Clayton Hutson Talks About His Business In The Rock Industry

As a very experienced rock tour manager, Clayton Hutson was recently interviewed by The Brotalk about his career. He says that he got his start by first earning a degree in theater design. Up until 2008, he worked for other companies in many capacities such as being an audio engineer, rigger, automation operator, and production manager among his positions putting together rock concerts. He says that the recession really affected the company he was working for in a negative way which prompted him to finally start his own business in the live entertainment industry.

Over the past twenty or so years Clayton Hutson has worked with some of the biggest acts. He is currently on Kid Rock’s tour, for instance. In 2005 he managed aspects of Garbage’s world tour called “Bleed Like Me”. In 2017 he was on OneRepublic’s tour of North America. He has also worked with Pink and Guns N’ Roses among some of rock’s biggest names.

Clayton Hutson says that his wide experience in the industry provided him with a number of marketable skills. He felt confident opening his own company due to this. He hired a team and he says that unlike other people with businesses in the industry he’ll take talent over nice 100% of the time. He says he’d far rather hire someone who is a curmudgeon but really talented at their job than someone who says all the right things, is really nice, but just isn’t all that competent. Learn more:

He says he does have one regret running his own company that he learned a lot from. Clayton Hutson was working as a subcontractor and the person they were working for became unhappy with the company he was working for. They asked him to take over, which he agreed to, and he ended up getting sued. Eventually, the lawsuit was dropped but not before he had to spend serious cash on lawyers to defend him. He said this taught him a lesson which was to legally protect his company’s vulnerabilities from lawsuits and to make sure he keeps a very good reputation in the industry.