Songwriters The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is a famous band that is well known in the United States. They create music that has a dance DJ style to it. Alex and Drew are the leading members of the band. Alex had a passion for music from a young age. After graduating High School, he started writing his own music. Alex worked as a DJ at dance clubs during his 20’s. During this time, Drew was also pursuing his music career. He followed the success of Alex’s music and decided to travel to meet him. Once the two singers met, they hit it off musically right away. They started writing hit songs together. After much success, the band Chainsmokers was formed. Alex and Drew have had many top DJ style songs on music charts over the years.

The Chainsmokers band recently did an Interview in early 2018. Their new single, called “Sick Boy”, has a rocking dance tune to it. Alex and Drew want to bring in a new era of music. The band’s new songs in 2018 have a darker side to them. They reflect personal emotions and what is going on in the world. Alex discusses how social media reflects everyone’s lives. Fans are liking the new direction the band is taking. The Chainsmokers discuss their newest album that they recently put out. The band is making waves on the music charts with top #1 hits.

Alex and Drew collaborated with famous songwriters while making their newest album. The Chainsmokers have published positive Interviews over the years. These Interviews help the band gain a bigger fan base. They have also performed at live award shows. The Chainsmokers become more skillful and talented every time they perform at live shows. Alex and Drew are content with how successful their band has become. They are always pursuing their passion for music on and off the stage. The Chainsmokers band is excited to see where their musical journey will go.

Norka Luque Is A Latino Artist With Incredible Vocals

The music industry needs fresh talent. The music business is a nonstop revolving door where artists come and go like shoppers in a mall. Most musicians practice their trade because they love what they do. Becoming famous is a perk that few of them achieve in their musical careers. But that doesn’t stop them from performing every day. Music is the innate love of sound and poetry blended into harmonious melodies filled with individual expressions. Some of those expressions hit a nerve in all music lovers, and that’s when artists become famous. It doesn’t matter where those artists come from, or what they look like when their talent is showcased in a particular musical genre. A good example of a musician that has the attention of music lovers from all walks of life is Norka Luque. Luque is the Venezuelan-born artist that is destined to be a music legend, according to some music executives.



Miami is the mecca for Latino musicians. Artists that want to break into the big time in Latino music come to Miami, and they take a shot at being discovered. Norka Luque moved to Miami when she was still in school. Her parents recognized her musical abilities when she performed in a musical in Venezuela when she was eight. The Luque’s decided to move to the Miami area, so Norka could take voice and piano lesson while she attended high school. Norka decided to study in France, and she spent four years there. She didn’t give up music while she was studying fashion, the culinary arts, and business, however. She joined a small group called Bad Moon Rising, and she became the lead singer. Her time with the band gave her the confidence she needed to pursue music as a career. But she didn’t choose music right away. Norka worked in the financial business in Monte Carlo before she returned to her musical roots.



In 2007, Norka attended a Ricky Martin concert, and that was the catalyst she needed to move back to Florida. Norka decided to sing in a club on South Beach, and that’s when her big break came. Word got back to music producer Emilio Estefan that Norka had the voice he was looking for. Estefan offered her a recording contract, and Norka started working with the producer that made the Miami Sound Machine a worldwide sensation.



Norka had to take a break in 2015 because of health issues, but she’s back, and her music is climbing up the music charts again.


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