Hacks For School With Wengie

Wengie is a woman who enjoys Do It Yourself activities. There are several DIY hacks that will make going to school much easier and a little more organized. One way to keep up with all of the homework that you are assigned along with the club meetings and other important details of school is to make a To Do List from a chalkboard. Add four small sticky notes to the board so that you can write dates and information about the task. Peel off the top note after the task is completed to have a new space to write.


If you’re looking for a way to store all of your notes at home so that they are easy to find, consider using a dish washing rack, Wengie said. The small area where the utensils would go is ideal for markers and pens while the dividers for the plates and bowls can hold folders, small notebooks and papers. Apply tabs to the top of each paper to correspond with the subjects that you are taking to make finding your information easier while the rack sits on a desk.


One of the things that you might notice if you take a physical education course is that your shoes will smell. Put two tea bags in your shoes to help get the odors out of them. This way, the shoes won’t smell up your locker or your book bag when you store the shoes inside after class is over. A dryer sheet also works if you want something with a little scent.

Wengie: Makeup Tips For Any Event

You may have heard of a popular star studded event called Coachella. This musical arts festival features only the most current music but that isn’t the only focus of this beloved even. The fashion is what gets the most attention for this music filled weekend! In a recent article, it showed all of your favorite and most popular celebrities dolled up, in the most fashionable styles at Coachella.

One thing that was notably a trend in the article was that the style and look was very bohemian, very natural. Most of the celebrities wore earth tones or floral print. Makeup was natural, with bold lip colors (mostly red) or brown tones. Some had gems and jewels on their face, or forehead area for added style. One thing is for certain- bolder, thicker brows are back! And don’t forget the arch- that is key to the perfect brow, but it has to be just the right amount. Eyebrows and lip color tends to be the focus of the makeup styles the celebs are rocking.

A popular Australian blogger, Wengie, is most noted for featuring Asian makeup and products on her site that can transform your makeup style. From Kylie Jenner lips to contouring, Wengie is an inspiration to everyone who loves to play around with cosmetics. She has the most popular YouTube channel for Asian beauty in Australia and averages 185,000 visitors per month on her site. Her blogs could help you achieve the bold lip and polished, bohemian looks you may see in the recent Coachella pictures. Go check out her site and get inspired!