Jeunesse Global delivers a great-tasting way to stay healthy

Jeunesse Global has made international waves with its astounding growth story. Founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company has grown from a hobby-business startup to become one of the top-selling health and beauty brands in the world.

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, two legends of the North American health and beauty industry, decided that they were finally ready to call it quits on their entrepreneurial careers and retire, the pioneering couple initially believed that they would truly be able to make it work. But both Ray and Lewis were of an irrepressibly industrious disposition. It didn’t take long for the boredom and ennui of retired life to set in. Soon, the couple had begun selling a number of health and beauty products out of the garage of their luxurious Florida estate.

This marked the beginning of Jeunesse Global. From the beginning, Lewis was able to use her deep expertise as a market researcher and broad base of industry contacts to find market niches that had gone unnoticed by the biggest names in the health and beauty sector. The result of this has been a lineup of truly revolutionary products, many of which can only be bought from Jeunesse Global.

One such product is the company’s healthy-heart drink. Called Reserve, the resveratrol-containing miracle drink is distilled from the same grapes with which the French make their fine red wine. The idea behind reserve is to pack the energy drink full of the heart-protecting resveratrol in order to deliver a great-tasting health drink that doesn’t carry the risks associated with alcohol consumption. In fact, Reserve has been clinically proven to deliver even more antioxidants that a single glass of red wine.

In addition to resveratrol, which has been clinically proven to contribute to lower rates of heart disease, Reserve contains a number of so-called superfruits, which further provide antioxidant effects and protect the cardiovascular health of the user. Some of these superfruits include, blueberries, pomegranate, concord grape and acai. Reserve also contains aloe vera extract as well as green tea and a special energy-boosting ingredient called L-Tyrosine.

Drew Madden Lowering Healthcare Costs

There are many people who are worried about the future of the healthcare industry. With all of the issues in the industry, now is a great time to start focusing on areas of potential improvement.


Drew Madden is a leader in the field, started his career as a student advisor at the University of Iowa. He later got a job at Cerner Corporation, a healthcare company. He was the integrating consultant at the company for four years. With his strong background in both IT and healthcare, he runs a successful company that is designed to improve the industry. He wants to make healthcare affordable for everyone. The cost of healthcare is a major issue throughout the world. Even though technology is improving, the overall cost of healthcare is increasing.



Older Population


As the population continues to get older, the overall cost of healthcare will increase. As technology improves, people are able to live for a longer amount of time. The problem is that few people take care of their health as they age. Even though they are living for a longer amount of time, the quality of life is actually decreasing.


Focusing healthy lifestyle habits will improve the industry. Drew Madden works with his clients on improving their lifestyle in several ways. Not only does he recommend an eating program, but he also encourages clients to exercise as much as possible. There are numerous people who go decades without exercising. This is a huge issue that can cause many healthcare problems. See This Page for additional information.



Plans for the Coming Years


Drew Madden has many plans for his company in 2018. Not only does he want to increase sales and profits, but he also wants to help as many clients as possible. He recently updated his website to help in this process. There are many people who are comfortable with an online health screening.


Although an online screening is not as effective as a traditional screening, it is still a good way for health professionals to find issues early in the process. By focusing on preventative care, Drew Madden hopes to reduce the overall cost of healthcare for patients.



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How Will Healthcare Get Better In The United States? Drew Madden Might Be Able To Help

Is there a simple answer out there waiting for us to figure out when it comes to making healthcare better in the United States? Maybe, but most likely it will be a combination of factors that help to make the alarmingly bad situation better.


Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry in the United States. He has put his heart and soul into the industry as an entrepreneur in healthcare IT. He is always looking for better ways to make processes in healthcare less expensive and more productive at the same time. It is not exactly easy work in a country that is often entrenched in the way that it has always done things in the past. Still, Drew Madden does not allow this to get him down. Rather, he continues to work on those processes until they are made better. ver the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector. Drew Madden is a healthcare IT businessman who has previously led the largest EPIC consulting company globally: Nordic Consulting Partners.


Healthcare IT is showing some signs of getting better. Initiatives launched under the Obama Administration to help make healthcare more cooperative with the technologies that we all use today as certainly brought along some progress. There are more hospitals and doctor’s offices using electronic files these days for example. That is a pretty big deal in comparison to the way that the system used to work. Still, there are more ways that we could be doing a lot better. Visit This Page for more information.


We need to be encouraging new stars to stand up and take their place among the healthcare industry officials of today. All too often, the people who do get involved in starting a healthcare company do so simply because they know someone who is suffering from a particular ailment that they would like to see a cure for. While we can all cheer their efforts, we have to realize that this leaves out a lot of other people who could be contributing to the cause. We should be pushing for more people to help out.


There are a lot of mountains still to climb in healthcare throughout the United States and the world, but at least we are starting to see some changes coming in IT.


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What the USHEALTH Group is Doing for the Insurance Industry

The USHEALTH Group knows what it is like to offer health insurance. They have tried to always give people what they are looking for and that has helped them with all the options they need. The company is committed to their clients and knows what it will take to give them what they want. They also know there are many things they can do to make everything better for the people who they serve. It all goes back to how they are able to help and what they can provide people with. For the USHEALTH Group to do this, they knew they needed to try and give people the opportunities they needed to be successful. They also knew there would be other things that would allow them the chance to experience a more positive part of how they were getting their healthcare needs met.

By looking at all of these things, USHEALTH Group knows what they can do to bring changes to the people who are in the industry. They also know there will be several different ways for others to use them while they are looking for the best healthcare services. The USHEALTH Group knows what it takes and they aren’t afraid to continue giving them all the options they need. They have always done what they can to give people all the opportunities they need to be successful. No matter what they are doing with the business and in the industry, USHEALTH Group is helping people with new opportunities.

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Bringing these expectations in with them has allowed the USHEALTH Group to continue providing the best options for their customers. They know what it takes and they aren’t afraid to make sure they are giving them the things that will truly allow them to feel good about what they are doing. In addition, USHEALTH Group has made strides in how they are providing these plans. Now that they are giving their clients the options to choose family plans instead of just the basic plans they used to have, they are confident they can keep giving the community what they need in different instances.

By helping out with other people and showing them how things can get better, the USHEALTH Group company makes sure they are providing all the options they need. They have always wanted to be sure people know what they’re talking about and be sure they are getting the options they need. If the USHEALTH Group is able to do that, they will continue to be better than what others have made them out to be. It is part of how they can keep doing their business and part of how things will always give them the right options.


Choosing The Best FreedomLife Insurance Policy

There are two basic types of life insurance that consumers can buy and which product is best depending upon a customer’s personal needs. Both types of policies can be purchased at Freedom Life Insurance and their expert life insurance agents can help determine which policy is best for their needs.

Temporary Life Insurance Policies

People who buy term life insurance typically do so because their needs are often not for a longer-term policy. In fact, most term policy buyers are looking for a life insurance policy for a specific period of time. One of the prime examples of this type of insurance use longer term occurs when a parent decides they want to be insured to cover funds in the event something were to happen to them before their children finished college. In this case, the parent might consider buying a 20-year term life insurance policy

Term insurance policies are also a good alternative for people who are looking for a larger cash value policy but they are living on a limited budget and cannot afford to buy whole life insurance in larger amounts. It should be noted that term life insurance policies are like health insurance policies which are only in effect while the policy is being paid for each month. Coverage of the policy stops once the payments stop unless it’s renewed. Freedom Life Insurance provides complete consultation and information for consumers looking to buy term life insurance policies

Permanent Life Insurance Policies

Permanent life insurance policies are great policies for someone who is looking to have equity in their life insurance policy. These policies serve two purposes. First, they are an insurance policy that has a cash value in the event of death no matter when the insured person passes away. Secondly, permanent life insurance policies also act savings accounts. With each premium paid, part of the portion of the payment builds an actual cash value that can be borrowed against. Accrued policy funds paid can be used for personal financial reasons and can be used to make payments on the life insurance policy when the insured is unable to pay for the policy because of financial duress. This guarantees the policy will remain in effect even during financial hardships.

Freedom Life Insurance company can help customers who are seeking this type of policy to examine different types of permanent life insurance policies to see what type of policy works best. Permanent life insurance policies offer many benefits and while the policy premiums are generally higher than term life insurance policies, the payments never increase for the life of the policy no matter what the insured health’s situation becomes.


Life Line Screening Process And Expectations

Lifeline screening is essential; it helps in detecting early signs of heart disease, cardiovascular, and some types of cancer. It is crucial that you know the process of Lifeline Screening before you visit the facility that offers the service. Just like any other medical process, dressing and diet are the major things that you need to consider before attending a life line screening session.

The lifeline Screening process is painless, and it doesn’t require complicated preparations. You will need to wear loose clothes, keep your cell phone off, don’t wear a watch, and wear a short-sleeved shirt with an open collar before going in for atrial fibrillation or stroke. Bone mineral density screening requires that you wear no pantyhose as you proceed for the testing.

Glucose and complete lipid panel screening require that you fast for 12 hours before the testing. hs-CRP or elevated C-creative protein and high liver enzymes have no prior preparation. The 6 for Life Package screening requires that you wear a short-sleeved shirt or a long –sleeved shirt but one that you can quickly roll up, you also need to fast for 12 hours before the screening. Wear a short-sleeved and avoid pantyhose for the Ankle-brachial index screening.

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Lifeline Screening is performed by professionals who give you detailed feedback of your screening results and answers your questions efficiently while in the screening process. The screening machines are standard, and hospital quality and the whole process takes a maximum of 90 minutes. You will be informed if you need to see a doctor and a written report will be provided so that you can discuss the taste results with your doctor. The screening services are affordable and maintain the required standard.

Lifeline Screening gives accurate results this is because they use ultrasound technology and the sonographers are highly skilled, and again they use modern machines. The results are also verified by a board of certified physicians before releasing. The results from Lifeline Screening are mailed to the concerned person in 15 days, and you can share with a physician from an accredited medical facility.

Lifeline Screening services are available to all people, those who use wheelchairs are assisted to stand and turn around in the process of screening. Your privacy is imperative that is why the screening area is separated from the waiting area, and you don’t need to remove your clothes in the waiting area.

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Life Line Screening – What You Need Prior To Your Screening

Preparing for your Life Line Screening doesn’t haven’t to be scary or overwhelming when you have medically trained professionals working for your best benefit. Life Line Screening is an advanced medical screening company that is committed to providing a variety of screenings that are beneficial in the prevention and detection of certain diseases. Medical technology is constantly evolving and there are always changes happening. Life Line provides the most advanced technological machines and procedures that are essential to providing the best possible results for each patient. They believe that their screenings can help detect and prevent certain issues so that each patient can live a healthier life, and they are dedicated to ensuring that each screening is thoroughly processed. They understand that each patient is different and will have different needs. Each screening is intended for individuals with relevant risk factors and they will make sure that each one is assessed appropriately. What they will be looking for is family history, medical history, personal preference and any other risks that may evolve or be present.


They offer a large variety of screenings and each one has very little preparation. However, there is still preparation that should be followed prior to your procedure. Cardiovascular screenings are very important if you’re at risk for a stroke or heart attack. For these tests, you will want to make sure you wear very loose clothing in a two-piece form. They do not allow any electronics or oils during these procedures. They also do screenings for abdominal aortic aneurysm which requires very little fasting. It’s recommended that you fast for at least four hours and ensure that your last meal before fasting is quite small. They recommend not eating gassy food either, so they can get a clear picture of your abdomen. Each screening allows you to take all of your medication as prescribed. The screening for peripheral arterial diseases requires loose clothing, short sleeve shirt, and no pantyhose. They do a wide variety of testings for diabetes, bone density, high cholesterol and elevated liver enzyme testing. The package screening, which involves a multitude of different screenings, will require up to 12 hours of fasting also.

They fully believe that early detection and the identification of risk factors can increase the overall health of each patient. The data that is compiled through their screenings are given to each patient so they can further assess their needs if preferred.

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