Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina was born in 1950 in Tanzania. From a young age, Sachedina has known he wanted to help people. Healthcare seemed like the perfect field for him to help as many people as possible.

Sachedina is an experienced, and qualified dental surgeon. He obtained his degree in dentistry at the University of London. Early in his career, he gained an exceptional reputation in the health field due to his quality dental services. With this reputation, he began to get connections to create things to better people’s lives.

The first step was his role on the board of the Institute of Ismaili Studies. The Institute of Ismaili Studies promotes learning of Muslim culture, history, society, and faith. The main purpose is to preserve the Ismaili culture. Here, Sachedina was able to heighten his leadership and management skills. This would prove helpful later in his life.

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Currently, Shafik Sachedina is a Joint chairman at Sussex Healthcare. Sussex Healthcare is an independent company with a focus on care homes which provide care for older individuals. The company has helped so many people to live a better life than before. Under Shafik Sachedina’s leadership, Sussex Healthcare has received multiple awards from professional healthcare institutions for their philanthropic work.

Recently, Sachedina and his team completed a gym for the use of Sussex communities. People with mental disabilities and other special disorders will have equipment at the gym specially built to fit their needs. This will provide a group of people who were formally in the shadow of the gym community to be able to finally participate.

Clearly, Shafik Sachedina is a selfless individual who focusses on helping others. Both advisor roles he has participated in are focussed on a cause bigger than himself. He now is one of the top dental surgeons in Europe and a key proprietor to positive change in the world.

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Adam Milstein and Family Help to Raise Awareness to the Jewish Community

The Israeli and part American philanthropist, Adam Milstein is a well established real estate investor that loves to give back to the Jewish community. He and his wife Gila started a foundation in the year 2000 to help the Jewish community become more aware of the things that could support the community better.

Born in Israel, Haifa, Adam Milstein is the oldest son of Eva and Hillel Mistein. Hillel is a prime real estate developer whose mother moved to Israel in 1949 from Mexico. His father, Hillel moved to Israel from Argentina in 1948 when he was 19. He played a part in the Israel’s independence war working as the combat sailor and they married in 1950. Adam was their first born son. During the early years of his life, Adam spent his time in Kiryat Motzkin. He has two younger siblings, Dalit and Joshua.

In the year 1971, Adam was demanded to participate in the Israel Defense forces. His service was mandatory and he served while the Yom Kippur War went on in 1973. He went on to fight on the Egyptian front under the direction of General Ariel Sharon and he then participated in the Suez Canal crossing. Adam Milstein went on to enroll at the Technion. He then went on to graduate with his bachelors in science degree within business and economics in 78. While he continued on in his higher educational years, Adam and Hillel expanded the real estate construction as well as development of the business.

Adam Milstein went on to marry Gila Elgrably in Haifa, Israel in 1974. The family then moved to the United States in 1981. Adam went on to receive his masters in business administration from the Southern California University. After that, he went on to begin working in commercial real estate.

In the year 2000, Adam and his wife formed the Milstein Family Foundation. The group or organization sponsors the ongoing education for the students and young professionals to help them relate to their Jewish roots. It helps them to connect to the Israel State and to help them to find their inner Jewish pride. It also helps to teach them the facts they need to know to advocate further for the Jewish community.

Paul Mampilly the Investment Guru and Financial Expert.

Paul Mampilly is an investor, entrepreneur and an author based in the USA. He is the chief executive officer of Profits limited where he works as the manager and head editor. Paul is also a senior author and editor at True Momentum and Extreme fortunes at Banyan hill publishing, where he publishes a weekly column for the company’s newsletter. With the vast experience of over 25 years in the investment sector, Paul has shared his knowledge in investing and stock markets and spent a considerable part of his life advising and guiding clients to stocks whose profits shoot high.

Paul Mampilly was born in India, but at the age of 18, he moved to the United States of America where he did his undergraduate and postgraduate studies. He is a renowned scholar and holds pride in education as it is evident he has used his MBA, to venture into entrepreneurship, investment and the finance sector. He attended Montclair State University, New Jersey where he graduated with a degree in finance and accounting. Paul has also studied economics and financial engineering. He later on enrolled for a master’s degree in Fordham University Gabelli School of business, where he graduated with an MBA.

His career journey commenced in 1991 at Bankers Trust where he served as the portfolio manager. He also worked at the Deutsche asset management as a financial analyst and also worked at different managerial positions at Deutsche. He, later on, worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland as the finance manager. In 2003, he founded Capuchin group where he worked as the manager, editor, and publisher. He was, later on, appointed as the managing director at the Kinetic Asset Management LLC. He has also worked at the Stanberry Research LLC, as an editor for about ten months.

Paul has been involved in several philanthropic ways, and he has donated funds to several charitable programs and organizations. Some of the groups he has funded include; Coalition for the Homeless, Junior Achievement of New York, Big Brother Big Sisters and the International Center of New York. He has also greatly influenced and supported education. Mampilly professional career life is impressive, and everybody who has worked with him looks up to him as their mentor.

As an investment expert, he has been featured in fox business news, Reuters, Bloomberg, Hedge fund intelligence and CNBC. He has published numerous based on investments. In 2008 he won the Temptation Foundation investment Competition.

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Bob Reina: It Is Time To Start Over

Bob Reina believes in the power of people starting over in life. He believes it is never too late for someone to start over and get a fresh start in their life. First and foremost, they need to believe in themselves and they need to believe they can do it. Once they start to believe it, other people will believe it as well. That is half the battle in many of these cases. The old adage goes: if you don’t believe in what you are doing and you don’t believe in yourself, why should others? Once they start believing in themselves and putting their plan into action, they will see truly out of this world results. Learn more:


That is the goal and that is the dream Bob Reina has for every single user of Talk Fusion, the video communications provider that is top of the line for video, chat, and data. They don’t get any better than them and they can back it up with two awards from 2016 including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It is a special award, no question, but then again, Talk Fusion is a special company that people really respect, especially Bob Reina. It is hard not to respect all he has done for the company and for other people such as his charitable donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Learn more:


This is in addition to the thirty day free trials the company offers to new customers that want to try out Talk Fusion for the first time and see all it has for the customers. At the end of the day, Bob Reina is a good man, and there are not enough good men out there walking around among us. That is not meant as a simplified statement. It is the truth. Because he is a good man, people see all he is doing and they want to find out how they can do something similar to make the world a better place today than it was yesterday.


Bob Reina has inspired people, and he does so every single day, which is no small feat. Learn more:

The Trajectory of Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert

If you haven’t heard of Louis Chenevert, he was previously at the helm of one of the largest U.S manufacturing enterprises, United Technologies Corporation. Chenevert held the title of Chairman and CEO of this $63 billion industrial conglomerate, a role he occupied from 2010 to 2014. Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who was born in Quebec and earned a bachelor of commerce degree in production management from HEC Montreal, an affiliated Business School of the acclaimed University of Montreal. He is well versed in business management and has held an array of high-level positions throughout his career.

Prior to his role with United Technologies Corporation, Chenevert spent 14 years with General Motors, and during his tenure with the American multinational corporation, he rose to become the production manager for the Ste. Therese, Quebec plant. In 1993, Chenevert joined Pratt and Whitney Canada, an aerospace manufacturer, where he became president of the aircraft engine division in 1999, and ultimately group president and Chief Operating Officer in 2006. So what is the key to success for Louis Chenevert? Chenevert credits “operational focus” as the impetus for his business success; Chenevert looks to drive synergy through reorganization as opposed to acquisition.

So, what is Louis Chenevert doing these days? Well, Goldman, Sachs, and Company have retained him as an advisor for their Merchant Banking Division. In this role, he will be leveraging his experience with United Technologies Corporation to recommend target opportunities in the aerospace and industrial sectors, as well as other businesses. If past success is indicative of his future with Goldman, Sachs, and Company, Chenevert’s advisory role will prove to be a great business decision on the part of the multinational finance company. Chenevert’s passion for business and his keen eye for detail will undoubtedly serve him well in any business endeavor, but for now, he is focused on his future with Goldman Sachs.

A Look at Eduardo Melzer’s Remarkable Entrepreneurial Journey

Eduardo Melzer Sirotsky is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational personalities in the Brazilian corporate scene. Duda, as he prefers to be called, has defied expectations to rise to the topmost echelons of the corporate world. This is attributed to his resilience, discipline, diligence, and down to earth demeanor. He is also known to have a pragmatic approach to business issues, something that has helped him undertake successful business ventures.

From a young age, Duda Melzer harbored the ambition of managing other people’s wealth. The dream has certainly morphed into reality if his success in the corporate world is anything to go by. At the moment, he is the president and chief executive officer at RBS Group. This is a multinational with diverse interests throughout South America. Under Duda, the company has expanded to previously uncharted markets besides recording record earnings. This attests to his judicial and proactive leadership.


According to Globo, Duda believes that upcoming entrepreneurs can only succeed if they get properly mentored. This explains why he has endeavored to mentor upcoming corporate executives since his early days as an entrepreneur. He was a panelist on you with the President, a mentorship program that targets young entrepreneurs. For more details visit Globo.

Through the forum, the upcoming entrepreneurs are advised about pertinent issues in business. Duda gave a keynote address at the forum. Duda is a known transformational leader who always regards long-term business strategy when making corporate decisions. This is what has enabled him to succeed at RBS. When he took over, his first duty was to pinpoint weaknesses and strengths within the setup of the organization.

Thereafter, he worked towards strengthening the weaknesses and fortifying the strengths. Duda is an alumnus of Harvard University and the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. Before being appointed RBS’s CEO, he had successful stints at several firms including Delphi and Boxtop. His experience will definitely help RBS to tighten its grip on the Brazilian market.