Of Men, their Shoes and their Shoemakers

Jack Erwin is a newer men’s italian shoe company that was started by Ariel Nelson and Lane Gerson. Their initial goal starting out was to make a five hundred dollar worth shoe for one hundred dollars and sell it for two hundred dollars.Doing this would result in them having to remove the middleman. It was a challenging undertaking as every shoe needs a last which is a shaper that shapes a shoe properly and fit is really important because approximately thirty to forty percent of people return their shoes due to uncomfortable or improper fit.

Nelson and Gerson started with two thousand and five hundred shoes from a factory in Spain that was at a cost of 275,000 dollars put together from their family and friends. Amazingly their shoes sold out in two months. Currently the Jack Erwin company has twenty-three employees. They have a retail store in Manhattan. Nelson and Gerson claim sales have tripled and hope to make 100 million a year in five years’ time.

Jack Erwin isn’t the only company who have started to cut out the middleman to make a bigger profit and to sell more cost effective shoes to men. The shoe company Beckett Simonon is located in Colombia. This company makes shoes for the Mexico and Brazil market. Awl and Sundry have a different approach by letting their customers customize their shoes on their website.

The company Paul Evans is at the higher end of costs for men’s shoes by selling their shoes at three or four hundred dollars rather than the typical two hundred that shoe companies that cut out the middleman are able to do. They make their shoes in Italian factories where Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo make their shoes.

Although they cost more Paul Evans is still well worth the cost of an Italian shoe for far less than Gucci. All of their shoes are made from the finest calfskin in Naples, Italy. They design and are located primarily in New York though.