Bruce Levenson and Former Hawks Ownership Group Sue Insurer

The New Hampshire Insurance Company is being sued by the former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks National Basketball League franchise. The former ownership group is headed by Bruce Levenson. Levenson is in the position of its controlling partner.

The lawsuit is based upon a contention that the insurance company breached the terms and conditions of an insurance policy. Specifically, the former ownership group argues that New Hampshire Insurance Company breached the policy as to settlement of certain claims made by the Hawk’s former general manager, Danny Perry.

Beyond the breach of contract allegation put forth in the lawsuit, there is an allegation that the insurer has engaged in bad faith insurance settlement practices.

The former ownership group headed by Levenson seeks the payment of policy limits in the lawsuit. The group also has made demand for an additional 50 percent penalty from the insurance company. In addition, the former ownership group is seeking to have the defendant in the case reimburse attorney fees and other costs associated with the litigation.

Levenson is a business person with a broad background. According to Forbes Magazine, in addition to his participation with the Atlanta Hawks in the past, Levenson is one of the founders of United Communications Group. That business venture was founded in the 1970s by Levenson with a business partner.

Levenson is a founding board member of a business enterprise in the IT media industry. The business is called TechTarget. It is a publicly traded company. He also has served as an adviser for a BIA Digital Partners. That company is classified as a private equity firm.

Levenson is active in a considerable array of various types of philanthropic organizations and activities. These include the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. He also has been heavily involved in the Hoop Dreams Foundation for an extended period of time.


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