FreedomPop’s Irresistible Free Offer Offers

The need for communication is universal but incapacitating everyone to achieve the same remains difficult to achieve. Despite having many telecommunications in the market, the cost of communication remains relatively high. However, FreedomPop, a telecommunications startup is trying to revolutionize communication with “free” services. These services include mobile phone services, voice, and text as well as data. With its services currently concentrated in the United States, FreedomPop plans to expand globally with its next stop being the UK. The company’s innovation has led to the introduction of “unlimited everything” which can be upgraded through subscriptions to premium packages. With close to forty million users, the service is rapidly spreading with plans underway for global expansion.

Signing up

Notwithstanding the popularity of its services, many people still do not understand how to access FreedomPop’s services. The procedure simply involves getting to their site and with your zip code and email address; you can identify its availability. When availability is confirmed, the site then leads you to the plans page where you choose the desired plan. However, the free option offers a monthly 500MB of data while additional services require a premium subscription.

Lowest prices

Until recently, communication costs as indicated have remained high for many users. However, this is rapidly changing and is set to experience more changes with the entry of FreedomPop in the “free” market. It is now practical to change the previously pricey carrier contracts and achieve a free mobile plan thanks to FreedomPop. To access these low prices, users have an option of bringing own mobile phone devices that are Sprint compatible.


There are very favorable FreedomPop reviews of the packages. There various packages available with FreedomPop after purchasing a Sprint enabled device. These packages are based on the wireless broadband that facilitates phone services as well as data. With only $9.99 per month, a user can access up to 1 GB of data and 2 GB for $ 17.99. There are also “premiere” packages that cost $ 28.99 for 4 GB and $ 34.99 for 5GB. Upon signing up, users are automatically eligible to access the free plan.

Freedom Friends

Upon signing up, users have the option of connecting with people they know through the Freedom Friends App. The application works by connecting with other people through linking an email address to check for mutual users in the service. It is also practicable to invite other people to the service. These Referral connections come with an extra bonus of an additional 10MB data per month.

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FreedomPop Has Cell Phone Service For $20 Monthly

Some feel that having a cell phone is too big of an expense, so many will go without one. It’s possible that one person in the home will have a cell phone, and several people will share the phone whenever they need it, especially if the person with the phone is at home at the time. This is no way to live, especially since cell phones are nowhere near as expensive as they used to be, even with an unlimited cell phone plan. Those who have experienced high cell phone bills with other companies need to switch to FreedomPop.

Many have had extremely high cell phone bills that go over $100 each month, and this may not even be an unlimited plan. When the person is asked what types of services they are getting for that kind of money, they may say that they have a lot of minutes and text messages, but it’s likely that their data is very limited. Some companies will limit a person’s phone data to the point where they will end up going over the data allotment, which costs them additional money. Some are not a stranger to paying up to $150 or more a month for their cell phone bill.

FreedomPop is different in the way they approach cell phone usage, and they know that many need constant access to their cell phone as well as data. FreedomPop has cell phone services that can fit any and all budgets, and those who want unlimited service won’t pay more than $20 a month. Compare $20 a month for FreedomPop services to other carriers that charge $100 or more for the same unlimited service. Even those who don’t want to pay $20 a month can choose FreedomPop’s free service instead.

The free service from FreedomPop offers hundreds of minutes of call time as well as hundreds of text messages and 500 MB of data, but those who want unlimited service will do best to choose the $20 service from FreedomPop. The text messages are unlimited, the phone calls are unlimited, and even the data is unlimited. The data that is provided with the $20 unlimited plan starts out at 4G LTE speeds, but they slow down to 3G speeds after 1 GB of data is used. Even with the 3G speeds, one can still use their GPS as well as search the Internet at high speeds.

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