Kate Hudson’s Athleisure Dresses is a Smart Wardrobe Choice for Women

Fabletics was co-founded in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is a Hollywood actress that is often seen as the face of the Fabletics line. Fabletics specializes in the sale of women’s sportswear and accessories. They primarily market to their customers online but they have brick-and-mortar locations in select cities across the United States.

Kate Hudson has helped to create appealing clothing for women within the Fabletics line of sportswear. One product that she has been promoting lately is her athleisure dresses that are becoming very popular with her clients.

Hudson designed these dresses to be functional, flexible and stylish. A person can literally work out in the dresses (though they were not made for that purpose) and then go out on a date. The dresses are easy to put on and a female can walk around them without any worry or concern.

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Fabletics athleisure dress designers have even created the pieces to be worn without a bra. This is because the cups on the front part of the dress firm enough to support a woman. The feature is well appreciated by many women who sported this outfit because it gives them a sense of freedom. They do not have to be restricted by the way a bra feels on their chest.

One of the best things about the athleisure dress is its style. Hudson and her design team made the dress fancy enough to be worn out for a night on the town and simple enough for a casual business meeting. The average woman can wear this type of dress to a party, the movies, a concert or a nice romantic dinner in an upscale restaurant.

The material is made out of the same materials that are used for sports gear. Sports material is usually flexible to accommodate movement and it absorbs sweat. Athleisure dresses are the same. However, they do not have a shoddy quality about them. Hudson and her team really made these dresses to be an appealing clothing item for women to have in their closet. You can find out more about Kate Hudson’s athleisure dress at Marie Claire or on the Fabletics website.

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Emily’s Hair Needs Help, So She Tests WEN No-Poo System for Bounce and Shine

Popular LA stylist Chaz Dean is proud to say he has not used a lather shampoo on his hair or his celebrity clientele’s tresses since 1993. That is how strongly he believes in his amazing WEN no-shampoo system. His method has revolutionized the way women and men care for their hair, because his cleansing conditioners feature only natural, botanical ingredients.

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Regular shampoos from sephora drugstores feature harsh detergents that weaken the hair. WEN’s system delivers body, shine and strength for any hair type found on the planet. It’s a one-bottle system that cleanses, conditions, de-tangles and restores hair back to natural beauty.

Bustle.com beauty contributor Emily McClure had heard all about the WEN system and was hoping she could finally try the unique, no-poo method to help her fine, greasy, unruly hair. She took a 7-day hair challenge and kept a daily hair diary with selfies for her readers.

Emily admits to being a nighttime shower person, but because of the WEN challenge, she decided on a daily AM Wen hair cleanse. Right away, she notice thicker, softer hair when washing with the cleansing conditioner. After she blow-dried and styled her hair, Emily’s hair looked gorgeous, as her selfies indicate. The WEN was returning the shine and manageability to her naturally limp tresses. Even her friends remarked about her glossy hair one evening when she met up with them for drinks.

As long as Emily maintained a daily cleanse with WEN, her hair adapted to the no-poo method and performed nicely. Emily admits that if you don’t stick to the routine, your hair will fall flat and get greasy quickly. She tried the WEN cleanse at night and woke up to flat locks. Another time, she skipped the AM wash, and her hair was unruly and oily. She was surprised.

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