Fans Take To Wikipedia To Show Support For Footballer Robert Brady

Fans were having fun editing footballer Robert Brady’s Wikipedia page, making about 100 Wikipedia edits in the two hours after Brady scored an important goal in the Euro 2016 tournament. Fans repeatedly likened Brady to God; they also referred to him as “the second coming of Jesus Christ.” Moderators quickly removed the edits and no real harm was done, however, it does make you wonder what would happen to a footballer who missed an easy goal and lost an important game. Would fans maliciously edit the player’s Wikipedia page?

While this incident showcased the volunteer-operated site’s fun side; it also highlights the website’s power. Fans didn’t post their opinions on sports forums; instead, they turned to Wikipedia because the online encyclopedias has so much influence online. Search for knowledge and Google frequently shows Wikipedia pages at the top of the list. That power to inform attracts business owners who naively believe that Wikipedia is business-friendly and professional, with helpful editors that make it easy for entrepreneurs to create an entry about their business and reap the many benefits associated with having a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia has stringent rules about neutrality and citing sources that make it difficult to create a Wikipedia page without previous experience.

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