Jeunesse Global delivers a great-tasting way to stay healthy

Jeunesse Global has made international waves with its astounding growth story. Founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company has grown from a hobby-business startup to become one of the top-selling health and beauty brands in the world.

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, two legends of the North American health and beauty industry, decided that they were finally ready to call it quits on their entrepreneurial careers and retire, the pioneering couple initially believed that they would truly be able to make it work. But both Ray and Lewis were of an irrepressibly industrious disposition. It didn’t take long for the boredom and ennui of retired life to set in. Soon, the couple had begun selling a number of health and beauty products out of the garage of their luxurious Florida estate.

This marked the beginning of Jeunesse Global. From the beginning, Lewis was able to use her deep expertise as a market researcher and broad base of industry contacts to find market niches that had gone unnoticed by the biggest names in the health and beauty sector. The result of this has been a lineup of truly revolutionary products, many of which can only be bought from Jeunesse Global.

One such product is the company’s healthy-heart drink. Called Reserve, the resveratrol-containing miracle drink is distilled from the same grapes with which the French make their fine red wine. The idea behind reserve is to pack the energy drink full of the heart-protecting resveratrol in order to deliver a great-tasting health drink that doesn’t carry the risks associated with alcohol consumption. In fact, Reserve has been clinically proven to deliver even more antioxidants that a single glass of red wine.

In addition to resveratrol, which has been clinically proven to contribute to lower rates of heart disease, Reserve contains a number of so-called superfruits, which further provide antioxidant effects and protect the cardiovascular health of the user. Some of these superfruits include, blueberries, pomegranate, concord grape and acai. Reserve also contains aloe vera extract as well as green tea and a special energy-boosting ingredient called L-Tyrosine.

Life Line Screening – What You Need Prior To Your Screening

Preparing for your Life Line Screening doesn’t haven’t to be scary or overwhelming when you have medically trained professionals working for your best benefit. Life Line Screening is an advanced medical screening company that is committed to providing a variety of screenings that are beneficial in the prevention and detection of certain diseases. Medical technology is constantly evolving and there are always changes happening. Life Line provides the most advanced technological machines and procedures that are essential to providing the best possible results for each patient. They believe that their screenings can help detect and prevent certain issues so that each patient can live a healthier life, and they are dedicated to ensuring that each screening is thoroughly processed. They understand that each patient is different and will have different needs. Each screening is intended for individuals with relevant risk factors and they will make sure that each one is assessed appropriately. What they will be looking for is family history, medical history, personal preference and any other risks that may evolve or be present.


They offer a large variety of screenings and each one has very little preparation. However, there is still preparation that should be followed prior to your procedure. Cardiovascular screenings are very important if you’re at risk for a stroke or heart attack. For these tests, you will want to make sure you wear very loose clothing in a two-piece form. They do not allow any electronics or oils during these procedures. They also do screenings for abdominal aortic aneurysm which requires very little fasting. It’s recommended that you fast for at least four hours and ensure that your last meal before fasting is quite small. They recommend not eating gassy food either, so they can get a clear picture of your abdomen. Each screening allows you to take all of your medication as prescribed. The screening for peripheral arterial diseases requires loose clothing, short sleeve shirt, and no pantyhose. They do a wide variety of testings for diabetes, bone density, high cholesterol and elevated liver enzyme testing. The package screening, which involves a multitude of different screenings, will require up to 12 hours of fasting also.

They fully believe that early detection and the identification of risk factors can increase the overall health of each patient. The data that is compiled through their screenings are given to each patient so they can further assess their needs if preferred.

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Why Are Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides the Best for InnovaCare Health?

InnovaCare Health is the leading provider of Medicare Advantage Plans and physician practice services. The company owes its great track records to two important individuals, CEO Rick Shinto and Chief Administration Officer Penelope Kokkinides.

Richard Shinto Experience

Dr. Richard Shinto is the CEO of InnovaCare; Inc., Shinto is well experienced in clinical and operations healthcare. With over 20 years of experience, Shinto has been an excellent leader in all the institutions he has worked. Before becoming the head of InnovaCare, Shinto served as the CEO and president of Aveta Inc., from 2008-2012. Before joining Aveta Inc., Shinto served as the chief medical officer at NAMM California. Earlier, Shinto had worked for Medical Pathways Management Company from 1996-1997, before he left to work as the chief medical officer at Cal Optima Health Plan in California.

The experienced CEO and author of various clinical medicine articles received his B.s from the University of California and later graduated with a medical degree from the State University of New York. Later Shinto Earned his M.B.A from the University of Redlands.

Shinto’s Awards

In 2012, Shinto was honored with the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award. This recognition was as a result of his excellence and proven success in critical sectors such as financial performance, personal commitment, and innovation.

Penelope Kokkinides’ Background Information

Penelope Kokkinides has been the chief administration officer of InnovaCare Inc., since August 2016. Before serving at her current position, she was the COO of Aveta Inc., from 2006-2012. Additionally, she has been the COO of Touchstone Health HMO since 2008. Ms. Penelope has over 15 years of experience in government projects and managed care industry. Penelope has also served as corporate vice president at Care Management and Disease Management. She has extensive expertise and knowledge in designing clinical programs and managing health care operations that aim at improving efficiency. Read more about her interview on

Penelope received her B.S in biological sciences from Binghamton University and earned her master’s degree in social work from the New York University. She later obtained her second masters in public health from Columbia University. Learn more about Penelope on Bizjournals

An In-Depth Look at InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of Medicare Advantage Plans and physician practice services to the underserved regions of North America. The company has managed to provide access to healthcare services through the creation of sustainable and cost-effective models that can be integrated with advanced technologies.

With patients as the key priority, the firm strives to provide quality and innovative care to their patients in the diverse healthcare industry. Adherence to their mission of redefining healthcare management to overcome the challenges in the healthcare sector has kept the firm at the helm of the industry.


In the recent past, diseases have become a challenge affecting all kind of human population whether directly or indirectly. As a result, most health experts across the globe have taken upon themselves to work hand in hand to come up with solutions meant to handle the challenge. Whenever the world’s health state gets discussed, the name Mikhail V Blagosklonny can never go unmentioned. Mikhail is a renowned scientist who has dedicated his life to studying cancer and aging. The great scientist believes that there is a cure for cancer hence spends most of his precious time carrying out researches.

Mikhail is an ordinary man. He is a professor of Oncology at the prestigious Roswell Park Cancer Institute, a duty he enjoys handling. Mikhail is not only qualified in the field regarding skills but also has supporting documents. Urged to pursue his passion, Mikhail joined Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. He graduated with an MD in Internal Medicine. Later on, from the same university, Mikhail was awarded a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology.

Since his tender age, Mikhail felt the need to serve his community through his excellent skills. Over and over again, he has remained committed to his objective. His involvement with various institutions has built him a great portfolio due to his large knowledge regarding the field. In 2002, Mikhail was made an associate professor at the New York Medical College before proceeding to Ordway Research Institute as a senior scientist. Mikhail says that the different roles he serves are behind the exemplary figure he is today.

Read more about his profile in LinkedIn.

Besides teaching and research works, Blagosklonny works as an editor in various platform based on his extensive experience regarding the health field. Mikhail serves as the editor-in-chief of Oncotarget and Cell Cycle, associate editor of cancer biology and therapy. Also, Mikhail has been appointed to the editorial board of the Cell Death and Differentiation. His passion for research saw him proposing the use of Rapamycin to treat cancer.

Also, Mikhail Blagosklonny is a remarkable author of aging hyperfunction theory. Besides, he often writes about cyclotherapy and chemotherapeutic engineering. To his colleagues, Blagosklonny is just an ordinary fellow filled with interest in oncology. The distinguished scientist believes that aging, as well as the deadly cancer, can be cured. The thousands of materials that Blagosklonny has published speak much of his love for a healthy society

The Lung Institute Provides Vital Stem Cell Treatment for Pulmonary Conditions

Established to improve the overall quality of life for people suffering from chronic lung conditions, the Lung Institute uses stem cells to treat patients. The stem cell treatments available through the Lung Institute address pulmonary diseases and conditions life chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and what is known as interstitial lung disease.

The reality is that the quality of life for people with these conditions can be significantly impacted, physically and mentally, when individuals are diagnosed with these a showering, and making meals highly challenging, if not impossible. The end result of these conditions is making tasks of every day living nearly impossible to perform.

According to Cedars Sinai, traditional medical treatment options historically associated with the treatment of these significant pulmonary conditions involve some significant negative side effects. In addition, these treatments tend to be only able to ease symptoms. These treatments do not demonstrate any effectiveness is slowing, let alone halting, the progression of these conditions or diseases.

The Lung Institute utilizes autologous stem cells in the care and treatment of lung conditions. These stem cells are derived from a patient’s body. According to, this type of stem cell therapy works to harness an individual’s natural healing ability to fight certain pulmonary conditions.

Through its use, this stem cell treatment from the Lung Institute demonstrates a remarkable ability to address the progression of these conditions or diseases. Moreover, his is accomplished through a minimally invasive procedure.

Other treatments designed to address the symptoms of certain lung conditions come with a variety of negative side effects. This is another reason why the stem cell treatment regimen from the Lung Institute garners high marks. There just are not any significant side effects associated with the treatment program available through the Lung Institute.

The Lung Institute maintains clinics in different locations in the United States. A patient interested in obtaining this type of stem cell treatment can access a clinic most convenient for him or her. To read more about stem cell therapy, go to