Sheldon Lavin Globalizes OSI Group Through His Leadership Skills

Sheldon Lavin is the current CEO and chairman of the OSI Group. OSI Group is a privately owned firm that deals with, meat processing distribution, its headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin has been involved in the meat processing industry for 47 years after making a career change from being an investment banker and starting his own financial consolation business .Under his leadership OSI Group has overcome challenges over the years to become the largest meat distribution and processing company in the food industry across Europe and North America.

The journey of Lavin’s career

His career in OSI started in 1970 when he was approached to head over the new era for the company. Otto and Sons the previous predecessors of the company were in need of fresh management and funding to see the growth of the company and Sheldon Lavin was the man tasked with that job. In his quest for a bigger slice of the meat processing pie, Sheldon Lavin went oversees to find investment.OSI Group saw a huge turn around in profits over the years and in 1975 McDonalds asked Lavin to join in full -time so that his vision of the company would be achieved.

His contribution

Sheldon Lavin is current head of the company board, a helm he took over after the remaining partner decided to sell out his shares to him, making Lavin the sole owner. Presently the company has seen its presence grow in North America, Europe, South Africa and Taiwan, 17 outlets in 70 countries; Lavin still maintains that he still sees an expansion of the company in Australia, India, China and Japan. OSI and the McDonalds business have received global recognition are largest protein suppliers in the world .Lavin is involved in various charities and a well present participant at Ronald McDonald House Charities.A trademark charity organization for McDonalds.

The conclusion

In February 20, 2016, Lavin was a receiver of the honorary award for Global Visionary in India a ceremony attended by global heads of companies in Europe. The Award was founded to recognize instrumental individuals in different sectors. Usually, these individuals have achieved their dreams through resilience and perseverance. The award was bestowed on him for his tremendous effort in the growth of the OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin’s leadership is at its peak and the OSI Group in partnership with McDonalds is still on course to accomplish more achievements

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The Details Of Jay Z’s Partnership With Live Nation As Their Deal Ends

Almost ten year’s ago musician Jay Z signed a deal with Live Nation that was for $150 million. It is now coming to a close and going forward Live Nation is only interested in continuing the live performance part of his business. Due to this, Jay Z and one of the top executives at his company Roc Nation, Desiree Perez, are sounding out other top players in the music industry about a deal involving his recorded music business.

The deal that they signed is called a “360 deal”. This means that when the contract is up each party has two options; either selling their share to the other party or buying Roc Nation in its entirety. There is no talk of the deal between Roc Nation and Live Nation being extended.

Recently Jay Z and Desiree Perez had a visit with Sir Lucian Grainge who is the top executive at Universal Music Group. This generated rumors that Universal Music Group could be interested in buying a share of Roc Nation. If this bears fruition it will give Roc Nation the resources to bring in new musicians to work with and promote.

Desiree Perez has worked with Jay Z for many years. She is now the chief operating officer of Roc Nation. She is responsible for handling negotiations with artists and businesses in support of Roc Nation. She is also very good at working numbers and mentally putting together business packages. One of her accomplishments was negotiating the details of Rihanna and Samsung’s deal. She has had her position at Roc Nation since 2009.

Beyond her role at Roc Nation, Desiree Perez has also been in the entertainment industry in other ways. One of these ways was in the movie “Change: The LifeParticle Effect” which came out in 2013. In this documentary she had the opportunity to play herself.

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Desiree Perez, ROC Nation’s Stalwart

Desiree Perez is one of the primary forces behind Shawn Carter, Jay-Z’s growing empire. As an executive for ROC Nation, she helps negotiate the financial moves Mr. Carter makes. She has worked alongside him for the past 22 years. It’s obvious by their long standing, that Jay-Z trusts Desiree Perez explicitly. She also negotiates contracts for other artists. A few of the artists on her roster include Rihanna, Big Sean and Shakira.

Desiree Perez is the CEO of ROC Nation, a giant limited liability company that produces music, manages songwriters and recording artists, publishes music and promotes concerts and tours. Another one of their focuses is brand management and brand promotion. This full-service company insures their artists get the best contracts and they do so with the respect of other industry leaders. Desiree Perez can frequently be found negotiating successfully with top names in the music business.

ROC Nation’s music business is the most commonly associated with Jay-Z, but a division of his company, ROC Nation Sports, which is headed by Desiree’s husband, Juan Perez is also thriving. Jay-Z is part owner of the Brooklyn Nets, an NBA team which ESPN ranks as number 18 in the NBA in 2017. Juan oversees the management and contract negotiations for sports celebrities like boxing greats, Miguel Cotto and Andre Ward; football players, Ndamukong Suh and Geno Smith; and baseball’s Yoenis Cespedes and CC Sabathia.

Desiree Perez helped put together the 10 year partnership ROC Nation had with Live Nation in 2008. Now that the contract is about to end, it is believed, while Live Nation no longer wishes to exit the recording side of the business, they still want to continue their work in the area of touring. As of today, the contact is yet to be negotiated and signed.

Desiree has built a commendable reputation in an industry dominated by men. Still, she has established a name for herself. She is known for her steady focus, heart, compassion and negotiating prowess. After more than two decades in the extremely competitive music industry, she has emerged a fighter with many wins under her belt. She has successfully guided many top artists in their careers. She has produced and managed many top events for those same artists. Still, her crowning achievement is her contributing in keeping Jay-Z’s ROC Nation among the top companies in the music industry. She does this because she is uniquely qualified with the right combination of traits, strength, determination, intelligence, creativity and shrewdness.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Was Destined To Be At The Helm Of Bradesco

A company can be likened to the human body. There are numerous systems and parts that need to work harmoniously for it to be healthy. A company’s leadership plays an integral role that can be likened to that played by the head in the human body. The leadership is the main decision making organ and provides the company with direction. Just as the body cannot survive without the head, a company cannot thrive without effective leadership. Few companies have exemplified this concept as clearly as Brazilian bank, Bradesco.

The company has consistently selected leaders that have grown the bank to become one of the largest financial institutions in South America. The bank’s current president is Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who has built on the strong performance culture initiated by his predecessors to make Bradesco the second largest private bank in Brazil.

Looking back now, it almost seems like Luiz Carlos Trabuco was destined to become the president at Bradesco. He was born in the same city where the bank was founded, Marilia and first joined the bank at the age of 18. While his first position at the bank was only that of a clerk, he quickly grew up the ranks, rising to become a marketing director only 15 years later. Again, three decades after joining the bank, he was deemed qualified enough to be named executive vice president of the bank’s insurance division, Bradesco Seguros. Only four years later, he would impress enough to be named the insurance company’s president.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s time at the helm of Bradesco Seguros is arguably the most definitive in his executive career. While many at the bank knew him to be a man of results, his performance at the insurance company is what announced him to the banking industry. His strategy to expand the insurance company’s agent network paid off immediately as the bank he was able to grow the amount of insurance premiums held by the bank in the market from 23 percent in 2003 to about 25 percent in 2009. Additionally, he also grew the division’s overall contribution to the Bradesco group, an undertaking that very important given the challenges that hit the global financial sector in 2008 and 2009. His efforts to grow Bradesco Seguros twice won him the insurance personality of the year award.

In 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco became only the fourth man to be named the president of Bradesco. He was faced with the immediate challenge of safely guiding the bank through the financial crisis that was afflicting Brazil and much of the world at the time. Additionally, just a year prior, Bradesco had been overtaken as the largest private banker in the country by Itau Unibanco. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was not fazed and did what he had always been accustomed to doing: succeeding. He began an aggressive campaign to take back market dominance by expanding the bank’s branch network. Thus far, his endeavors have been partly successful as Bradesco has overtaken Itau on some industry metrics, including the number of customers and branch network.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s chief area of study is philosophy, receiving his undergraduate education at the University of Sao Paulo. He also holds a master’s degree in Socio-Psychology awarded by the Fundacao School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo. With his background in philosophy, it is unsurprising that Luiz Carlos Trabuco has such a strong passion for nurturing leadership. Among his earliest moves after taking over as president at Bradesco was setting up a leadership university. Through the institution, he has been able to make many of the bank’s executives better leaders and, by extension, better individuals

Bob Reina: It Is Time To Start Over

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Bob Reina has inspired people, and he does so every single day, which is no small feat. Learn more:

Sheldon Lavin’s Story Behind Winning The Global Visionary Award

Every year the Global Vision Academy nominates someone as winner of their Global Visionary Award, particularly for following through on a vision they had to start a business. In 2016 the honorary recipient of this award happened to be Sheldon Lavin, the owner and CEO of Chicago-based OSI Group. Lavin won the award because he had entered into a field that he originally had no intention of entering into, and then took a company from being only a domestic meat processing plant holding company into a worldwide distributor work billions of dollars. Lavin is 81 years old but has said he enjoys the company so much he doesn’t plan on stepping down just yet.

Sheldon Lavin is from a Jewish American family and found his first interest in investing and finance. He managed accounts for several well-known banks before becoming a private consultant for several companies, and it was while doing this that he met the sons of Otto Kolschowsky who currently ran the family company known as Otto & Sons.

Sheldon Lavin initially served as a Part-Time Finance Manager for Otto & Sons guiding them in different investment strategies, but soon the Kolschowsky sons wanted him to become company CEO. Lavin at first declined because he believed sticking strictly to finance was his best option. But in time he reconsidered the offer and soon believed he could do something good to the company.

In the mid 1970s the Kolschowsky sons retired and sold their ownership shares to Lavin who then took over along with current President David McDonald. Lavin soon renamed Otto & Sons to OSI Industries, and soon the company was opening and buying more factories to produce products for McDonalds and other partners they later joined with. Today OSI Group owns processing plants in 17 different countries and is listed as the 10th largest meat processing plant. In addition to the Global Visionary award, Lavin has won awards for his philanthropy which involves many charity organizations such as Inner City of Chicago Foundation, Boys & Girls Club, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Ronald McDonald House Charities.