Anil Chaturvedi Applauds Make in India Initiatives

Anil Chaturvedi continues to provide perspective and insight into the various cultural and financial dynamics that would increase the efficiency and effectiveness of banking institutions and corporate organizations in the Indian business market to apply the new Make in India initiatives that are continuing to gain steam and popularity. Anil Chaturvedi has been on the front lines of the Indian market expansion process into the US, Europe, and Asia with various high-level banking leadership positions within some of the world’s biggest and most respected financial institutions. The Indian market is an untapped resource that has not been fully integrated into the global paradigm of successful consumer markets but is continuing to provide the necessary infrastructural insight and investment dynamics to propel the country into a thriving industrial consumer base. In fact, Anil Chaturvedi applauds the Make in India initiative that the country has developed as an intellectual construct that will help to eliminate risk and challenges within the Indian market. The tremendous opportunities for investment in India will require intellectual patience, corporate leadership, and guidance to overcome the challenges in the market and truly capitalize on the opportunities within the country to generate high rates of return on investment. E-commerce will play a major part in the advancement of the Indian consumer expansion with the likes of global e-commerce conglomerate Amazon, who has recently invested heavily in the Indian landscape with more than 50 strategic logistics centers in the country. The retail market in India is very unstructured and unorganized and will require continued investment in retail infrastructure and corporate guidance to strategically provide corporations with blueprints for continued success in both e-commerce and retail marketing. India has the purchasing power that is equal to the European and the United States markets with over half a billion in population and continued increases in the standard of living within the country. Anil Chaturvedi is continuing to provide a valuable perspective from a banking point of view that will allow investors to understand the complexities of the Indian market and the Make in India initiatives to develop strategies to penetrate and reap the rewards of this developing market.

What is Investment Banking?

Unlike a conventional bank, an investment bank handles risky and bigger projects. Proprietary trading is one of the things investment banking helps with. This involves buying stocks and other financial instruments on behalf of customers in a bid to make profit. An investment bank also launches new products and offers insurance for bonds. Due to the risk potential of the activities carried out by an investment bank, it has not been possible to merge conventional banks with investment banks.

Sales and trading
The primary function of an investment bank is to sell and buy financial products on behalf of its clients. Clients buy financial products in order to make money in every trade. Therefore, investment banks have a sales force, whose objective is to contact institutions and investors to inform them about trading ideas and accept orders issued by other traders. The team also discusses pricing and calculates potential earnings from a sale or buy. These are strategists, who are also tasked with offering advice to external observers who are willing to venture into a market.

Risk management
This involves preparing analyses of the market regarding the credit risk to clients into their balance after certain transactions. The risk is focused on market activity such as bond issuance, loan syndication and restructuring. Investment banking professionals like Martin Lustgarten who work on risk management conduct a review of trading activities and sales using the VaR model to come up with hedge-fund solutions.

About Martin Lustgarten
Martin Lustgarten is a renowned business professional, who works as a professional financial analyst and investment banking assistant to various companies and individuals. Martin offers advice regarding securities and helps investors to understand when to sell or buy securities. He is a key expert in the stock markets as he holds exceptional skills that are useful in providing analyses and predictions useful to traders.

He is an investment expert in every field, so anyone looking to run a profitable business should seek his counsel before entering the market. He keeps a diverse portfolio that highlights his successes and contributions in the achievements of major companies and businesses. Follow Lustgarten on Instagram @mlustgarten to keep up with his life.

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