George Soros Backs Hilary Clinton For The Presidency

The battle to be the U.S. President in 2016 has dragged many well known faces into the race, but behind the scenes the growing number of supporters for Hilary Clinton have been joined by the financial muscle of George Soros. Politico is reporting the hedge fund manager has provided around $8 million for two Clinton supporting Super-PAC’s to use in a bid to initially grant the former Secretary of State the Democratic nomination; for the Hungarian born and London educated financial expert this marks his return to the U.S. political scene he has remained isolated from since 2008.
Forbes billionaire George Soros has been a major figure in the politics of the world since the mid 1980s when he formed his Open Society Foundations group in a bid to fight the South African Apartheid regime. Since the initial movement towards political choices taken through the Open Society Foundations George Soros has been an important figure in politics from Eastern Europe to the U.S. In the U.S. Soros took his first steps into politics in his support of the Democratic party in 2004 when he provided financial backing for the candidate hoping to unseat President George W. Bush from the Oval Office.

In recent years George Soros has largely removed himself from the U.S. political scene after he expressed his unhappiness over the Presidency of Barrack Obama. Soros provided financial backing for Obama in 2008 over his current chosen nominee Hilary Clinton; in recent weeks Soros has explained his thoughts that he made the wrong decision in 2008 and should have thrown his support behind the former First Lady. In 2012, the reelection campaign of Barrack Obama was only given a $1 million donation from Soros as the hedge fund billionaire showed his unhappiness with the President.

The 2016 Presidential fight looks set to be a chance for George Soros to change the Democratic race by allowing him the chance to provide a large level of support for the Clinton campaign. So far George Soros has provided $8 million in donations for Clinton supporting Super-PAC’s, including his latest $6 million check for her main Super-PAC supporters.