Don Ressler Steers TechStyle to Greater Heights

With the launch of TechStyle Fashion Group, JustFab revealed its new corporate identity. TechStyle maintains its original roots in technology while evolving from an online subscription platform to a global brand. Through its brands, FabKids, JustFab, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle, TechStyle Fashion Group have over 4 million VIP members.

TechStyle embraces the data-driven marketing strategies to extend its addressable market. For the past three years, TechStyle’s membership has risen to over 10 million. Don Ressler, the co-founder of TechStyle envisions to transforming the shopping experience by offering on-trend fashion at incredible prices. Over time, TechStyle has evolved from a brand-building to a data-driven and personalization enterprise. By managing the entire business cycle on, TechStyle has taken over the fashion industry. Techstyle’s new corporate identity succeeds a growth strategy demonstrated over the last six years. In fact, the firm has become one of the leading online fashion retailers, which has its design, manufacturing, and distribution models. Through merchandizing and subscription, TechStyle Fashion Group is estimated to surpass its targeted $650 million in net revenue by close of 2016.

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Funding history of TechStyle Fashion Group

In 2013, TechStyle Fashion Group raised a second round of funding, raising $85 million from Technology Crossover Ventures, Shining Capital, and Matrix Partners. The funding brought the total capitalization to $250 million. Since the evaluation was quite impressive, many investors became interested in investing in TechStyle Fashion Group. Speaking during the launch of TechStyle, Don Ressler noted that the consolidated financial performance would be instrumental in negotiating better deals with investors and suppliers. Furthermore, the firm would be able to invest in additional ventures to support growth and expansion. Besides, TechStyle intends to launch a West Coast distribution channel to extend its addressable market according to Don Ressler. TechStyle’s investors look at a possibility of building a global brand worth of $3 billion.

Why is TechStyle located in El Segundo?

Although TechStyle may have been founded in El Segundo by accident, its stay is purposeful. After a brainstorming session in a living room in Manhattan Beach, Don Ressler and his business partner, Adam Goldenberg landed on the idea of forming JustFab, an online subscription fashion retailer. After successful two years, Ressler and Goldenberg decided to expand their services out of South Bay area. As a result, they relocated to El Segundo as it was near an international airport, close to a beach, and with a spacious yard ideal for expansion.

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Kate Hudson’s Breast Cancer Awareness Partnership and Fabletics Merch

Kate Hudson – mother, actress, athleisure wear designer, and health enthusiast – has partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, having agreed to become this year’s ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. She has designed a capsule collection of clothing to support the cause as well under her three-year old design company, Fabletics. The collection will include capri leggings, two tank tops, and a bralette.

Hudson is enthusiastic about the partnership, and about the capsule collection of Fabletics she designed in celebration. She states that she especially wanted to create something women would want to actually wear, not just to buy for the sake of a worthy cause. She placed particular focus on the shades of pink chosen; no pastel baby shades here – bolder, deeper fuchsias instead.

“Everyone knows someone that has been diagnosed with breast cancer,” Ms. Hudson points out. “When you think about it, it’s very scary, but we’ve come so far… We’ve got more and more survivors, but it’s something that’s still very much a part of our lives.” As an expression of solidarity with women, she has dedicated a portion of her time and her business to fighting back against this insidious disease that continues to affect the lives of so many women we all know and love.

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It’s interesting that Ms. Hudson’s chosen field in fashion of Fabletics, athletic wear for women, has recently enjoyed a surge of interest and is ‘on-trend’ as they say. Even such high-end collections as Versace and Vetements are getting in on it now, with athletic wear on offer. Kate Hudson was early in on this field, and her line is well-designed and well-thought of by her clientele. She states that her leggings in particular do very well, with a very high percentage of repeat customers.

Coming soon: the brand’s first high-waisted leggings, which Kate says are great for anyone who’s had children, or maybe not had children but just prefers to have that support. And maybe especially in pink.

Learn more about Fabletics:

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Fabletics Will Open Its Own Stores Soon

Fabletics has been one of the biggest fashion brands on the rise, and it is helping people make sure that they look great even if they are running out the door. It was started by Kate Hudson because she has no time to sit around and work on her clothing. She has to toss her clothes on and leave the house. She is far too busy to spend her time wondering how she is going to get dressed in the morning, and that is where Fabletics came from.

Fabletics is a big company now that has a big online catalog, but they also want to be sure that they have given their customers a chance to order in a real store. They plan to open about 100 stores in America that will have more of the same athleisure they already offer. It is something that makes life very easy for the woman who is busy, and it is something that makes the woman look good even though she has absolutely no time to fuss with her clothing.

Fussing with clothes wastes time in the morning that women do not have, and it is also possible that women can change out of their Fabletics into other clothes during the day. They can make a big change to the way that they look, and they need to be sure that they have bought from Fabletics because they have all the interchangeable pieces that are needed.

The clothes work with anything, and that means that a woman can accessorize without even thinking. She can pair up her clothes easily, and she will not have to worry about how she looks. The clothes always work no matter what the day will bring.

There are many women who will look great because they have spent their time looking at Fabletics as a real option for their daily clothes. They will look much better because they have chosen to wear something chic, and they will change out of the clothes easily. Every person who needs a much better wardrobe should go with Fabletics and their new stories.

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