Ricardo Tosto Takes His Law Firm to New Heights

Prominent Brazilian lawyer Ricardo Tosto and his law firm, Milk, Tosto & Barros are renowned for their expertise in handling highly complex and high-value litigation. Their fame is not restricted to Brazil with even international clientele swearing by the efficacy of Ricardo Tosto and his colleagues.

Apart from corporate litigation Ricardo Tosto and his firm are past masters at handling mass litigation, something that is endemic in Brazil. This has enabled firm to gain expertise in fiscal and labor matters. That apart the firm also specializes in banking, corporate and merger & acquisition services particularly in the field of infrastructure.

Ricardo Tosto is the most renowned of firm’s lawyers and the driving force behind the firm’s super success. Particularly y Ricardo Tosto’s expertise in banking law is extraordinary which makes clients very confident of handing over their highly complex cases to the firm to handle. There are any number of leading honchos from the banking sector who are ever ready to provide glowing testimonials to firm, especially, Ricardo Tosto.

Not only is he an exemplary legal consultant, but his strategic understanding of the judiciary is a very rare ability that Tosto possesses. It is not surprising therefore to discover that Tosto is LACC recommended. Tosto is a law degree holder from the Universidade Presbitreiana Mackenzie, as well as an extension in Business Administration from the reputed Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado.

Tosto;s rise from a small room to one of the largest offices in Brazil is the stuff of legends and has inspired legions of his admirers. Not only did he represent both Brazilian multinational corporates and politicians from across the ideological spectrum, but also governments and even free of charge for non-government organizations.

It is to nobody’s surprise then that his full services law firm has been listed as one of Brazil’s top ten. Apart from business law, the firm specializes in myriad areas like administrative law, copyright law, labor law, consumer law, property law, banking law and many other areas. If the firm’s services are so highly sought after, it is largely on account of Tosto’s initiative and drive.

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White Collar Crime

The investment industry has had its fair share of crime in recent years. The SEC is a government body that works to make sure this crime is kept to a minimum. When people do violate the law, it is important for them to take responsibility for their actions. A lot of people do not realize just how dangerous white collar crime is. A lot of people hear about stories on the news, but these things rarely affect them personally. However, it is vital to the overall economy that white collar crime is kept to an absolute minimum. Over the long term, this can be a great way to enhance the economy as a whole.

SEC Attorney

There are several people who are tasked with finding out about crime in finance. There is a SEC whistleblower program where people can get financial compensation and protection for telling on someone who violates the law. Although this program has been a success in the past, there are few people who actually want to participate. The financial compensation is nice, but you then have to live the rest of your life worried that someone is going to get revenge. In addition, many people have to end up moving away from where they currently live. All of this is a major issue with the program today. However, the good news is that the program has had a lot of success in recent years and is slowly starting to gain traction.

Financial Advisors

One of the major areas of concern today is with financial advisors. A lot of the people in this industry do not have the best interests of the customer in mind. Instead of looking for ways to help them build wealth, they are simply looking for ways to earn higher commission checks. Earning a commission is not a bad thing, but at times this has taken precedence over helping their clients. This is something that is frowned upon by many people in the industry. If you are someone who wants to help others by being a financial advisor, it is vital that you think about the long term.

Overall, the SEC is a government body that is tasked with protecting people from Wall Street. There is a lot of white collar crime that goes unreported, but the SEC is trying to fix that in any way that they can. Hopefully this program has success and it can expand in the future.

New York Law Firms Targeted By Hackers

Stories about hackers that find weak spots in a major company’s computer network are very common. This generally leads to a major breach in data security for the company. However, hackers are also targeting major law firms in New York. Hackers target law firms because they are filled with very sensitive data about high profile companies and individuals that they are able to exploit for monetary purposes. Hackers feel very secure hacking into major law firms because they realize that the firms are more than likely to keep the breach secret because it might alarm their clients.

Major Law Firm Breaks Silence
A major law firm in New York City has stepped forward and released information about a major breach that gained access to sensitive client data. This has led the federal authorities to investigating the matter. Generally, New York law firms have kept the information about a breach secret. Delegated it to an in house problem that was investigated internally. This left other law firms wide open for hacker attacks because they did not know about hackers looking for vulnerabilities in law firms or that other law firms were under attack by hackers. This gave the hackers Carte Blanche to pursue other firms without much fear of retaliation. The leaking of this information to the public has led to law firms increasing their security, to avoid hacker attacks.

About Ross Abelow
Perhaps, you have a legal problem that requires a top legal mind to handle the case. Well, Ross Abelow is one of the top legal minds in New York. He is a very experienced attorney with a long list of legal credentials. He is experienced with family law, matrimonial law, commercial law, and litigation law. He is the attorney to contact for legal problems that require an attorney with in depth knowledge about the legal system and the way that it works in New York City.

Ross Abelow has an excellent legal background. He received his education at NYU and the Brooklyn College of Law. Ross Abelow has practiced law for over 20 years. Abelow’s long history and background in the legal profession, prepare him to handle any legal problem for clients.

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Brenda Wardle releases new book on Oscar Pistorius Trial

The Oscar Pistorius trial made headlines when the murder of Reeva Steenkamp and several gun-related charges were brought in to the High Court of South Africa in 2014. Presiding Judge Thokozile Masipa utlimately delivered the verdict that although Pistorius was not guilty in murder charges, culpable homicide of Steenkamp as well as reckless endangerment with a firearm charges applied. In October of 2014, Pistorius received a five year prison sentence in addition to a three-year suspended prison sentence for reckless endangerment conviction.

This verdict, while controversial, was deliberated by Judge Masipa over the course of two days, after which the formal verdict delivered on the 12th of September 2014. The controversy stemmed from Judge Masipa’s dismissal of large parts of the state’s circumstantial evidence, and also described Pistorius as a “very poor witness”. Stating that the state had no proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Pistorius was guilty of premeditated murder, Masipa also ruled against charges for dolus eventualis, or common murder. She believed that the accused could not know that he would kill a person behind a door. The judge found that the deceased was thought by Pistorius to be located somewhere else within the building.

Brenda Wardle, who covered this high-profile case, comes from South Africa. In addition to serving as Chief Operations Officer at the Wardle College of Law, she is an internationally renowned legal analyst. Wardle provided legal analysis in South for numerous high profile cases. She was a regular guest during the Oscar Pistorius trial, at the time of Pistorius’s placement on correctional supervision and during the appeal of the State. Through her work she has shown a deep analytical prowess in regards to law, both at home and internationally. Her legal analyses have been very accurate.

Wardle is a registered assessor with two Sector Education and Training Authorities in South Africa. She has facilitated the training of approximately 4000 delegates in the past two years, earning her the respect of the South African legal community. She also runs a boutique consultancy firm that has hosted the highly successful National Conference on Selected Sentencing Provisions and their impact on Correctional Services Release Policies. She has also written many books offering an deep look into South African law. Her book on the Pistorius Trial To Kill A Fragile Rose – The State’s Case Against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius will be of special interest to those looking for more information on the complex legal layers of this ruling.

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Where To Find The Best Attorneys In New York City, Ask Ross Abelow

When searching for attorneys in New York City, it’s paramount to know where to look. Apparently, it won’t be a trivial pursuit since there’s an extensive database that has categorized legal advisers by specialization. With access to open source tools such as the NYSBA (New York State Bar Association) database, finding a top-notch lawyer by specialization is a breeze. What’s more, someone looking for a licensed legal counselor may explore databases by using personal referrals or recommendations.

Local phone directories have long supplied credible attorneys in New York City references and it’s a resourceful search tool to find qualified lawyers quickly. Additionally, a quick Google search should deliver useful results in record time. With limited facts about attorneys in New York City, people using these services won’t get quality representation. Reputable attorneys should produce evidence to validate certification and a current license to practice law. Furthermore, the masses have consummated membership or association with mainstream organizations.

Today, some law offices don’t charge for an initial consultation and provides exceptional counseling to educate an inquirer. Conversely, it’s all-important that attorneys in New York City honor their proposal on a free consultation. It’s an excellent opportunity to judge a lawyer’s ethics while getting familiar with his or her practice. Since every attorney set their own fees if they’re not working through a network, an inquirer shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to compare law offices and attorney services.

Attorneys in New York City like Ross Abelow has cultivated a repertoire for providing superb litigation services. He represents clients on matters of entertainment, matrimonial, commercial and family law. He’s a BSL (Brooklyn Law School) graduate with a Juris Doctorate. He also earned his Bachelor’s at SUNY (State University New York) in Albany. Ross began practicing law in 1989 and he’s since expanded his expertise. What’s more, he’s crafted an exponentially impressive track record throughout the history of his practice.

As a truly proficient litigator, Ross respects the law and the policies that protect it. In fact, there are no conflicting interests in him enforcing these relevant rules and guiding clients. Furthermore, Ross has a warm, friendly attitude towards everyone no matter what chaos lies ahead. Additionally, his law firm puts emphasis on maintaining transparency when acting on a client’s behalf. In the history of his practice, Ross has won most of the cases he’s presented in and out of court. With a dependable legal team, Ross promises the best turnaround for all cases he represents.

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