A Three Pillars Approach to Financial Planning – Richard Dwayne Blair

Background Information About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is a financial investment advisor. His passion in this industry made him create Wealth Solutions Inc. This is a successful financial firm that has been registered as a Registered Investment Advisory Company. The firm was recently valued to worth $52 million.

Wealth Solutions Inc. aims to offer advisory solutions to entrepreneurs and families. For many years, Richard Blair, CEO Wealth Solutions Inc., has specialized in formulating retirement plans and retirement income solutions for his Austin, Texas clients.

Since Richard Blair was in school, he desired to provide financial solutions to clients. Thus, he founded Wealth Solutions Inc. as soon as he was through with college. Richard Blair believes in a financial three-way pillar that has enabled him to meet success with his clients.

A Three Pillars Approach to Financial Planning

For you to meet your financial goals, you have to formulate a plan to realize your objectives. According to Richard Dwayne Blair, the three pillars have established success in planning the retirement plans for his clients. This roadmap has assisted his clients from Austin, Texas to realize their unique goals which will be a guide for many years to come.

The following three pillars helps Richard Blair in formulating a comprehensive financial plan. Through this, he can observe the client’s current financial state, and the retirement needs to create a convenient and friendly retirement plan.

First Pillar

According to Richard Dwayne Flair, this is the most fundamental stage of the process. In this process, Richard formulates a client’s financial roadmap. He achieves this by assessing the strengths, goals, risk tolerance, and expectations of the clients. Moreover, this stage helps him maintain an honest and healthy relationship with a client. Through the first pillar, he can understand the goals and the concerns of a client.

Second Pillar

After the roadmap has been established, the second stage comes in to provide a long-term investment based on a client’s expectations, liquidity state, and goals. In this case, Richard manages the assets of a client and ensures maximum productivity.

Third Pillar

This is the final pillar which allows monitoring and implementation. Through his knowledge, Richard tracks the performance of a client based on the set-out expectations and goals.

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