The Success of Robert Deignan

Robert is a prominent businessman who has gained success through entrepreneurship. Having attended a formal education at the University of Purdue where he pursued a degree in leadership organizational, he was awarded his bachelors degree after completing in 1995. After gaining the skills from school, he has managed to start and help develop various sectors.


Robert is a CEO and was the co-founder of the Inbound Call Experts and it’s recently known as ATS digital services. The company is now the premium that is providing digital services and also the leading supplier in the world. The organization was founded in 2011 by Diegnan and its located at Boca Raton found in Florida. Their aim is to ensure all their loyal customers are fully satisfied with their high-quality products and services.


When Robert started his career, he was employed at iS3 a company that is still based in Florida at Boynton beach. iS3 was based on business and consumers by providing products and it ensured there was internet security, optimization of the computers, and personal support. The aim of iS3 was to protect the computers of their customers from viruses and in case of malicious software’s. This is the company that gave Robert Deignan enough marketing skills after working for more than 8 years. He worked as executive vice president of the iS3 company.


During his free time from the company, Robert used to practice with his Liquid fishing team. They once participated silver sailfish derby a competition that usually comes every year. The competition was held at sailfish Marina which is at the palm shores and beach. It was the match day when Robert castled the threadfin herring to sailfish. After he hooking it, he fought until the time the tip of the rod touched the leader connector which brought the victory of silver sailfish at the 79th competition after gaining 11 releases.


Nevertheless, he is a man interested in the charity work which is like the act of helping the community. He also participated Carolina tournaments which were about the building of the boat. The goals of the charity are to be able to raise the money for the organization to be able to give scholarships to both college and graduate students.

Ara Chackerian, Co-Founder of TMS Health Solutions, Focuses on the Health of People and the Environment

Wilderness areas and forests are among the most important resources for our ecosystem and society, and it’s emphatically important to preserve them. That’s why entrepreneur and philanthropist Ara Chackerian emphasizes the importance of preserving nature and sustainable harvesting. He recognizes that every wilderness area is different from every other and that sustainable harvesting requires a unique approach in every area. Sustainably harvesting natural resources protects the diversity of life in the fragile ecosystem and even protects the wilderness area from natural disasters.


Ara Chackerian underscores the importance of a public dialogue about wilderness resource management as well as education of those engaged in forestry as a career. He believes that laws requiring hunting licenses and permits help the public understand the dangers of hunting carelessly. Forestry rotation is another topic that is important to Ara Chackerian – if timber rotation is used, the forest can remain sustainable and a good home for the local wildlife as opposed to reducing the diversity of the ecosystem in order to provide resources to society.




Currently, Ara Chackerian is the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, a company that invests in the early stages of healthcare companies, and a co-founder and board member at TMS Health Solutions. This organization focuses on helping those suffering from treatment-resistant depression by using a magnetic stimulation treatment program. Ara is a member of the boards of many health-related organizations, such as Mint Medical Education, Juma Ventures, Pipeline Healthcare, and the Hatlen Center for the Blind. He studied at the College of Business at Florida State University, graduating in 2001 and nearly immediately going on to found BMC Diagnostics, an organization that he held the position of CEO at for over six years. He also has volunteer experience, having been a Chairman Emeritus at Juma Ventures focusing on poverty alleviation from 2011 to 2016. Check out



Ara Chackerian ensures his success by always following a glass-half-full mentality, and to ask the hard questions when approaching an idea. His motto is “seek the truth”, and it certainly appears that as an entrepreneur he’s found it, as he’s been able to help many people through his entrepreneurship.



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UTC Is the Military’s Best Friend

The Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert has succeeded in the world of business throughout the various decades that he has been working there.

He is a Canadian native having been born and raised in Montréal, Québec. He would gain a production management degree from the University of Montréal which he would put to good use over the years.

His first job out of school was working as a line supervisor at General Motors. He would be working here for over 14 years overseeing production of cars. He reports that this was by far the worst job he ever had but learned the value of people and how everyone longs to make a difference.

He was offered a job at Pratt & Whitney in the year 1993. Here he would continue working with the aircraft engine manufacturer industry. In 1999 he would be promoted to the president of the company.

It was when he came to the United Technologies Corporation that his career really took off. In 2006 he became the chief executive officer and the chairman of the board. In April 2008 he became president of United Technologies Corporation. And to seal the deal, in 2010 he became the chief operating officer.

As the chief executive officer of this multinational global company he needed to be as unique as was possible. Working with his team of executives they were able to create a 30 year product cycle that created products that completely changed the game and strengthened the portfolio of the company. This occurred when they made several key acquisitions to make the company strong.

The 30 year product cycle brought along such innovations as the F135 engine of source position. This fully redefined the military propulsion segment forever. They also developed the GTF engine. This allowed for 20% more efficient fuel burn, noise reduction of 50%, and 30% fewer parts contributing to a lower lifecycle. Working with the government, they leverage new technology to help airplanes have a more narrow body segment. This was then placed in the bombardier C-Series along with a brand-new Embracer. This business is a success.

Forex Trading Master Jordan Lindsey Rules A Big Market

Foreign exchange trading is something that many people are not familiar with. While everyone knows that there is a commonly accepted exchange rate between the currencies of different nations, and that these rates indicate the relative health of the economy, that’s as much as the average person knows.

Foreign exchange trading is essentially like gambling. Instead of betting on the outcome of a dice roll or a hand of cards, you are betting on the strength of one national economy against another. The most common pair in this kind of trading is the United States and the European Union. This makes sense, as they represent the two richest markets on earth. So if you bet on the Dollar to beat the Euro, your investment will return money if that prediction proves true. If not, you lose money and you should probably think about placing your investment elsewhere.

It is strange that more people don’t know this, considering that foreign exchange is the single largest market in the world, with daily trading volumes regularly exceeding five trillion dollars. This market dwarfs all other investment markets by a gigantic margin.

Reuters recently reported that trading volumes in the foreign exchange market hit a record high in the first quarter of 2018. This is mainly attributed to a return of investor confidence following market lows in recent years. One very interesting thing about this record high in the forex market is that the somewhat tumultuous political events of the last year and a half do not seem to have affected the market in any noticeably negative way.

When it comes to insight in this market, there is no one better than Jordan Lindsey. If you are interested in giving this market a try, but you don’t really know where to start, this guy has a youtube channel that can be extremely helpful in guiding your decisions. I recommend it highly.

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of loan and credit firm JCL Capital. He is a veteran trader in the areas of foreign exchange and algorithms. He is a self-taught computer programmer and an expert in the area of systems architecture. Born in New York, he has traveled all over the world, studying at Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College along the way.

Many entrepreneurs have a story of the moment that made them who they are, but Jordan Lindsey always knew exactly what he was meant to do. He has stated in interviews that he gained a passion for growing new ideas from a very young age. While most of his work these days seems to be focused on cryptocurrencies (including the creation of his own) he is still a great source for information on the world’s largest market.

Logan Stout: A Business Success

Logan Stout has established a notable reputation for himself. He is a man of many talents, and he has held many titles over the years. Athlete, entrepreneur, business owner, author, coach, and philanthropist are just some of the roles he has taken on. There is something that ties these sometimes disparate roles together: success.

One of the many things that Logan Stout has done as an entrepreneur and businessman has been to found the company IDLife in 2014. The company specializes in producing and selling organic, non-GMO nutritional supplements and weight loss products. IDLife’s focus is on helping change the way people think about their health, and it has positioned itself as being at the forefront of personal nutrition.

IDLife is not the only business owned by Logan Stout. The former professional athlete is also the founder and owner of the Dallas Patriots amateur baseball team. Logan Stout knows something about baseball; the former baseball player was in the World Series 17 times. This inside knowledge of the world of baseball has translated into the Dallas Patriots being a leader in getting players signed to college and professional teams.

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Then, of course, there is Logan Stout the author. Wanting to share his insights with others, Logan Stout authored the book Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams!, which provides some of the knowledge that he has gained throughout an impressive career.

Logan Stout has established himself as an expert on leadership, team building, and the principles of success. Through his businesses, he has generated billions of dollars in revenue–a testament to his entrepreneurial savvy. With his track record, he is clearly a business success.

However, Logan Stout is not just content to do well financially for himself. He has also made a point of giving back. In addition to his many other accomplishments and accolades, Logan Stout is also recognized as being a philanthropist.

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Mark Mofid Is Quickly Becoming The Leader In His Field:

Dr. Mark Mofid of La Jolla costmetic surgery practice San Diego Skin has been working tirelessly over the last years to develop implants that change the public perception of the field of gluteal augmentation. Gluteal augmentation is a phrase that might make people remember a negative headline that heard at some point. What Mark Mofid is doing is attempting to single handledly redefine the industry and get rid of this stereotype.

The Focus Revolves Around A Safety First Policy:

Mark Mofid has a sterling reputation around the medical community in the area of costmic surgery. This is for a number of very good reasons. He studied at prestigious Univerities Harvard and Johns Hopkins University so his credentials are impeccible. He is also well known as an innovator in the industry. Known for strict adherence to safety practices, Mark Mofid is a doctor that has earned the trust of many people. He is never willing to simply try to make money off of his patients by recommneding implants that go beyond what works for the patients body.

A Vision for Improvement:

Mark started specifically developing his gluteal implants over eight years ago. He had gotten into the gluteal augmentation industry and immediately realize there was a huge amount of room for imporvement. This is when he decided he would reinvent the business. Mark Mofid realized that the problem with the gluteal implant industry was the way the implants were made. They weren’t truly compatible the muscle structure of the human body. Mark knew he could come up with something that was compatible.

Continuing To Improve:

Mark is always working to improve his abilities as a medical practitioner. He has been working regularly with Dr. Raul Gonzalez of Brasil. Dr. Gonzalez is one of the most renowned surgeons in the gluteal augmentation industry. Mark is a firm believer that the gluteal augmentation industry will only continue to grow and advance. He plans to stay on top of the industry by continuing to always learn about how things have been done in the past and how the can be improved for the future.

Jason Hope Props up Biotechnology With Donation to SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is probably one of the more well-known futurists currently operating within the field of technology. Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University and he has been focused on unique technological opportunities throughout his career. As the founder of JAWA, a mobile communications company, Hope found early success in his career. Now, he is shifting gears and focusing on another transformative industry that he believes to be the future of the world: biotechnology. Biotechnology is a field that is hard to understand or get into but Hope has made it his passion and now he is making it a sort of investment, choosing to partner up with the SENS Foundation and help boost their life-saving and life-changing work.

As a futurist, Jason Hope has to always be looking to technological trends in order to get ahead of the rest of the pack. His very work counts on his ability to see beyond the curve. As a futurist and a believer in the value of modern medicine, Hope began to research developments within the field of biotechnology. Betting on medicine to be constantly looking for more advancements to keep us young and healthy was a pretty safe idea. Hope’s studying eventually led his focus to swivel to the SENS Foundation, a non-profit located in California that has been focused on ways to develop and promote medicine aimed at age-related illness.

Hope’s research would eventually lead him to connect directly with Dr. Aubrey de Grey, the CSO at the SENS Foundation. Dr. De Grey and Hope himself would connect immediately and they’d find it easy to work and believe in one another. Hope cites his chemistry with Dr. De Grey as the inciting factor in his decision to donate an incredible $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. Hope went on to explain that he fully believed the work of the SENS Foundation to be vital to the future of human medicine.

At the SENS Foundation, Hope’s donation will be used to fund research on treating something known as Arteriosclerosis. This disease is prominent in people as they age and it essentially causes your blood pressure to rise while hardening your arteries. Paying close attention to age-related illness and finding cures can be pivotal in reducing the amount of late-life problems that people have.

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Prostate Cancer Information and Health Tips by Dr. David Samadi

At an unimaginable young age of 15, young Dr. David Samadi was forced to move from his country of birth to an alien nation. This move was pushed by the Iranian Movement making him seek refuge in Belgium since his birth country was no longer safe. However, more events continued to unravel for him since he had to relocate again to London before finally seeking permanent residence in the United States. While many would give up on their goals due to such happenings, Dr. David Samadi knew that he had to accomplish his dreams. Education was his only way out, and he pulled strings well.

His high school education was excellent, and it enabled him to win a full scholarship for his university education. He studied at Stony Brook University where he opted to learn biochemistry, a course he further advanced by earning an M.D from Stony Brook of Medicine sited in NY back in 1994. Further postgraduate education saw him enroll in Montefiore Medical center for urology studies and he as well studied proctology in 1996 at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. While being mentored by Professor Claude About, Dr. Samadi finalized his training on robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship in 2002, and he also studied proctology at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

After the long and intensive training, Dr. David Samadi eventually began practicing at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Before long, he became the vice chairman of the Urology Department in Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. Such promotions showed his dedication and love for his career, and this can be vividly showed by his creativity and innovativeness of inventing the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment (SMART). This technology is particularized for carrying out prostate cancer surgeries, and he has used it to perform quality and successful operations to over 6,000 patients. This is in a short period of about a decade.

Since there are little successful and highly dedicated professionals in the medical field, it is impossible not to notice Dr. David Samadi’s contributions. Accordingly, he has been honored severally. For instance, he was awarded as the most compassionate doctor in 2011, America’s Top Doctors for Cancer in 2014, and he also pocketed the Vitals Patients’ Choice Award in 2014 as well. The New York Magazine also included him in the Best Doctor’s List, supporting the fact that he has made remarkable history of success as a specialized surgeon dealing with prostate, bladder and kidney cancers.

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Songwriters The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is a famous band that is well known in the United States. They create music that has a dance DJ style to it. Alex and Drew are the leading members of the band. Alex had a passion for music from a young age. After graduating High School, he started writing his own music. Alex worked as a DJ at dance clubs during his 20’s. During this time, Drew was also pursuing his music career. He followed the success of Alex’s music and decided to travel to meet him. Once the two singers met, they hit it off musically right away. They started writing hit songs together. After much success, the band Chainsmokers was formed. Alex and Drew have had many top DJ style songs on music charts over the years.

The Chainsmokers band recently did an Interview in early 2018. Their new single, called “Sick Boy”, has a rocking dance tune to it. Alex and Drew want to bring in a new era of music. The band’s new songs in 2018 have a darker side to them. They reflect personal emotions and what is going on in the world. Alex discusses how social media reflects everyone’s lives. Fans are liking the new direction the band is taking. The Chainsmokers discuss their newest album that they recently put out. The band is making waves on the music charts with top #1 hits.

Alex and Drew collaborated with famous songwriters while making their newest album. The Chainsmokers have published positive Interviews over the years. These Interviews help the band gain a bigger fan base. They have also performed at live award shows. The Chainsmokers become more skillful and talented every time they perform at live shows. Alex and Drew are content with how successful their band has become. They are always pursuing their passion for music on and off the stage. The Chainsmokers band is excited to see where their musical journey will go.

Clayton Hutson Talks About His Business In The Rock Industry

As a very experienced rock tour manager, Clayton Hutson was recently interviewed by The Brotalk about his career. He says that he got his start by first earning a degree in theater design. Up until 2008, he worked for other companies in many capacities such as being an audio engineer, rigger, automation operator, and production manager among his positions putting together rock concerts. He says that the recession really affected the company he was working for in a negative way which prompted him to finally start his own business in the live entertainment industry.

Over the past twenty or so years Clayton Hutson has worked with some of the biggest acts. He is currently on Kid Rock’s tour, for instance. In 2005 he managed aspects of Garbage’s world tour called “Bleed Like Me”. In 2017 he was on OneRepublic’s tour of North America. He has also worked with Pink and Guns N’ Roses among some of rock’s biggest names.

Clayton Hutson says that his wide experience in the industry provided him with a number of marketable skills. He felt confident opening his own company due to this. He hired a team and he says that unlike other people with businesses in the industry he’ll take talent over nice 100% of the time. He says he’d far rather hire someone who is a curmudgeon but really talented at their job than someone who says all the right things, is really nice, but just isn’t all that competent. Learn more:

He says he does have one regret running his own company that he learned a lot from. Clayton Hutson was working as a subcontractor and the person they were working for became unhappy with the company he was working for. They asked him to take over, which he agreed to, and he ended up getting sued. Eventually, the lawsuit was dropped but not before he had to spend serious cash on lawyers to defend him. He said this taught him a lesson which was to legally protect his company’s vulnerabilities from lawsuits and to make sure he keeps a very good reputation in the industry.