Seven Day Journey with WEN By Chaz

Emily Mcclure, fashion & beauty blogger, had a long day running errands and desperately needed to wash her hair. She decided to experiment with popular all-in-one hair cleansing conditioner called WEN By Chaz. Emily opted for the sephora marketed Fig conditioner, because it promises to help obtain moisture, bounce and shine. She documented the results after each use for seven days. The article was originally featured on
She was a bit doubtful due to the amount of product recommended to use in the instructions. In spite of this, day 1 rendered awesome results. Emily’s hair instantly felt thicker and shiny. The following morning, her roots were already greasy and she did not have time to shower. To her dismay, her hair was was flat also, but was able to retrieve its luster. Emily loved the ending results on day 3. She also mixed WEN with other styling products, and it was an overall success. The next day was a bad hair day, due to Emily not having time to wash her hair on this particular morning. Day 5, Emily washed her strands and also had time to curl it. She was happy with the results and had more confidence as opposed to days prior. Emily bagan to become acclimated to this routine with WEN on the sixth day. On the last day of her experiment, Emily experienced wonderful results. She would use the product again, especially when she desires more shine and volume. conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

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WEN By Chaz is a hair care line, formulated for any hair type. It was created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. His products are all natural and environmentally safe. He sells his products on guthy-Renker.

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