A Three Pillars Approach to Financial Planning – Richard Dwayne Blair

Background Information About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is a financial investment advisor. His passion in this industry made him create Wealth Solutions Inc. This is a successful financial firm that has been registered as a Registered Investment Advisory Company. The firm was recently valued to worth $52 million.

Wealth Solutions Inc. aims to offer advisory solutions to entrepreneurs and families. For many years, Richard Blair, CEO Wealth Solutions Inc., has specialized in formulating retirement plans and retirement income solutions for his Austin, Texas clients.

Since Richard Blair was in school, he desired to provide financial solutions to clients. Thus, he founded Wealth Solutions Inc. as soon as he was through with college. Richard Blair believes in a financial three-way pillar that has enabled him to meet success with his clients.

A Three Pillars Approach to Financial Planning

For you to meet your financial goals, you have to formulate a plan to realize your objectives. According to Richard Dwayne Blair, the three pillars have established success in planning the retirement plans for his clients. This roadmap has assisted his clients from Austin, Texas to realize their unique goals which will be a guide for many years to come.

The following three pillars helps Richard Blair in formulating a comprehensive financial plan. Through this, he can observe the client’s current financial state, and the retirement needs to create a convenient and friendly retirement plan.

First Pillar

According to Richard Dwayne Flair, this is the most fundamental stage of the process. In this process, Richard formulates a client’s financial roadmap. He achieves this by assessing the strengths, goals, risk tolerance, and expectations of the clients. Moreover, this stage helps him maintain an honest and healthy relationship with a client. Through the first pillar, he can understand the goals and the concerns of a client.

Second Pillar

After the roadmap has been established, the second stage comes in to provide a long-term investment based on a client’s expectations, liquidity state, and goals. In this case, Richard manages the assets of a client and ensures maximum productivity.

Third Pillar

This is the final pillar which allows monitoring and implementation. Through his knowledge, Richard tracks the performance of a client based on the set-out expectations and goals.

Find out more about Richard Dwayne Blair: http://financial-advisors.credio.com/l/8779/Richard-Blair

UTC Is the Military’s Best Friend

The Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert has succeeded in the world of business throughout the various decades that he has been working there.

He is a Canadian native having been born and raised in Montréal, Québec. He would gain a production management degree from the University of Montréal which he would put to good use over the years.

His first job out of school was working as a line supervisor at General Motors. He would be working here for over 14 years overseeing production of cars. He reports that this was by far the worst job he ever had but learned the value of people and how everyone longs to make a difference.

He was offered a job at Pratt & Whitney in the year 1993. Here he would continue working with the aircraft engine manufacturer industry. In 1999 he would be promoted to the president of the company.

It was when he came to the United Technologies Corporation that his career really took off. In 2006 he became the chief executive officer and the chairman of the board. In April 2008 he became president of United Technologies Corporation. And to seal the deal, in 2010 he became the chief operating officer.

As the chief executive officer of this multinational global company he needed to be as unique as was possible. Working with his team of executives they were able to create a 30 year product cycle that created products that completely changed the game and strengthened the portfolio of the company. This occurred when they made several key acquisitions to make the company strong.

The 30 year product cycle brought along such innovations as the F135 engine of source position. This fully redefined the military propulsion segment forever. They also developed the GTF engine. This allowed for 20% more efficient fuel burn, noise reduction of 50%, and 30% fewer parts contributing to a lower lifecycle. Working with the government, they leverage new technology to help airplanes have a more narrow body segment. This was then placed in the bombardier C-Series along with a brand-new Embracer. This business is a success.


Madison Street Capital’s Achievements and Awards

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based firm offering companies and businesses around the world with informed financial advice in investment banking. It helps businesses to make the complex transaction, access credit quickly, and to make in-depth investment decisions. Madison Street Capital also offers merger consulting and company evaluation services. Madison Street Capital reputation is not questionable, and their services are customer centered, the following awards and recognitions say it all.


Anthony Marsala, Mr. Marsala MSC’s co-founder was selected for the under 40 award by National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. Marsala who has 14 years experience in the investment banking industry got the award because of his outstanding performance in business valuation and mergers.


MSC Credit, MSC in 2014 helped Vital Care Industries a manufacturing industry based in Illinois secure a commercial loan from a suitable lender. Vital Care’s CEO said that it was a great achievement to get the loan.


Award Finalist, MSC was awarded by the finance professionals with M&A Advisors Award for their outstanding performance in setting up admirable financing, restructuring and acquisition deals.


Merger Assistance, Madison Street Capital, helped DCG Software Value to merge with Spitfire Group successfully. This is one of the successful mergers that MSC facilitated in 2017.


Maintenance System Management, MSC made arrangements for easy and quick access to finance for Maintenance System Management in early 2017. MSM’s president said that MSC went beyond their expectation by providing other useful information as well.


Turnaround Award, Madison Street Capital received the award for the restructuring transaction valuing below $25 million in 2016. MSC was competing with over 300 firms in the Turnaround Award.


Philanthropy, Madison Street Capital has been involved in a lot of charitable acts. In 2011 MSC contributed large sums of money to the victims of harsh weather conditions that destroyed property and homes in Midwestern and Eastern United States.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital has a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of the financial market and extensive relationships making it among the best middle market investment firms. MSC professionals are experienced in creating appropriate business arrangement and capitalization structure to meet client’s needs.


MSC believes in creating high businesses networks in the United States and Canada. Madison Street Capital also has offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. They are dedicated to meeting clients’ needs and philanthropic activities to impacting lives positively. Madison Street Capital has received several awards both locally and internationally for their satisfactory customer service in the investment banking industry. Learn more: http://www.academia.edu/5983652/Madison_Street_Capital_Investment_Banking_Overview


Choosing TheFreedomLife Insurance Appropriate For One’s Life


Life insurance is something that can be helpful to all kinds of people. There are a number of people who choose to purchase a life insurance plan at some point in their life, and they do that for a number of different reasons. It is important for those who are choosing to buy life insurance to understand the various plans that are out there and the way that each one will work in their life.


Term life insurance plans can be helpful for those who know just how long they would like to have the plan for, and who have a specific reason for purchasing a plan. Those who would like to get set up with life insurance that they will be able to use for their child’s schooling may find a term plan to work for them. Freedom Life Insurance is a company that offers many life insurance options, and it is a great example of what a life insurance company should be.


Permanent life insurance is something that should be considered by those who would like to keep their life insurance until they pass on. Those who would like to make sure that their family will have money when they die should consider permanent life insurance and the plans that are out there. They should look into the various plans that they can choose, and they should find one that will make sure that they are setting their family up well.


Life insurance comes through many different companies, and each company has something special to offer. Freedom Life Insurance is a company that is available to those who ware looking for life insurance that they can rely on and a company that can be trusted. Those who are seeking the kind of insurance that they can keep in their life and know that it will be good when they cash it out can find that through Freedom Life Insurance. Check more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapid=4308540