Ara Chackerian, Co-Founder of TMS Health Solutions, Focuses on the Health of People and the Environment

Wilderness areas and forests are among the most important resources for our ecosystem and society, and it’s emphatically important to preserve them. That’s why entrepreneur and philanthropist Ara Chackerian emphasizes the importance of preserving nature and sustainable harvesting. He recognizes that every wilderness area is different from every other and that sustainable harvesting requires a unique approach in every area. Sustainably harvesting natural resources protects the diversity of life in the fragile ecosystem and even protects the wilderness area from natural disasters.


Ara Chackerian underscores the importance of a public dialogue about wilderness resource management as well as education of those engaged in forestry as a career. He believes that laws requiring hunting licenses and permits help the public understand the dangers of hunting carelessly. Forestry rotation is another topic that is important to Ara Chackerian – if timber rotation is used, the forest can remain sustainable and a good home for the local wildlife as opposed to reducing the diversity of the ecosystem in order to provide resources to society.




Currently, Ara Chackerian is the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, a company that invests in the early stages of healthcare companies, and a co-founder and board member at TMS Health Solutions. This organization focuses on helping those suffering from treatment-resistant depression by using a magnetic stimulation treatment program. Ara is a member of the boards of many health-related organizations, such as Mint Medical Education, Juma Ventures, Pipeline Healthcare, and the Hatlen Center for the Blind. He studied at the College of Business at Florida State University, graduating in 2001 and nearly immediately going on to found BMC Diagnostics, an organization that he held the position of CEO at for over six years. He also has volunteer experience, having been a Chairman Emeritus at Juma Ventures focusing on poverty alleviation from 2011 to 2016. Check out



Ara Chackerian ensures his success by always following a glass-half-full mentality, and to ask the hard questions when approaching an idea. His motto is “seek the truth”, and it certainly appears that as an entrepreneur he’s found it, as he’s been able to help many people through his entrepreneurship.



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