Jeunesse Global delivers a great-tasting way to stay healthy

Jeunesse Global has made international waves with its astounding growth story. Founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company has grown from a hobby-business startup to become one of the top-selling health and beauty brands in the world.

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, two legends of the North American health and beauty industry, decided that they were finally ready to call it quits on their entrepreneurial careers and retire, the pioneering couple initially believed that they would truly be able to make it work. But both Ray and Lewis were of an irrepressibly industrious disposition. It didn’t take long for the boredom and ennui of retired life to set in. Soon, the couple had begun selling a number of health and beauty products out of the garage of their luxurious Florida estate.

This marked the beginning of Jeunesse Global. From the beginning, Lewis was able to use her deep expertise as a market researcher and broad base of industry contacts to find market niches that had gone unnoticed by the biggest names in the health and beauty sector. The result of this has been a lineup of truly revolutionary products, many of which can only be bought from Jeunesse Global.

One such product is the company’s healthy-heart drink. Called Reserve, the resveratrol-containing miracle drink is distilled from the same grapes with which the French make their fine red wine. The idea behind reserve is to pack the energy drink full of the heart-protecting resveratrol in order to deliver a great-tasting health drink that doesn’t carry the risks associated with alcohol consumption. In fact, Reserve has been clinically proven to deliver even more antioxidants that a single glass of red wine.

In addition to resveratrol, which has been clinically proven to contribute to lower rates of heart disease, Reserve contains a number of so-called superfruits, which further provide antioxidant effects and protect the cardiovascular health of the user. Some of these superfruits include, blueberries, pomegranate, concord grape and acai. Reserve also contains aloe vera extract as well as green tea and a special energy-boosting ingredient called L-Tyrosine.

Sweetgreens Changing Healthy Food for the Better

Eight years after graduating from Georgetown, three students created America’s sexiest startup. These students were not happy about the jobs that awaited them after graduation. This is what lead them to want to create their own business. They found that Georgetown was lacking in better food options. With that in mind, they started Sweetgreen which provides healthy farm-to-table salads.

They were able to fund their idea with the support of their family and friends. With their family connections, they were able to target some high-profile investors. One of their first investors was Joe Bastianich. Joe decided to invest in their idea because he believed in their passion and liked their business plan.

With this money, they were able to open their first restaurant in Georgetown in 2007. Over the years they have grown to include 31 restaurants nationwide and are projected to open 10 more in the next year. They were able to see so much growth because they disciplined and had a very detailed business plan. That paired with their winning idea is what drove them to greatness.

The atmosphere of their company is very different, and many label it as being a hipster. Their employee structure is also different from other companies. They are all about building and growing relationships within their company. This includes everyone from their farmers to their app developers.

Nathaniel Ru is one of the three students that created the idea of Sweetgreen. He currently works as the companies CEO. He got the entrepreneurial spirit from his family. Nathaniel dad’s started his own import/export business out of Los Angeles. So, he grew up watching his dad create his own business and not having to work for someone else. He claims that the entrepreneur enthusiasm was hardwired into his DNA.

Nathaniel met his other co-founders while they were all studying at Georgetown. He first met John in a freshmen Accounting class. They bonded quickly since they were both from LA and their love of music. He would always talk about business plans with John, which is what lead them to come up their Sweetgreen idea. After opening their second and having no customers the first day, Nathaniel believed that their business dream was done. But it was John that kept them together and said that they should focus their efforts towards marketing. They did this by passing out flyers and playing music every Saturday and Sunday. Their hard work has paid off.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Wants To Make Women Feel Beautiful

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a great person to talk to when women want to make themselves look their best. They can come to her office to make sure that they can get a consult that tells them what they can get done in every appointment. There are some people who are going to come to her office to learn how they can get results from their procedures.

Dr. Jennifer makes it very easy for people make themselves look great when they have something about their bodies that they do not like. This is a thing that women can do right now when they come to see Dr. Jennifer, and they can pick from a lot of procedures that are going to help them look really good. A woman who is trying to make sure that she is going to look her best needs to make sure that she is talking to Dr. Jennifer about what she can do, and then a treatment plan is created so the woman knows what schedule she is on.

There are also people who are going to learn that they can get a special surgery that they might have thought was not possible. Dr. Jennifer does designer surgeries that are going to make people feel great, and she does these even though some of them might sound obscure. Dr. Jennifer wants women to find their inner diva, and they can only do that if they are talking to Dr. Jennifer about their needs regardless of how small or large they are.

Every woman who comes into the office is going to see that they can change the way they look and feel. These women will be able to change specific things about themselves, and then they will be able to show that there is a new woman underneath all the problems that have come up. Women want to look better, and they can feel better once they get the work done. A trip to see Dr. Jennifer can change a life, and it can bring a woman peace knowing that she has the exact body that she wants.

Andrew Wirth: Introducing a Ski Resort Dream


For those who love to ski at either Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows, are about to enjoy a whole new skiing experience. In a recent article by Powder Magazine it was announced that Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows would be uniting as one ski resort on one mountain. Although they were united in 2011 in paper, the article mentions how Squaw Valley Holdings will soon be building a gondola to officially connect the two resorts. Squaw Alpine CEO, Andy Wirth, will be providing this luxury to skiing lovers who have the enjoyment of skiing at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

Andy Wirth has accomplished many things before he became CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Before becoming CEO, he worked at Steamboat Springs Resort in 1986. In 2007 he became Chief Marketing Office and executive vice president of Intrawest, according to a website. He continued his successful career by becoming president of Squaw Valley Ski Resort in 2010. He has won multiple awards for his work in the community as well as his business leadership. Some of these awards include Steamboat Springs Business Leader of the year award. His most current accomplishment is merging Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, which only continues to show his willingness to make skiing fun for the community. It also demonstrates his continued leadership as CEO in an effort to expand his resort business in merging two successful ski resorts.

Also possible in merging the resorts together, according to Powder Magazine, is Troy Caldwell, who owns the land between the two ski resorts. Caldwell and Wirth made an agreement to build a gondola. Later in the article, Powder Magazine interviews Wirth about his vision in merging Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Wirth explains how his vision of uniting the two resorts stems from his friendship with Caldwell. Wirth also explains how building the gondola is for the community, to unite two different ski resorts as well as respect the history of the mountain. Most importantly for Wirth is to provide a new experience for every skier.