Thinking Outside The Tube

Ever see someone bust out a ball and start using it as lip balm? That’s EOS (most likely). Evolution of Smooth is what EOS stands for and smooth is what they are! EOS has become the second leading company for lip balm, just behind Burt’s Bee’s, in only 7 years. How did a new startup beat out companies like Chapstick and Blistex? By changing the way we look at lip balm. Studies showed that women simply were not satisfied with using the lip balms they’ve been using, and often lost it all together. EOS said that’s unacceptable!

Ditching the tube was a no brainer. EOS lip balm wanted to be innovative, so they designed a ball type container that makes a fun click sound when you close it. This design has now been used by multiple companies due to the fact that this simple design has converted many customers. The tube got lost in handbags constantly. This new design makes it hard for this product to slip into an unknown tear in your makeup bags!

Marketing was the next key to this company. EOS knows exactly who they want to market to: millennial women who like to keep up with current styles. Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and even Brittney Spears are just a few of the celebrities EOS has promoting them! EOS has even been featured in multiple music videos. They do still have ads in magazines and whatnot, but EOS has utilized social media and all the different resources the internet has to offer. To get an example of the following this company has developed over the years, the company can post one photo of a new flavor and get around 40,000 likes. For more info, please visit

Interested in EOS? Try out their shaving creams and lotions too! EOS products are available on your local Walgreens, Walmart and Target stores nationwide!

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