Here’s How White Shark Media Improved Communication and Support To Their Clients

Throughout its six year history White Shark Media has helped hundreds of small businesses increase their customer base using the power of various online marketing techniques such as PPC and SEM. During that same time they have also received several complaints from unhappy customers.


Instead of tucking their tales in and running from the complaints, White Shark Media dealt with them head on so they could continue to grow and expand their business. Needless to say this approach has paid off big time and now they are considered one of the top digital marketing agencies in the country.


How White Shark Media Improved Communication and Support


One of the biggest complaints the company has received was centered around communication and the lack of it. Many clients didn’t feel the communication was good enough and as a result grew very frustrated with the agency.


To help deal with communication issues White Shark Media implemented two very important changes.


The first change they made was to start offering scheduled status calls on a monthly basis. Every month the client and SEM strategist will get together via GoToMeeting and discuss the results from the previous 30 days.


The strategist will be able to share their screen with the client which enables them to see exactly what’s going on with their Adwords account. This one change has proven to be very effective as it makes it easy for clients to see if the service is working or not.


The second change they made was installing phone systems with direct extensions. Now, instead of having to call a receptionist clients can contact their strategist directly. This makes for seamless communication and a lot less frustration on the part of the client.


Upon signing up all new clients will receive an email outlining their contact person as well as the persons supervisor.


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