Talking with Roseann Bennett About Success as a Therapist

Roseann Bennett, a sought after family therapist and therapist for married couples has had a successful career. Her accomplishments over the last decade of her career say it all. Having worked with individuals from all walks of life, she has been able to learn more about families and couples and how they function based upon their upbringing and current surroundings. As in-home family therapist, Roseann has had the pleasure of delving into various aspects of family as well as with individuals for treatment. What makes her unique?

Roseann dedicated her work to families and adolescents. Additionally, her success was not limited to being a family therapist alone, but she also made a name for herself as a business leader. This served her well in 2009 when she set out to build the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Setting it up as a charitable organization, a 501 c, Bennett wanted to ensure that those who were typically viewed as outcasts in the community would be able to get the treatment they need regardless of their circumstances or background. The center was finally ready in 2010, opening its doors to all who were seeking assistance.

When time allows, Roseann focuses on blogging about business for women, as well as for mental health and what is involved in the care of individuals and families. Her goal is to reach as many people as she can through her valuable content, giving her readers both an education on these topics and helping them determine their next steps. It’s through her strong work ethic that all of this was possible, giving of her time and knowledge to those looking for help.

Because Roseann follows a strict routine, she rises early to get to as much as she can as quickly as she can. Her first priority is checking emails and checking in with staff as well as with patients when she is seeing them one on one.

Roseann continues to teach continuing education classes while she is striving for success in her treatment center. She enjoys massage on the weekends, and she is focused on other aspects of self-care to remain healthy and energetic.