The Musings and Mentality of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of a Newark based non-profit called the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. He works with Newark CEDC to help them with their goal of helping businesses in Newark. He helps small businesses in all industries in the Newark area.

He has worked at Newark CEDC since Septemper 2014, and he still enjoys helping small business owners.

Newark CEDC helps companies understand their financials, how capable they are of starting and/or maintaining their own business and they also offer loan assistance. Their goal is to help small businesses reach the next threshold.

 Kevin Seawright is adamant about not labeling any business owner, or targeting just minority or women-owned businesses. “We think all businesses are important. If anybody comes to Newark with a good small business plan, we’ll support them. We do not code it to just woman owned or minority owned. If it’s a good business plan, we want to be able to support it,” He said in an interview in February 2016.

 Newwark CEDC also offers other services to help develop the community, including an incubator class, which is a 12 week course that teaches how to start and run a business. Students receive a $500 business grant at the end of the coarse to start their own business.

Kevin Seawright doesn’t see any disadvantage for the business going forward. He is happy to help and sees the Newark community growing to become a healthy thriving community with their help. He believes the most important things businesses need to survive is financial stability and training for businesses to have financial stability.

 Kevin says the biggest mistakes businesses make is with taxes, whether that’s not filing taxes on time, or filing them inaccurately. Having good credit is also very important for businesses. Newark CEDC does not loan money to candidates who have a credit score below 650.

Kevin gives a lot of credit of the Newark CEDC success to teamwork. He says teamwork and having a good team is important, and that’s what Newark CEDC has. You only have to look at all the new businesses to know that.