Revolutionize Video E-mail Marketing with Fusion on the Go

Talk Fusion removes the learning curve of making, editing, and producing video. Companies now have a way to engage their audiences through an all-in-one video-based, e-mail marketing app. The app is so much more than that. Completely ad free, Fusion on the Go is a phone call app, a chat app, a conferencing app, and it does video and texting on top of making e-mail marketing videos.


Video e-mail marketing allows companies of all sizes to connect and stay connected to their contacts. Whether it’s a large campaign, reaching out within the company, or an e-mail needs a personalized, one-on-one touch, Fusion on the Go makes it simple.

The app is available on iOS (7 or higher) and for Android users (4.4.3. or newer). This allows for flexibility and for them to reach a larger customer base.

How Does it Work?

Through the app, companies can:
• Record or upload a video
• Choose one of thousands video templates
• Personalize the templates
• Save as a draft
• Send the ready e-mail to their customers and fans

Not only can users engage their clients, they can engage their staff. The app offers direct communication and the on-hold feature allows users to take a call on one device and switch to another without disconnecting. Another feature is the virtual meeting room, which is helpful for conference calls, training sessions, or whatever a company requires. Users simply create the room, set up a password, and e-mail their attendees. One last feature is unlimited texting capabilities that work over Wi-Fi or 3G and 4G connections

Recent upgrades include pictures in text messages, chat rooms based on country, see who’s online, and inviting multiple friends to a chat at once.

About the Company

Since 2007, Talk Fusion has been assisting businesses achieve and increase their sales through their Cutting Edge Video Communication Solution. It now operates in over 170 countries. Bob Reina, CEO and former Hillsborough County Sherriff’s Deputy, embraces a different marketing perspective. His Relationship Marketing business model reflects through his applications and the methods he gives businesses to use and puts emphasis on personalized communication. Learn more:

PSI-Pay, The Future of Payment

The UK based company PSI-Pay is leading the charge for electronic payments for businesses and consumers alike. PSI-Pay is backed by the Financial Conduct Authority to allow them to issue electronic money. PSI-Pay and their affiliate Kerv Wearables have teamed up to make payments more manageable.


PSI-Pay’s online digital accounting called, ecoPayz, is how they help their customers use the electronic money internationally. They have issued their members a contactless payment card. The card allows them to quickly make transactions in coffee shops, public transportation, and other on the go payments. Kerv Wearables has teamed up with PSI-Pay and provided them with the Kerv Ring. This wearable ring comes in 14 sizes and different colors. Now, you can look stylish when you pay for your favorite latte. The devices do not require a pin or a signature making the transaction quicker.


PSI-Pay believes that contactless payment is the future of currency transactions quoting that it accounts for one-third of all sales in the UK. Contactless payment has even shown a 29% increase in business and a 45% increase in revenue increase. The contactless payment has become familiar to the 18-25-year-old demographic and consumers over 60. Adoption is continuing to grow with charity businesses offering contactless donation systems.


All the positives for contactless payments are staggering. It makes one wonder about the negative. Rest assured, PSI-Pay and Kerv have taken steps to secure these transactions. “Ecurity” is the term the companies have been using with the steps they are taking restrict theft. The technologies that used in contactless payment are Near Feild Communication (NFC), and Radio Field Identification (RFID). They are only accessible from short distances. The devices are in continuous contact with your mobile devices, and your money can be tracked immediately with a look at your mobile banking app. Banks have put transaction limits on these devices, although, the limit varies from bank to bank. The UK limit is currently thirty pounds.


All that security is put in place to keep you and your money safe. PSI-Pay is a principal member of MasterCard. This connection enables PSI-Pay to use the public MasterCard international network. PSI-Pay is known for their secure yet easy to use platform for electronic payments. So rest assured when you decide to grab a delicious sandwich at the local shop.

Campaign Innovation: NGP Van

When it comes to effective campaigning, a political action team must have the latest technology and such technology must be geared towards producing the highest results. Search results can often lead to some of the savviest elections of all time. On the scene today are some of the most Innovative campaigning Techniques around. Welcome NGP Van

Founded in 1997 as the voter activation network, NGP Van has developed some of the most creative tech-savvy campaigns the world has ever known. To start, fundraising can be conducted in ways that will allow donors to quickly and easily donate funds through either a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop computer. This means that the usual method of donation doesn’t have to be a paper check or cash. This makes the contribution avenue much easier for various campaigns to receive funding. With this innovation in campaign fundraising, it makes the tracking of donors and donations more seamlessly easy.

For canvassing it has never been easier than the development of a web tool by NGP Van. This innovation is a canvassing tool called minivan. This tool was launched in March 2018 with a digital experience that is aimed at saving organizers time and making the effectiveness of the canvasser maximized. With such innovation, the complications of paper and pencil and pages and pages of mouse and voter lists are virtually done away with. With the simple opening of a smartphone, the canvasser can receive map locations as well as follow up on previous contacts. There is even a feature for the canvasser to leave notes at a designated address, such as whether the canvasser knocked, spoke to someone, or left a note. This is sure to change the rules of canvassing.

To have a competitive edge over other campaign groups, it only makes sense to have the latest technological advances at your disposal. What NGP Van has demonstrated as a technology leader is that no matter what the campaign effort is, being able to reach all designated landscapes is the number one goal. NGP Van is giving campaigns a new wave of raising votes as well as funds. To not have technological advances, a campaign can easily fall behind the competitors but being able to integrate well platforms with smartphone-based apps and other Technologies will inevitably lead to a campaign success in this day and age.

Truly we are witnessing campaign innovation at its best.


ClassDojo Enhance the Teaching Skills and Make Learning Fun

Schools and teachers might find it challenging to pick the best Edtech products to use. The reason is that there are so many products out there with similar features that one is not sure which one will work for them. The fact is that the use Edtech products are on the rise. Teachers are finding these tools to be an excellent way to send across facts and increase learning habits. Teachers need to know about the best Edtech products available so that they can pick the one that is best for them. One of the essential features of Edtech is to find out the purpose of the edtech. It should have specific purposes that will be useful for the teachers, students and the parents too. It should make them more productive and allow them less assessment time for the students.

Teachers have limited time with the students in the classroom, and it can become difficult for them to assess every child. But using products such as ClassDojo allows them to give instant points to the students so that each one of them knows where they stand and what changes can they make to themselves. The parents can access the reviews from the teachers at any time and help prevent the need for a regular parent-teacher meeting. ClassDojo is one of the leading Edtech products that have received excellent reviews from its clients. Currently, ClassDojo is being used in 2 out of 3 schools in the United States. It has a presence in more than 180 countries around the world.

ClassDojo is one of a kind communication system that is designed specifically for the education industry. It helps collaborate, teachers, students and parents to create a community where there is a constant exchange of feedbacks so that every child is able to get the best from the education system. Apart from the feedbacks, the app also allows the parents to pay online for different activities that the school organizes such as field trips, for lunches or any other supply. It is much better than sending checks or cash with the children to school.

Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina was born in 1950 in Tanzania. From a young age, Sachedina has known he wanted to help people. Healthcare seemed like the perfect field for him to help as many people as possible.

Sachedina is an experienced, and qualified dental surgeon. He obtained his degree in dentistry at the University of London. Early in his career, he gained an exceptional reputation in the health field due to his quality dental services. With this reputation, he began to get connections to create things to better people’s lives.

The first step was his role on the board of the Institute of Ismaili Studies. The Institute of Ismaili Studies promotes learning of Muslim culture, history, society, and faith. The main purpose is to preserve the Ismaili culture. Here, Sachedina was able to heighten his leadership and management skills. This would prove helpful later in his life.

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Currently, Shafik Sachedina is a Joint chairman at Sussex Healthcare. Sussex Healthcare is an independent company with a focus on care homes which provide care for older individuals. The company has helped so many people to live a better life than before. Under Shafik Sachedina’s leadership, Sussex Healthcare has received multiple awards from professional healthcare institutions for their philanthropic work.

Recently, Sachedina and his team completed a gym for the use of Sussex communities. People with mental disabilities and other special disorders will have equipment at the gym specially built to fit their needs. This will provide a group of people who were formally in the shadow of the gym community to be able to finally participate.

Clearly, Shafik Sachedina is a selfless individual who focusses on helping others. Both advisor roles he has participated in are focussed on a cause bigger than himself. He now is one of the top dental surgeons in Europe and a key proprietor to positive change in the world.

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