Shea Butter: A Multipurpose Wonder


Shea butter is a fat that is occasionally used as a substitute for cocoa butter. Its taste is distinct and is common in many African dishes. In addition to a food product, Shea butter serves as a base for some medicinal ointments. Shea butter can be used as sunscreen, pain reliever, and a remedy for nasal congestion. There are various grades of Shea butter that determine its consistency and quality. Grades A, B, and C are commercial grades, while grades D and E have impurities that make it impractical for daily use.

The process of cracking, crushing, roasting, and grinding the nut and its content is an art that takes years of dedication and the right equipment to master. For cosmetics, the highest quality of butter is necessary, as the skin responds differently to unusual consistencies. One great source is Eugenia Shea, a company that specializes in all types of Shea butter for all purpose. With origins in both Ghana and America, it is keenly aware of different methods of preparation and the benefits of each practice.

The company sells everyday, pregnancy strength, and dermatological strength Shea butters. In addition, its gift packs of butter are perfect for gifts are traveling presents. When it comes to expertise, Eugenia Shea is the industry standard for high quality Shea butter. Not only is the company dedicated to producing the finest products, it has an outstanding reputation in terms of professionalism. 15% of their profits are redirected to female workers in Ghana via an education fund. Eugenia Shea is a fantastic source for all Shea butter needs.