Campaign Innovation: NGP Van

When it comes to effective campaigning, a political action team must have the latest technology and such technology must be geared towards producing the highest results. Search results can often lead to some of the savviest elections of all time. On the scene today are some of the most Innovative campaigning Techniques around. Welcome NGP Van

Founded in 1997 as the voter activation network, NGP Van has developed some of the most creative tech-savvy campaigns the world has ever known. To start, fundraising can be conducted in ways that will allow donors to quickly and easily donate funds through either a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop computer. This means that the usual method of donation doesn’t have to be a paper check or cash. This makes the contribution avenue much easier for various campaigns to receive funding. With this innovation in campaign fundraising, it makes the tracking of donors and donations more seamlessly easy.

For canvassing it has never been easier than the development of a web tool by NGP Van. This innovation is a canvassing tool called minivan. This tool was launched in March 2018 with a digital experience that is aimed at saving organizers time and making the effectiveness of the canvasser maximized. With such innovation, the complications of paper and pencil and pages and pages of mouse and voter lists are virtually done away with. With the simple opening of a smartphone, the canvasser can receive map locations as well as follow up on previous contacts. There is even a feature for the canvasser to leave notes at a designated address, such as whether the canvasser knocked, spoke to someone, or left a note. This is sure to change the rules of canvassing.

To have a competitive edge over other campaign groups, it only makes sense to have the latest technological advances at your disposal. What NGP Van has demonstrated as a technology leader is that no matter what the campaign effort is, being able to reach all designated landscapes is the number one goal. NGP Van is giving campaigns a new wave of raising votes as well as funds. To not have technological advances, a campaign can easily fall behind the competitors but being able to integrate well platforms with smartphone-based apps and other Technologies will inevitably lead to a campaign success in this day and age.

Truly we are witnessing campaign innovation at its best.