Jeff Herman’s Advice on How to Protect Children from Predators

Modern technology has cultivated a new avenue for predators to reach their targets. As parents and caregivers, it’s important for us to protect our children and ensure their safety. Jeff Herman, a nationally acknowledged attorney and advocate for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, offers his advice on how to speak to your children about these issues, as well as how to recognize signs that something has happened. An informed child or parent is better able to protect themselves and loved ones against predators.

Jeff Herman is known for representing several high-profile cases. Herman won a case granting 100 million dollars for a client, who was sexually abused by a priest. He also represented multiple men in the sexual abuse case, against former Elmo puppeteer, Kevin Clash. Herman has a Boca Raton law firm devoted to solely representing victims of sexual abuse cases, all over the nation.

Herman’s key piece of advice, is that parents create a trusting dynamic in the relationships with their children. With trust comes openness. A child would feel more comfortable sharing with you if the relationship is a positive one. This leaves the door open for communication, if an issue was to occur.

Herman also suggest that you start talking to your children at an early age. However, it is essential that age appropriate language is used. Teach children about their bodies and how to keep boundaries. It’s important for a child to hear this in a way, in which they can truly grasp the concept and understand that no one is allowed to cross those boundaries.

Your children should understand and have the confidence to say ‘No’. Instill this concept in them at young age and ensure they understand that people in positions of trust or even friends can be deceptive. Help your child get a clear picture by using examples and making sure to mention people like teachers, police officers, family members, coaches, clergy’s and friends.

Keep a close eye on your child’s internet activities. Keep your child’s usernames and passwords to all accounts and occasionally log on to see what’s happening. Knowledge is power and sharing this knowledge with your children will help prevent the harmful effects of sexual abuse.

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