Ricardo Tosto Takes His Law Firm to New Heights

Prominent Brazilian lawyer Ricardo Tosto and his law firm, Milk, Tosto & Barros are renowned for their expertise in handling highly complex and high-value litigation. Their fame is not restricted to Brazil with even international clientele swearing by the efficacy of Ricardo Tosto and his colleagues.

Apart from corporate litigation Ricardo Tosto and his firm are past masters at handling mass litigation, something that is endemic in Brazil. This has enabled firm to gain expertise in fiscal and labor matters. That apart the firm also specializes in banking, corporate and merger & acquisition services particularly in the field of infrastructure.

Ricardo Tosto is the most renowned of firm’s lawyers and the driving force behind the firm’s super success. Particularly y Ricardo Tosto’s expertise in banking law is extraordinary which makes clients very confident of handing over their highly complex cases to the firm to handle. There are any number of leading honchos from the banking sector who are ever ready to provide glowing testimonials to firm, especially, Ricardo Tosto.

Not only is he an exemplary legal consultant, but his strategic understanding of the judiciary is a very rare ability that Tosto possesses. It is not surprising therefore to discover that Tosto is LACC recommended. Tosto is a law degree holder from the Universidade Presbitreiana Mackenzie, as well as an extension in Business Administration from the reputed Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado.

Tosto;s rise from a small room to one of the largest offices in Brazil is the stuff of legends and has inspired legions of his admirers. Not only did he represent both Brazilian multinational corporates and politicians from across the ideological spectrum, but also governments and even free of charge for non-government organizations.

It is to nobody‚Äôs surprise then that his full services law firm has been listed as one of Brazil’s top ten. Apart from business law, the firm specializes in myriad areas like administrative law, copyright law, labor law, consumer law, property law, banking law and many other areas. If the firm’s services are so highly sought after, it is largely on account of Tosto’s initiative and drive.

Ricardo Tosto Social Media: https://twitter.com/ricardotosto01?lang=pt