Choosing The Best FreedomLife Insurance Policy

There are two basic types of life insurance that consumers can buy and which product is best depending upon a customer’s personal needs. Both types of policies can be purchased at Freedom Life Insurance and their expert life insurance agents can help determine which policy is best for their needs.

Temporary Life Insurance Policies

People who buy term life insurance typically do so because their needs are often not for a longer-term policy. In fact, most term policy buyers are looking for a life insurance policy for a specific period of time. One of the prime examples of this type of insurance use longer term occurs when a parent decides they want to be insured to cover funds in the event something were to happen to them before their children finished college. In this case, the parent might consider buying a 20-year term life insurance policy

Term insurance policies are also a good alternative for people who are looking for a larger cash value policy but they are living on a limited budget and cannot afford to buy whole life insurance in larger amounts. It should be noted that term life insurance policies are like health insurance policies which are only in effect while the policy is being paid for each month. Coverage of the policy stops once the payments stop unless it’s renewed. Freedom Life Insurance provides complete consultation and information for consumers looking to buy term life insurance policies

Permanent Life Insurance Policies

Permanent life insurance policies are great policies for someone who is looking to have equity in their life insurance policy. These policies serve two purposes. First, they are an insurance policy that has a cash value in the event of death no matter when the insured person passes away. Secondly, permanent life insurance policies also act savings accounts. With each premium paid, part of the portion of the payment builds an actual cash value that can be borrowed against. Accrued policy funds paid can be used for personal financial reasons and can be used to make payments on the life insurance policy when the insured is unable to pay for the policy because of financial duress. This guarantees the policy will remain in effect even during financial hardships.

Freedom Life Insurance company can help customers who are seeking this type of policy to examine different types of permanent life insurance policies to see what type of policy works best. Permanent life insurance policies offer many benefits and while the policy premiums are generally higher than term life insurance policies, the payments never increase for the life of the policy no matter what the insured health’s situation becomes.


Stream Energy Pays Customers Through Referral Program

What Is Stream Energy


Stream Energy has been a leader in the industry since 2004 and founded by Pierre Koshajki and Roy Snyder. They have been able to lead the industry in a transparent network that gives their customers prices they can afford and a trusted network. They’re now spearheaded by Larry Mondry and he continues to work with their customers on a personalized level for what works best for their network of clients. They were able to create their services at a time when they were deregulating services in Dallas as a gas retail firm and energy provider.


What Stream Can Do For Their Customers


Customers of the Stream network have an opportunity to take part in their $1 million real-money giveaway for referrals. When you refer your friends and family members, you have the option of receiving real rewards. However, they want their customers to refer their services as a trusted network provider of sustainable energy. Stream Energy also offers the same opportunity to their associates for referring a position to other sales associates and clients. They have the opportunity to earn a commission and provide the public with a truly renewable energy source.


How Stream Energy Stepped In During Global Warming


There has been inclement weather and storms in the Dallas area leaving many low-income homeowners with the burden of rising energy costs ( They introduce their customers to a green energy program that has proven the effective technology to decrease your energy costs against the threat of global warming. Unfortunately, there have been recording temperatures in Texas as a result of 70+ days of weather above 100 degrees. Their customers are guaranteed to be a part of a trusted network which allows them to save money and combat the threat of global warming.


Jorge Moll MD PHD, Institute for Research and Education

Jorge Moll MD, Ph.D., is a Neuroscience Expert who currently stands as the President Director of the governing board for The D’Or Institute for Research and Education. The Institute for research and education covers a wide variety of health areas from molecular and cell biology to multicentric prospective clinical studies. Jorge is also actively working in the Investigative Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit as a leading Scientist and Contributor.


History and Background


Jorge Moll started out when he graduated from The Federal University of Rio De Janiero Medical School in 1994 moving on to Neurology Residency in the same institution in 1997. Jorge achieved an above and beyond education obtaining a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology. Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sao Paolo. Cognitive Neuroscience Section in Bethesda from 2004 to 2007. These achievements and passions leading up to his head role at the Institute for Research and Education he currently holds today.


Public Documentation


Jorge Moll not only takes personal interests in his studies but also documents his findings to the public to share this information with anyone who takes an interest in understanding Neuroscience and Pathophysiology. Jorge currently has over 89 publications of case studies and findings available to the public for educational, professional and personal use.


Some of his publications and topics include but are not limited to:


  • The Neural Basis of Human Moral Cognition (2005)
  • Morals and the Human Brain: A Working Model (2003)
  • Social Attachment and Aversion in Human Moral Cognition (2009)
  • Emotional and Cognitive Processing in Empathy and Moral Behavior (2002)


All publicized documentation of Jorge Moll and partners can be found in the Google Scholar Directory of Information and Citations each categorized by name and scholar (Scholar.Google).


Jorge Moll is still an active Neuroscience Expert to this day working in the field of understanding of Cognitive Behavior and Human Emotional Intelligence. Although Jorge Moll is based in Brazil he can still be found frequently offering speeches and new intuitive information on leading breakthroughs, scientific discoveries and findings available worldwide.

More about Jorge Moll at

Get Professional Dental with MB2 Dental

Today, many people are focused on their appearance and they’re opting to retain or maintenance their smile with a professional. A MB2 Dental expert is prepared to give you experienced maintenance on the only smile you’ll ever have in this lifetime. They proudly have over 25+ years in the dental profession with great technology to make improving any smile a success. A professional dentist will recommend early dentistry for your child because pediatric dental can protect your child as an adult by decreasing their chances for major dental work in the future. They encourage you to have the confidence to communicate effectively or stand out in face-to-face interactions.

They cater to cowards of all ages in a unique spa dental environment. You get significant personalized dental care to work on all dental issues no matter how big or small. They teach parents and they kids the importance of taking care of their teeth. You can bring smaller kids to their spa dental to learn how to brush and floss after each meal. Their even lucky enough to get a treat after a job well done, but they never tempt your child with sweets. Your child receives an informational dental fact sheet after every visit.

MB2 Dental prepares their patients with a thorough free consultation of all their expected procedures. You’ll be prepared for your visit with expert advice from a dependable technician. They cater to your needs before, during, and after your dental visit with follow-up care.

MB2 Dental Services

– braces traditional/clear

– teeth whitening

– oral cancer screening

– expert technicians

– crowded/space/chipped tooth repair

– tongue scraping

– gum disease

– orthodontist referral

– spa dental

– x-rays

– most insurance accepted

– and more…

They believe you should never sacrifice your smile because of an inability to pay. MB2 Dental offers payment plans allowing their patients to get services today and pay conveniently over time. You can come see a professional for a dental emergency at any income level.

Their superior dental professionals want to grow with your smile. You have the opportunity to have the smile your admire from your favorite celebrity. You’re invited to speak with one of their friendly service professionals about taking a tour of their their unique dental spa. MB2 Dental invites you to a free dental consultation today.

Jeunesse creates innovative package of beauty and skin products

Jeunesse is a rapidly expanding beauty and health product company that has proven to be one of the most popular manufacturers of all-natural nutritional supplements and skin care products today.

Founded in September of 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company has undergone phenomenal growth ever since. Both Ray and Lewis had extensive histories within the beauty and nutrition industries. After trying to retire for the third and final time, the couple decided for the last time that retirement was not for them. They founded Jeunesse not only as a way to keep themselves occupied but also as a means to spread all of the miracles of modern beauty and nutritional science to people across the globe.

Today, Jeunesse Global sells a suite of nine products collectively known as the Youth Enhancement System. This highly innovative suite of beauty and health products was not put together willy nilly. It is the culmination of a design process aimed at creating the most comprehensive health and beauty package on the market today.

Both Ray and Lewis risked millions of dollars of their own money to bring these products to market. Each one has been scientifically designed, some even containing patented molecules that have been synthesized by dermatological research scientists on contract for Jeunesse. The end result is a group of products that, when taken together, have the potential to restore youth’s beauty and vitality to an extent not seen in any other product line. Watch this video on Youtube.

Among the Youth Enhancement System‘s lineup is Nevo, one of the only energy drinks on the market to use 100-percent all-natural fruit juices. Each can of Nevo contains just 50 calories, making it one of the leanest drinks for the taste of any product currently on the market. And Nevo contains caffeine, guarana, yerba mate and green tea extract, all in a proprietary blend that has been shown to increase energy levels while not risking adding extra fat.


Another one of the system’s unique products is M1nd, one of the first available supplements in liquid form that are proven to increase brain function, including markedly improving attention span. Read more about Jeunesse Global at

Adam Milstein and Family Help to Raise Awareness to the Jewish Community

The Israeli and part American philanthropist, Adam Milstein is a well established real estate investor that loves to give back to the Jewish community. He and his wife Gila started a foundation in the year 2000 to help the Jewish community become more aware of the things that could support the community better.

Born in Israel, Haifa, Adam Milstein is the oldest son of Eva and Hillel Mistein. Hillel is a prime real estate developer whose mother moved to Israel in 1949 from Mexico. His father, Hillel moved to Israel from Argentina in 1948 when he was 19. He played a part in the Israel’s independence war working as the combat sailor and they married in 1950. Adam was their first born son. During the early years of his life, Adam spent his time in Kiryat Motzkin. He has two younger siblings, Dalit and Joshua.

In the year 1971, Adam was demanded to participate in the Israel Defense forces. His service was mandatory and he served while the Yom Kippur War went on in 1973. He went on to fight on the Egyptian front under the direction of General Ariel Sharon and he then participated in the Suez Canal crossing. Adam Milstein went on to enroll at the Technion. He then went on to graduate with his bachelors in science degree within business and economics in 78. While he continued on in his higher educational years, Adam and Hillel expanded the real estate construction as well as development of the business.

Adam Milstein went on to marry Gila Elgrably in Haifa, Israel in 1974. The family then moved to the United States in 1981. Adam went on to receive his masters in business administration from the Southern California University. After that, he went on to begin working in commercial real estate.

In the year 2000, Adam and his wife formed the Milstein Family Foundation. The group or organization sponsors the ongoing education for the students and young professionals to help them relate to their Jewish roots. It helps them to connect to the Israel State and to help them to find their inner Jewish pride. It also helps to teach them the facts they need to know to advocate further for the Jewish community.

Rocketship Education: Accelerating Futures

Charter schools each carry their own philosophy on what provides the best learning experience for students. Rocketship Education’s goals are a bit loftier than the average school. Their mission is to create a sustainable program that eliminates the achievement gap within our lifetime. With goals like this, it is going to take a comprehensive plan to reach them. Luckily Rocketship Education has the strategies to match its ambition. They employ several approaches to address the unique needs of the student in underprivileged communities. These techniques include community and parent involvement, family support and child-specific education.

Rocketship Education has been listed in the top 10% of all Califonia schools serving low-income communities since being founded in 2006. It also has expanded to operate 20 schools located in the District of Columbia and three states. Their philosophy of creating a support network for students begins with the school’s direct involvement. When San Jose flooded many students experienced conditions that threaten to destabilize them and make them unable to receive the education they deserve. Concerned for their student’s welfare as well as feeling compelled to alleviate stress on struggling families Rocketship Education sprung to action. They reached out and partnered with local Catholic charities. Together, they were able to raise over $60,000 that was badly needed by families.

By addressing this struggle that underprivileged homes face students were able to return to their studies much faster and their parents were able to remain focus on their child’s success. Rocketship Education believes that the achievement gap can be tackled by not only supporting families but involving parents. When selecting instructors the charter school program focuses on finding teachers with strong backgrounds in key STEM fields. They also make sure that every instructor hired is prepared to go the extra mile for each and every student. In this spirit of dedication and a personal touch, teachers are required to go to student’s homes and meet with their parents. This meeting goes beyond getting to know each other, it is a foundation for the joint effort of ensuring student’s success. Together the teacher and parent can work together to address any difficulties a student may face.

Boraie Development

Atlantic City is set to move forward on a building project that brings 250 new units to a single location and be the biggest project scene in 25 years. The construction is thanks to Boraie Development. To say that this is an exciting opportunity for a community and economy is just a bit of an understatement. This is a type of Real Estate Splash really kickstarts and supports a growing economy for an area.

These 250 market rate apartment units can actually be a jewel in the neighborhood or a trend starter to bring population growth and opportunity to a city. Naturally, one of the best aspects to this project going up is the speed in which residents will be ready to move in. The project plans should take less than a year. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to Patch, many people are excited about this a residence as evidenced by the press releases that indicate the 81 million dollar project is a boom. The The Beach at South Inlet is really all anyone is talking about. The size and timing of this building going up is not the only positive aspect about it. The location is choice to say the least and this cozy little cottage will be nestled between the through ways of Atlantic, Pacific, New Jersey and Connecticut avenues.

The number of people within the community this building’s presence benefits is a little staggering itself. As a matter of fact many experts project the number of community members to prosper from this endeavor to be around 50,000. This is a bit of good news after a historic reign of economic troubles due to casinos built outside of the state. It’s not so much a direct fault as it is a domino effect, as Atlantic City is a tourist town and places to go somewhere else proves bad for business. But, these turbulent times actually serve to right size the city and this new development is just one of the many signs of a comeback. Check out his website

That’s not bad for one companies work, so it’s only appropriate to take a look into Boraie Development. Making transformation such as this is really no big deal for this company and it’s just another day at the office. A good example of this point is the a Aspire project in New Brunswick which is something of a crown jewel for Sam Boraie who just happens to be the company’s founder, business guru and genius. It’s no big deal.

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Sheldon Lavin Globalizes OSI Group Through His Leadership Skills

Sheldon Lavin is the current CEO and chairman of the OSI Group. OSI Group is a privately owned firm that deals with, meat processing distribution, its headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin has been involved in the meat processing industry for 47 years after making a career change from being an investment banker and starting his own financial consolation business .Under his leadership OSI Group has overcome challenges over the years to become the largest meat distribution and processing company in the food industry across Europe and North America.

The journey of Lavin’s career

His career in OSI started in 1970 when he was approached to head over the new era for the company. Otto and Sons the previous predecessors of the company were in need of fresh management and funding to see the growth of the company and Sheldon Lavin was the man tasked with that job. In his quest for a bigger slice of the meat processing pie, Sheldon Lavin went oversees to find investment.OSI Group saw a huge turn around in profits over the years and in 1975 McDonalds asked Lavin to join in full -time so that his vision of the company would be achieved.

His contribution

Sheldon Lavin is current head of the company board, a helm he took over after the remaining partner decided to sell out his shares to him, making Lavin the sole owner. Presently the company has seen its presence grow in North America, Europe, South Africa and Taiwan, 17 outlets in 70 countries; Lavin still maintains that he still sees an expansion of the company in Australia, India, China and Japan. OSI and the McDonalds business have received global recognition are largest protein suppliers in the world .Lavin is involved in various charities and a well present participant at Ronald McDonald House Charities.A trademark charity organization for McDonalds.

The conclusion

In February 20, 2016, Lavin was a receiver of the honorary award for Global Visionary in India a ceremony attended by global heads of companies in Europe. The Award was founded to recognize instrumental individuals in different sectors. Usually, these individuals have achieved their dreams through resilience and perseverance. The award was bestowed on him for his tremendous effort in the growth of the OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin’s leadership is at its peak and the OSI Group in partnership with McDonalds is still on course to accomplish more achievements

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Parents Are Highly Important To The Learning Process At Rocketship Education

Earlier this year, in February of 2017, Coyote Creek – a small waterway in San Jose, California – flooded, leaving dozens of nearby residents in serious trouble. Some lost their vehicles, other lost the entirety of their homes, and nearly everyone lost substantial morale to carry on living as usual.

Rocketship Education, a firm believer in involving parents in the learning process, was able to gather up an astounding $60,000-plus dollars in funding for families affected by the storm and resulting flood.

One of the households affected by February’s Coyote Creek flood had a child enrolled in San Jose’s Rocketship Education facility, and reported that they were thankful “for [Rocketship Education] giving [them] nights where [they] could rest, knowing [their] children were safe and sound.”

While Rocketship Education hopes to do great things for its students and their families, the charter school system is much more deeply involved in the lives of parents, and vice-versa, than this good deed suggests.

One such way that Rocketship Education gives back to its community and students’ family members is by providing safe spaces for illegal immigrants. Over the past several decades, countless Mexican nationals have either legally or illicitly entered the United States in hopes of living better lives. Having areas in which illegal immigrants of all races – although there are currently more Mexican nationals that aren’t legally in the United States than any more race, ethnicity, or nationality – can’t be arrested provides their children, cousins, nieces, and nephews of children attending Rocketship Education.

As a matter of fact, the family mentioned in the introduction featured both children’s parents being illegal immigrants from Mexico. Fortunately for these families, children that are born within the United States’ borders are legal residents of the country, rather than being considered illegal like their immigrant parents are.

About Rocketship Education

Charter schools are some of the most successful in the nation, as they typically receive more funding than other institutions. They’re also able to set their own guidelines, rather than following those of school boards. This sentiment has made Rocketship Education, founded in 2006, so successful.