this because it has a high level of confidence in its abilities.