Equities First Holdings- GC Report

Equities First Holdings is a company supporting the investors by providing a fast and affordable loan. The company nurtures the young business minds into significant ventures. People learn how to utilize the available resources to make use of the business opportunities as they arise. The company started in the year 2002 in Indianapolis by Al Christy Jr, the President.

Equities First Holdings is a response to the changing market finance. Investors were undergoing through a tough time of having debts. The company offers cash to help solve short-term financial instabilities. The firm involves people with a vision of expanding their net worth. The money given out can help start up some new ventures and grow the existing ones into large businesses.

Equities First Holdings cross borders into various nations like the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Sydney, and China. The credit given out is dependent on the performance of shares and stocks in the market.

The Great Man Behind Davos Financial Group of Companies

The competition for financial advisors is becoming stiff. Investors want high return on their investments while minimizing their risk. Investors should be wary of the advisor that they choose. Failure to choose the right advisor will dramatically result in heavy investment losses.

Credibility is the foremost factor that should be considered when looking for a financial advisor. And David Osio is an advisor whom you can trust. He has the credentials, strong experience and proven track record in providing financial advice. A man with many talents, his whole life has been trained and devoted to this kind of job.

From humble beginnings, David finished his Law degree from Catholic University Andres Bello, a foremost university in Latin America and Venezuela. Then in 1999, he got his advanced management program at Institute of Estudios Superiores de Administracion (IESA) in International Banking Law. He can speak both English and Spanish fluently. He also has a basic knowledge of French.

In 1984, David joined MGO in Caracas, a prestigious law firm. He became a legal advisor and handled corporate clients such as Consolidated Bank. This job gave him the experience that will later on help him in founding his own financial advisory company.

He became the vice president of Commercial Banking at Banco Latino Internacional from 1989 – 1993. Then he decided to do something better so he put up his own company. Confident and equipped with his strong experience in the finance industry, he founded Davos Financial Group of Companies in 1993. He became the company’s first CEO until today.

His company reflects his expertise in giving financial advisory services. His long years of extensive experience as VP of Commercial banking to one of the most prestigious international banks makes him more than qualified to provide financial advice.

For more than a decade, his company has provided financial advisory services successfully to its clients. They are individuals, private and public corporations and government entities. The company creates investments portfolios following the requirement of its clients. David makes sure that the interests of his clients are well-taken care of first before the company’s own interest.

David Osio is very active in supporting non-profit organizations. He was a member of the board of Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) and he supported other foundations both at home and abroad. Thanks to his superior management skills he has brought international recognition of his company, including the Medal of Honor of the United States.

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Sanjay Shah’s Passion for Business and Family

With the financing world on edge, people are now looking for trustworthy places to find new opportunities for investment that will promise a low risk liability in addition to a high rate of return on investment. With potential investors looking for new investment firms, one firm in particular has set itself apart from other investment firms. This company is called Solo Capital and is an alternative investment that is currently located in London. The CEO and founder of this firm is Sanjay Shah who has put more than hard work into building this successful company. As an individual who was affected by the 2008 financial crisis, Mr. Shah had to start from scratch in order to build a business of his own despite his unemployment. Solo Capital has been turned into a global boutique that has made many significant and positive changes to the investment industry ever since it was created.

Along with Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah has shown the public his many hobbies that he likes to do with his family. As his son has been diagnosed with autism, Sanjay Shah has become a dedicated father who has started a new organization called Autism Rocks. This particular organization embraces the diagnosis rather than fears it. With this non-profit, Mr. Shah has no interest in curing his son of autism, but instead wants to raise money to further research in order to understand how autism works. This research will not only better the relationship between Mr. Shah and his son, but will also be useful for other parents.

What makes this organization special for Mr. Shah is the fact that it has actually brought his family close together. Due to the fact that he, is wife, and his son all share a love for music, Mr. Shah has centered this organization around many events that are hosted in London. With the help of some global celebrities, Sanjay Shah has been able to raise not only funds, but also awareness of autism. Mr. Shah wants to further research for not only his son, but also for future families with autistic children.


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