The Return of George Soros and the Future of the Democratic Party


New York Times recently reported that billionaire liberal philanthropist, George Soros would collaborate with like minded donors to create a campaign worth fifteen million dollars, in an effort to encourage Latinos and immigrants to vote in the upcoming election. The campaign is built around outrage stirred by the vitriolic and bigoted language of Donald J. Trump, and hopes to turn justified disgust into righteous votes for a Democratic candidate. The New York Times article highlights the scale of this outreach, molded by a ‘super PAC’ titled Immigrant Voters Win PAC. The said ‘super PAC’ revolves around reaching out towards undecided immigrant voters as much as it does the coordination of Latino Democrats already planning on showing up on election day. Strategists fear the lack of Democrats have showed for their party this season, while Republicans appear to be flocking to the polls. The recent spending shows a newly proactive Democratic Party directly acknowledging Latino disappointment in President Obama, while conservatives have assembled a collective entitled the Libre Intiative, dedicated to creating right wing Latino votes. The reemergence of George Soros has people talking. The man who crafted a two-hundred million dollar campaign to get George W. Bush thrown out of office has been relatively quiet in the political sphere since. Now, he’s donating five million to the new super PAC. Overall, Soros’ donations are looking to pass thirteen million, his biggest political investment since the 2004 election. The legendary Hungarian financier, has decided to contribute after listening the increasingly hateful rhetoric spewed by Donald J. Trump, and other Republican candidates, who are running on platforms based on policies to prevent Muslim refugees and Latino immigrants from entering the United States. Mr. Soros, a man who lived in hiding from Nazi forces, until later fleeing what had become the Soviet Union in 1947, does not take the words of politicians like Trump lightly, and will do whatever he can do to stop racist ideology to determine United States policy.